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Thread: The Celtic Heritage Of Bavarians

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    Post AW: The Celtic Heritage Of Bavarians

    Quote Originally Posted by +Suomut+
    "Bayer:...regional name for someone from Bavaria, German Bayern. This region of Southern Germany derives its name from that of the Celtic tribe of the Boii who once inhabited this area as well as Bohemia (cf. BÖHM); in the 6th Century AD they were displaced by a Germanic people, a branch of the Marcomanni, who took the name Boioarrii, or Baiuoarii."
    How does overtaking a Celtic name give a Germanic tribe a Celtic heritage?
    The Marcomanni were an East-Germanic tribe which fought against the Romans in (modern) Bavaria and were finally beaten by Marc Aurel in 180 AD. (The opening scene of Gladiator shows this battle). Later they re-appeared under the name Bajuvari which refers to the Celtic named Bohemia but this doesn´t make them Celtic.
    The Celtic, Romanic and Illyric influence in Bavaria has mostly do do with post-Völkerwanderung intermixture.
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    Post AW: The Celtic Heritage Of Bavarians

    The below reference from Patrick Hanks & Flavia Hodges' A Dictionary of Surnames (New York, 38) raises this topic.
    I would not judge someone's heritage by surnames. A well known example is that of Jewish/Biblical surnames taken by Europeans or German names taken by Jews.

    [...] in the 6th Century AD they were displaced by a Germanic people, a branch of the Marcomanni, who took the name Boioarrii, or Baiuoarii."
    In all the "Geschichte Bayerns" books I have read, a Celtic influence is acknowledged. An example from an article based on such bibliography:
    Most likely they descended from the Marcomanni, Quadi and Narisci, tribes of the Suevic or Swabian origin, with possibly a small intermixture of Gothic or Celtic elements.
    To make it short, yes, the Baiuoarii were a Germanic tribe, the descendents of the Marcomanni, (also Germanic). The etymology of this name has its roots in the Old German words for march (frontier) and men and they were decended from the Suebi, who were also a Germanic tribe (east-Germanic), fact confirmed by Tacitus. If we look any further, they were related to the Allemanni, again, a Germanic people. The Quadi, another Germanic tribe, are also mentioned as possible ancestors of Bavarians.

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