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Thread: Realism, Sanity and Hope (by Kevin Alfred Strom)

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    Arrow Realism, Sanity and Hope (by Kevin Alfred Strom)

    Realism, Sanity, and Hope
    by Kevin Alfred Strom (American Dissident Voices Broadcast of March 29, 2003)

    Today I'm going to give you a slightly edited version of a speech I delivered to an audience of National Alliance members and guests in the Washington, DC area last week. In the words of meeting organizer Mike McDougall, "It is important for us to attend such functions. It is important for many reasons, one of these being that by gathering together we build a sense of community, a sense of camaraderie. It gives us the knowledge that we are not alone, that we are in this together, working together, for the survival and expansion of our race."

    If the racial situation weren't so serious, the absurd beliefs of the multiracialists would be quite funny. America was so much poorer before the Crips and the Bloods arrived, don't you think? And where would our space program or medical research be without those Aztlan folks? And there are untold numbers of undiscovered Edisons and Shakespeares in Somalia and Uganda. All right-thinking people know that.

    Well, crazy people are very funny unless you have to be in the same room with them -- or live in a country where they're in charge.

    The European mind is extremely creative. That creativity sometimes overflows into elaborate fantasies that the more rational among us enjoy as poetry or literature of the fantastic, for which I think we have a spiritual need. But for some of us, fiction isn't good enough, and we construct elaborate belief systems that may thrill us with awe, a sense of wonder, or a kind of ecstasy, but which have very little connection with reality.

    One day during that high noon of European civilization that was the 1890s, the philosopher and psychologist William James was delivering a lecture on cosmology.

    He described to his audience how the Earth was suspended in space by the forces of gravitation as it orbited around the sun, and how the sun also moved in space, describing an arc around our unimaginably immense galaxy, which was itself moving through the even greater emptiness of intergalactic space.

    After the lecture, James was approached by an elderly lady who claimed she had a theory superior to the one described by him.

    "We don't live on a ball rotating around the sun," she said. "We live on a crust of earth on the back of a giant turtle."

    Not wishing to be too harsh, James decided to dissuade his opponent gently.

    "If your theory is correct, madam, what does this turtle stand on?"

    "You're a very clever man, Mr. James, and that's a good question, but I can answer that. The first turtle stands on the back of a second, far larger turtle."

    "But what does the second turtle stand on?" James asked patiently.

    The old lady crowed triumphantly, "It's no use, Mr. James, you can't trick me -- it's turtles all the way down."

    Now probably very few believe the Turtle Theory, but the things that many of our people do believe are just as ridiculous.

    When one wishes to give an example of absurd and anachronistic beliefs, the cliché is to bring up the "Flat Earthers." Everyone laughs at them. Except Jerry Falwell, who has a sneaking suspicion that they might just be right. I heard a broadcast interview with a "Flat Earther" a few years ago, and he made his arguments with sincerity and conviction.

    "After all," he said, "the Earth obviously is not rotating as the scientists claim. When you step out of your front door the wind is not blowing at 1,000 miles per hour, is it? We are not thrown into space by centrifugal force, are we?" Hard to argue with that. Perfectly logical. The man had constructed a large superstructure of justifications for his a priori conclusion that the Earth was flat.

    When the interviewer asked him how the Earth could possibly be flat when we are able to circumnavigate it and return to our starting point without turning around, he even had an answer for that.

    "The Earth," he explained, "is shaped like a dinner plate, except that it is truly two-dimensional, having no depth whatsoever. Therefore, when you get to the edge of the plate, instead of falling off, you instantly transport to the opposite side of the plate and continue on your journey back to your starting point."

    "But," interposed the interviewer, "wouldn't we notice that?"

    "Ah," said the Flat Earther, "we would not. Since the 'plate' is two dimensional, when we travel off one edge and appear at the opposite edge, we are actually traversing 'no space,' and, naturally it takes 'no time' to traverse 'no space.' Therefore we are not conscious that we have gone off the edge at all."

    The interviewer was kind enough not to add that the Flat Earther had also gone off the edge without noticing it.

