VOLK Consciousness

By: J. Anthony Picollo

Knowledge of oneself is the beginning of knowing the Infinite essence which some call "God". Everything has its origin and being in spirit, "the seed of all seeds". Everything in the world is a manifestation of spirit. There is nothing in the world which is not infinite, everlasting spirit Hence, it can be observed that this spirit, this infinite essence, also, manifests itself in the collective body and consciousness of our race. The living man who finds spirit within himself and his people finds truth.

The fool will claim that he can describe "God", the great infinite essence of the universe. Still there remains the need to put this all high concept in the perspective of human thought We do this through the comprehensive archetypes of our folk gods, each representative of the forces of nature, man and the universe. The ancestral gods and legendary folk heroes of our race are prototypes and examples which provide us direction and purpose.

Our noble, heroic deeds, valor, strength, passion, wisdom, both independent and collective, are expressions of our biological determinance.

All of these elements are necessary ingredients for our racial survival and ongoing quest in the upright path of higher being of Aryan man. Ignorance of this is the root of our suffering and, ultimately, death to our folk.

Whoever remains ignorant is a creature of oblivion and cannot experience fulfillment. Such people will ever dwell in deficiency. Like living dead, they will go through life with eyes that cannot see, incapable of understanding it. The higher Wotan consciousness we possess inside will always be our greatest strength. Ignore it and we will be destroyed by our own weakness.

Hear some wisdom: "The mind is the guide, but reason is the teacher. Live according to the mind, acquiring strength, for the mind is strong. Enlighten yourself thus igniting the lamp of wisdom within yourself open the door for yourself that you may know what exists beyond."

Walk with a full awareness of your own biological being and purpose as you would a straight road, if you walk only on that road it is impossible to go astray. All who gain knowledge in this manner know who they are and where they come from; they know the Allfather, W O.T.A.N., Will Of The Aryan Nation.

Original, creative invention is the mark of one who is spiritually alive. Those people among us are the discoverers, inventors and motivators. They are the declaration of folkish evolution and growth, They are like spiritual torchbearers; their rays of folkish growth shine on our entire people.

There are those who profess to know the secrets of God. Although they do not understand the great mystery, they proclaim that the mystery of truth belongs to them alone. It is wise to ignore such individuals. They are the enemies of folkish unity, striving through lies and deceit to obtain control over us. This is truth: "NO ONE POSSESSES THE SECRETS OF THE ALLFATHER. THE TRUTH IS MANIFESTED TO, AND IS IN ALL, OR IT IS NOT A TRUTH."

It is wise not to be sheep, followers of whoever comes along saying, "I am the Shepherd." Such people are led unknowingly to their death, shorn of all their dignity. Instead, be as the wolves, for they know unity and neither need nor follow a shepherd.

"Countless Gods are awaiting to become men.
Countless Gods have already been men.
Man is partaker of the essence of the Gods;
He comes from the Gods and goes to God."

C.G. Jung
From the 4th Sermon to the Dead

It is said that the road to paved with good intentions. Yet, these same good intentions move many to entrust their destiny to those who are in positions of power. History has proven, time and again, that our trust is quite often dangerously misplaced. One thing has not changed since our Folk permitted alien culture to reside and rule amongst us: "NOT ONCE HAVE OUR GUESTS NOT TRIED TO MANIPULATE US INTO SUBMASSIVE POSITIONS." The methods of such manipulations are unlimited in modern times. No aspect of life escapes harm; economy, religion, social morality, media, science, arts and medicine, political and social activities are all affected.

In nature we shall never find the weak creatures ruling over the strong. We shall never observe the rabbit lording over the wolf. We shall never see the lion bow to the mouse. We shall never see the day when the snake serves the fish. Although they reside in the same world, they live by the highest Law of nature: THE PRESERVATION 0F 0NE'S 0WN KIND. MIGHT IS RIGHT is the order of the universe.

For our folk, the highest Law of nature comes down to one thing, our leaders and chieftains should be permitted to rule for only one reason, that they have proven to be great by way of ability and great deeds. When they prove unworthy of ruling a noble Volk, it is vital that they be replaced. A Volk unwilling and/or unable to defend itself against its enemies - internal and external - is Unworthy of being called a "noble nation". They deserve the destiny which befalls them. This is true for the individual as well as the whole. Needless to say, keeping all this in mind, we, as individuals and as Wotansvolk, should never allow our destiny to be determined by an alien culture. This is because our welfare can only be determined by the Wotan Consciousness within us.

"Some fight because they have to,
and some fight because they want to,
but all of us fight because
it is the right and natural thing to do
when threatened."

- Mikhail Kusnick -