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I think we first have to distinguish between metaphysics and philosophy on one side, and ideology and propaganda on the other. Ideology is a kind of fake philosohy which only exist to bring forward some usually subversive agenda. Like the ideology Leo Strauss - the father of the neo-cons - created. Philosohy and metaphysics are concerned with truth and reality, while ideology usually neglets both in favor of some agenda. Metaphysic exists for the sake of knowledge and wisdom, not actions.
I agree with the distinctions you make, but I think there is one flaw in your reasoning; I believe that all actions are grounded in a philosophy or a metaphyics.
That is why we find the latter to be fundamental.

So whether we know it or no, whether we are conscious of the fact or not, our actions, our deeds [and our non-actions, indeed] are informed by the philosophy to which we subscribe - knowingly or otherwise.
This is why it is important to set our out our philosophical/metaphysical thoughts as clearly as we can.

And knowledge and wisdom should be of interest to all of humanity - knowledge is power.
But various sections of 'humanity' disagree on what knowledge and wisdom are - and not all would agree with Bacon on the relationship between knowledge and power.
Therefore there are definite differences in outlook, between say Aryan wisdom on the one hand, and Semitic wisdom on the other. Indeed, the two would not even acknowledge that the other is truly wise, and vice versa, on certain questions.

You talk about the old philosophical conflict between Plato the "idealist", and Aristotle the "realist" right? These old conflict exists still today. None of these movements really died.
How would you characterise the differing view of Metaphysics held by Plato and Aristotle, comparing one to the other?

These so called "realists" are nothing more than intellectual prostitutes, slaves of the establishment, enemy's of the people! The time of the "end" of the idealists marks the victory of hippocrasy over truth in history.
Im not sure what to think about Nietzsche, but christianity is pure hipocrisy, and probably always was.
But Nietzsche drew a clear link between Platonic Idealism and Christian Metaphysics. You must know the famous section in The Twilight of the Idols where Nietzsche shows how the 'real world became a lie' from the Platonistic reversal of Being and Becoming?

He set out the following stages;

In Plato the 'real world' [i.e., the Ideal, the world of static, unchanging Being not the world of Becoming, the changing apparent world that we all inhabit] is thought attainable only to the wise and virtuous;

In Christianity its attainment is delayed;

In Kant, it becomes merely a consolation;

In positivism, it becomes pointless;

Finally its existence is denied [the kind or realism you are speaking of];

If there is no real [i.e., 'Ideal] world there is no apparent world either [Nietzsche's conclusion].

It all started around the time of the french revolution, when the "powers that be" feared to totally loose control.
But wasn't 'realism' inherent in the creed of the Revolutionaries?
And wasn't the monarch they overthrew part of a Metaphysical Order [the Divine Right of Kings]?
Didn't the Revolution seek to install a republic based on reason [positivism] and realism?

- Economy: Industrialisation (the end of the independent worker)
- Education: compulsory schooling, fragmented education, indoctrination
- Science: fragmentation (the "dead" of metaphysics (ontology) and reason in science)
- Politics: fragmentation, birth of parliamentarism (neo-plutocracy)
I would associate all these things more with the Revolutionaries, with the Enlightenment, and the bourgeoisie - rather than with the ancien regime.

These changes than slowly lead to the end of the Age of Enlightenment. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon - the first person to call him self an anarchist and one of the last metaphysicians - wrote a lot about these changes in society. Anarchists are fighting against these changes ever since.
I see Anarchism as being just the more extreme edge of the Revolutionary forces; what are the Metaphysics of Anarchism?