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Thread: Would Any Yank Please Explain To Me What Selective Services Is?

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    Axel Lindholm


    course you are fucking born in the land of the free.
    Yes - I was born in the land of the Free - In finland!
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    If folks really want to do something about the Selective service.

    They should just bring to issue how it's a violation of the very antisexist laws put in to bring in more women!eyes:

    & lets face it.If they added women to the lists.Alot of feminists would change their tunes!

    Public is not going to stand for women being drafted!

    But as long as women are not forced to register & be fined for not doing so like men.It's illegal!!:eek:

    Their only recourse is to:

    Remove women from the military.

    Force women to register or else like men!

    Or remove the selective service!

    Since I'm over 35.I don't even qualify for the draft.So I would be the wrong example to sue them for discrimination.

    But some young man is going to get smart & take them up on it.& force the socalled womens groups to take a stand on this issue they so blatantly ignore.

    & under or present conditions where the feds are bustingbut to get folks to join.It would be interesting of some one brought this issue to court right about now!

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    Stand and Deliever


    Women on the battlefield as combat troops make me sick. A couple of years back I read a study where over 80% of all the females in the military couldn't throw a gernade out of it's own blast radius. The next war we have women are going to get alot of men killed, either by fucking up and killing their own comrades or by men trying to save them because they fucked up.

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