    Well, White people, with a generous push from Jewish propagandists, but largely due to our own naiveté and gullibility, have gone off the edge in large numbers. Millions of us have accepted the pernicious myth of human equality and have absorbed it as a cultist absorbs a religious dogma. Like religion, it is inculcated in children from a very early age and is implanted in a part of the brain which is immune to reason or argument.

    Racial equality is a fantastic delusion, belief in which is equivalent to belief in leprechauns or "orgone accumulators." There is not a whit of evidence for it. Not only are races and individuals manifestly not equal, but equality of any kind is quite rare in the real world when we get above the molecular level.

    The equality religion is truly insane. And its insanity infects other religions and particularly infects those who falsely believe that they have liberated themselves from religion.

    But the Jewish authors of the "equality" lie know it is a lie. They are not stupid enough to believe in the equality religion that they created for us, unless, as Revilo Oliver pointed out, they have a mentality in which "truth" is defined as "whatever is good for the Jewish people." Their race is "chosen." Their race is "holy." Their race needs exclusive living space. What hypocrisy!

    And the "equality" delusion is only one of several. "Democracy" is another -- but that will be a subject for another day.

    Most of the time, we can't change people's minds overnight and instantly and totally dispel the delusions implanted by a lifetime of Jewish lies in the media and school system. But we can take advantage of events and trends to move our people in the right direction.

    One of the most promising trends today is the realization among 'liberals' and leftists that the Jews have an ethno-racial agenda not very different from the one they falsely attribute to so-called Nazis. As the Jewish agenda for ethnic cleansing in Palestine becomes clearer with every passing day, and as the Jewish war aims of dominating the Middle East become more obvious, and as the racial animus of the Perles, Wolfowitzes, Chertoffs, and the other Jewish owners of Boy George becomes undeniable, people on the left seem to be waking up faster than those on the right.

    National Alliance activist Neil Camberly has been organizing pro-White folks in the Seattle area, and recently he and his merry band have been attending peace rallies where this awakening is most evident. He writes in next month's National Alliance Bulletin:

    "In response to the outbreak of an utterly illegal and detrimental war, a series of large 'emergency' protest events were scheduled for the downtown Seattle area, with concentration on its federal building. Saturday's event proved to be the biggest (and driest) since the bombing began, and it made for a perfect opportunity for our proto-unit to 'break in' its brand-new all-weather, red vinyl on corrugated yellow plastic NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL signs. These and a new flier I put together combined to effect a total success.

    Needless to say, we found ourselves in the company of some pretty unsavory characters. But at the same time, we were also in the company of some truly selfless and sincere young ideologues who could really use some awareness of our perspective. In fact, while motorists and the fence-sitting public are their target audience at these protests, our target audience is primarily the demonstrators themselves. And it works better than one might guess.

    For years, one particular difference of opinion has enormously split our ranks to the benefit of the enemy. It is the difference of opinion regarding whether or not there is any hope for our cause. I think it is now safe to say that it should be obvious to anyone whose pessimism hasn't withdrawn him into total obscurity that this is a dead issue. The tidal wave of sympathy we expected the Internet to bring by 1998 came a bit later, but it certainly came. And it combined with Palestine's second Intifada and September 11 to result in what I don't exaggerate by calling an absolute explosion of consciousness and sympathy to our perspective regarding the enemy among the public. This shift is apparent everywhere, and was powerfully manifested in the response we got to our presence at the Saturday demonstration. We were absolutely and incessantly heaped with praise and thanks. Several excited people even attempted to purchase our signs.

    Our clearly pro-White fliers were eagerly passed out for us by attractive leftist girls who only two years ago would have fainted at the sight of us. They stood out strongly and were read with interest by many. Non-Whites expressed their respect for our identification with our racial-ethnic group, as is most often the case when Jews and Marxists aren't directing them to hate us. The only negative response came from two livid, foul-mouthed Jews who seemed ready to blast molten lava from their ears and nostrils. Both posted alarming articles on about a "fascist infiltration," only to be chided and shouted down by Gentile leftists unconcerned with our perspective on WWII."

    There is a great deal of hope, even if most Whites are still wearing blinders.

    Well, as creative and intelligent as the European race is, its Achilles heel is susceptibility to "humanitarian" sentimentality and feel-good delusions about the real world. Our gullibility and our adherence to these harmful belief systems has made the Western world into something like an insane asylum writ large, with the inmates running the show for the Jewish string pullers behind the scene. We're welcoming millions of non-Whites, some of them terrorists, into our country, while at the same time we're wantonly killing non-Whites overseas who just happen to be in the way of Jewish power in the Middle East.

    But I would be unfair to Whites if I claimed that we were the only gullible and superstitious people on the Earth, or that that was our most important characteristic. It is not.

    Other races are prey to different -- but equally nonsensical -- belief systems. As man has emerged from lower forms of life, he has only slowly thrown off his belief in magic and in the animate nature of matter and the forces around him. The rise of the frontal lobes is impressive, and it is most impressive in our race. We see its fruits all around us in technology and the arts.

    The paradox is this, as I was saying to my wife just a few days ago. Considering how many crazy things people believe, it's amazing that they can get their act together enough to build a house that doesn't collapse, or an airplane that actually flies. But we do do that, and much more besides. The fact is that our race has emerged from the cocoon of superstition and irrationality incompletely, but still farther than any other race with the possible exception of the Jews.

    As a race, we have an instinctive belief which we take for granted, but which is much more difficult for some other races to accept, that there is a singular physical reality which cannot be changed by our feelings or wishes. Even the most strict fundamentalist justifies his beliefs with supposedly historical writings and events that he claims happened at a specific place and at a specific time. Even the most crackpot leftist justifies his nonsense with a specious veneer of science.

    There is something different, something special, about White people. As imperfect as it is, we do have a deep respect for truth, for facts as distinct from opinions and feelings. We have what Dr. Pierce called a Faustian urge: a restless spirit which urges us to know all things, to master all things, to push the boundaries of knowledge ever farther. It is no coincidence that it was our race which developed the scientific method.

    And so I come to us, the people in this room. We are members of a very small minority, so far, among the men and women of our race. We are members of that most important segment of our race which has given us all the important advances we have made: the segment which thinks and acts outside of the herd instinct and which has such respect for truth and our own ability to discover it that we are willing to risk a great deal to bring that truth to victory.

    There was a time when publishing or uttering the cosmology expounded later by William James was illegal, and would lead to imprisonment or death. But the essential truth of that cosmology was something that could not be contained. The implications of that truth were too powerful. The same was true for the ideas of Mendel and Darwin. The same is true for idea of racial integrity and progress. It is an idea far too powerful to be contained, and the time of its suppression may be all the bloodier in consequence. But it will not be contained.

    Do we have the arrogance to believe that this idea, which animates the existence of the National Alliance and everything we do, is some kind of "final truth" or dogma? No. It is just a gateway to other truths which we cannot even imagine now. Let me make an analogy.

    In a pond in a meadow in the woods a tiny midge emerges from her egg and sails out into the sweet air of a spring morning. To the midge, it is the first spring, the only spring, the beginning of time. Her simple eyes can see the rising yellow sun as it evaporates the dew. The wind currents take the midge higher andhigher, and she can see the clouds in the blue and across her pond to the edge of the dim green forest.

    What a marvelous life, what a fantastic universe has been born. Noon arrives and with it the mature heat of the day and the realization of her life's mission, to mate and lay her eggs. She is filled with the pleasure and contentment of fulfilling that purpose, though she has no understanding of it. The warmth of the afternoon has brought joy and contentment beyond all understanding to her. As evening falls, her energy is at a low ebb. The sun has fallen and the once-new universe seems to have grown old. Its own energy is waning too, as light itself is dying and the infinite space between pond and woods grows cold. Surely all is at an end. The midge lays down, sure that she has experienced all of time, from beginning to end, and the end comes as her consciousness winks out less than 18 hours after it came into being.

    That tiny midge had no knowledge of the millions of generations that came before her or will come after her. Her dim vision encompasses only the space between her pond and the trees and she imagines it is the universe. Her life and her perception of time does not take in even a single day. She knows nothing of time before that day and cannot imagine time after it. Yet reflect how much greater is the midge's consciousness than that of the sightless and consciousless beings around her.

    In many ways, we are like that midge. As the midge is more conscious than the amoeba, we are far more conscious than our sightless companions who have not seen the reality of race or who are mired in Jewish superstitions. But unlike that midge, we are aware -- painfully aware -- of the limitations of our consciousness. We have learned much; but the most ominous and awe-inspiring thing we have learned is how little we know.

    And the awesome responsibility we hold is this: we know that the only way to a fuller understanding of life, the only way to discover the unplumbed secrets of the universe, the only way to fully understand why we are here, and, along the way, the only way to a decent life for our children and the only way to stave off ecological or cosmic disaster, is for our race to survive and to increase its consciousness, increase its knowledge, increase its capabilities.

    So we have a purpose. We should lovingly try and lift the best men and women of our race away from their mistaken ideas and toward an understanding of who they are and what it all means. We should treasure those of us who have achieved an understanding of race, even if their understanding is an imperfect one. When they fall, we should help them. We should stand together with men like Chester Doles and David Duke when they are persecuted. We should spend our time distributing our literature of awakening, like National Vanguard magazine and the many fine books in the National Vanguard Books catalogue. We should shun those whose main purpose is to spread rumors and distrust among us; their modus operandi is visible for all to see.

    We should not define ourselves in subracial terms. There is an old saw that if you wake a man up at three o'clock in the morning and ask him "What are you?", you have a pretty good chance of getting the truth out of him about how he sees himself.

    Now, asked that question, all too many White people would answer, "I'm a Redskins fan" or "I'm a Republican" or "I'm a Baptist" or something like that. The better class of person might answer "I'm a Frenchman" or "I'm an American" or, better yet, "I'm a White American" or, best of all, "I'm a White man." But I can guarantee you that no one will answer "I'm an Atlanto-Mediterranean with Baltic admixture" or "I'm a Nordic." This subracial emphasis is biologically vague and it is a complete political non-starter. In fact, it militates against our survival because it creates division and resentment. We need to stay completely away from the "I'm Whiter than you" game.

    We should shun those who urge us to illegal acts; we know what their purpose is. We should not allow ourselves to be pigeonholed into cultic aping of past historical periods or emulating Jewish stereotypes of "White supremacist" hooliganism. We are better than that, and everything we do should show that. We should make ourselves into the walking antithesis of those stereotypes. We should do that because that is the best way to make sure that our ideas -- and our genes -- survive the dark times in which we are now wandering.

    The world we know -- and the world that European man has created for himself -- as great as it is, is still a midge's world. The survival and progress of our race will take us beyond, to infinities of which we cannot even conceive. The failure to survive will mean death, the end. The end of what may be Nature's last chance to do what only we can do. Everything depends on us.

    Thank you.

    Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.

    The text above is based on a broadcast of the American Dissident Voices radio program sponsored by National Vanguard Books. It is distributed by e-mail each Saturday to subscribers of ADV-list.

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    Thanks for posting this speech or radio broadcast. I should check that broadcast every week but unfortunately I forget. How do I subscribe to receive emails with the broadcast at my email address? That would be cool. This service is admirable, I wish Europeans had at least such a service, Europe though faces the language problem so ideally there would need to be such a service in each European Language for the different European Folks. That would reach the European masses better than in English. The people that need these broadcasts are the racially unaware.

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    Post Re: Realism, Sanity and Hope

    We should not define ourselves in subracial terms. There is an old saw that if you wake a man up at three o'clock in the morning nd ask him "What are you?", you have a pretty good chance of getting the truth out of him about how he sees himself. Now, asked that question, all too many White people would answer, "I'm a Redskins fan" or "I'm a Republican" or "I'm a Baptist" or something like that. The better class of person might answer "I'm a Frenchman" or "I'm an American" or, better yet, "I'm a White American" or, best of all, "I'm a White man." But I can guarantee you that no one will answer "I'm an Atlanto-Mediterranean with Baltic admixture" or "I'm a Nordic." This subracial emphasis is biologically vague and it is a complete political non-starter. In fact, it militates against our survival because it creates division and resentment. We need to stay completely away from the "I'm Whiter than you" game.[/B]
    I agreed with it up to this point. I agree the I'm whiter than you stuff is non-sense. But sub-racial classifications is important. Without continued divergence, evolution ends, we die, exitinct.

    Also, if we fail, it won't be a total end. Nature will find another way.

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