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Thread: To Each American a Job/ The Conservatives/ Time's Up!/ Anti-Communist

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    Post To Each American a Job/ The Conservatives/ Time's Up!/ Anti-Communist

    Today's extreme job shortage and the over-abundance of workers, both professional and non-professional, is fundamentally the most serious problem the United States faces today. It's cause can be attibuted to the plague of uncontrolled immigration. Immigration alone is keeping the economy in a dark and gloomy state unable to go forward. It alone is responsible for the massive unemployment of 12 millions of Americans; for the technology sector from rebounding into a state of growth, prosperity and profits. Nations do not exist on fast food shops and discount stores. A nation moves forward with technology. Stop technology and the nation stops.

    The authoritative liberal press only publishes sensational stories, the scandles and corporate book juggling while hiding the more serious problems. Economists, historians and Wall Street money mongers make headlines with naive and misdirected predictions never revealing the true cause for the continuing economic decline: the purposeful and malicious replacement of American labor with Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, India pariahs and South Americans. The U.S. government and it's underworld Congressmen are waging a hate campaign against American labor. They always paint a rosy picture about economic indicators to the public. They tell the public that jobless claims fell, but never tell the public that high-technology eliminated more jobs. The final consequences of this campaign is the destruction of all commercial, social, and political achievments of the American people. We are all witnessing it now.

    The thinking American worker opposes immigration

    Our pro-immigration critics can talk all they want. With all their literary and social skills, their false and misleading statistics and stupid reasoning they attempt to plunge the public into confusion and chaos. Their know-it-all articles do not reflect well on them as every major poll on the issue shows and particularly since they are in no danger themselves of loosing their jobs. They are not objective, but prejudiced. They would not have much to say were they next in line to be thrown out of work for some Asian, Arab or Mexican in order to satisfy the liberal "spread the wealth" campaign. Hatred of the American people and of the United States in general has blinded them.

    We know these so-called intellectuals. They do not deserve the title. They look backwards instead of forwards. They have little idea of what was and even less of what is and what will be. Their chattering fantasies are not sufficient to build the future let alone the present. They investigate the past with a microscope, but the present is beyond comprehension. Twelve million unemployed Americans means nothing to them so long as they receive their fat paychecks. Everyday they shout: "Why only twelve million. Let's make it 40 million.Things will go better for us Foreigners."

    If jobless claims fall they make headlines and newspaper sales go through the roof! If big business announce layoffs they run for cover afraid of the collapse. And if the American people do not panic they welcome the layoffs with joy and cheer. If Wall Street big shots give their usual absurd and bombastic scientific explanations they watch eagarly to make sure the American public has not taken to arms. We Americans do not respond. We know that the truth is always stronger than the lie.

    Where hatred speaks revenge answers

    This is how things are. For the last 35 years Foreigners have been allowed to steal American jobs. How are things going for the American people? Are companies making a profit? If so, why did the stock market crash? Why are so many high-tech companies broke? The U.S. companies highly developed hate campagin against the American working people has infected such a large portion of the American population that it has become a very serious matter. While big-business and underworld Congressmen continue practicing their failed book theory of hate Americans for the Communist concept of "spread the wealth" to Foreigners the technology sector will remain depressed. We Americans know that only with unprecedented efforts to pass systematic and ruthless laws to deport the Foreigners back to their country will defeat their sinister threat and their hate mongering of the American people. It is suicide for Americans to invest in an economic sector which despises and hates them.

    The liberals hope that we will grow weak and cowardly with their clever seductive news articles. The same was said during the 1950's when the liberals laughed at Eisenhower when 5 million illegal Mexicans were in the U.S. When Eisenhower rounded all 5 million Mexicans up and deported them back to Mexico they were forgotten and buried.

    We Americans have a clear path. None of us hesitates to follow it. We do not forget that our behavior will determine our future, the future of our children and of our children's children. We created the good life. We fought for it, deserve it and intend to keep it.

    Now people, let our slogan be: "To each American a job."

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    Post The Idea!

    My fellow American taxpayers!

    At the heart of every great political movement is an idea. People often talk about ideas falling from the skies. Whatever their origin an idea ultimately seeks to occupy someone's mind. There is something mysterious about ideas such that once an individual is in possession of one, that individual has a burning desire to tell others. An idea exerts a cosmic force, if one prefers the term, within the individual, a force so great that he must tell others about it or he will burst. We have all experienced this ourselves. When, for example, one reads a good book one hurriedly seeks others who should know about it, because one feels lonely if no one else knows. One finds a good friend and says, "I have just read a wonderful book. I must show it to you." There is some unknown force in people that urges them to tell others.

    We all painfully remember the Vietnam War demonstrations. A few hundred university students took the idea of American blood being shed in vain for Asian peoples and protested at student unions against the stubborn establishment. This simple and crystal clear idea traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, becoming a cause for thousands and eventually a movement of millions because the idea was simple and right for the nation as a whole. History has repeatedly shown that a young, determined small group of inidviduals has overthrown a rotten and corrupt majority. Incumbent leaders during the protests knew one thing: no matter how bad the last protest was the next was sure to be worse. These leaders decided to do what the Romans did to Christ: attempt to cripple and eradicate the idea by gunning down four Kent State students like dogs. The die was cast. What started as an idea in one individual turned into millions marching, demonstrating and clashing violently with law enforcement. Daily the causalties mounted, but the idea survived and grew until it finally won the hearts and minds of the masses. The war came to an end. None of us doubts that new ideas are rarely accepted ab initio. As the well known saying has it, "Old habits die hard." The important thing to remember is that the habit of clinging on to old ideas will eventually die and the new idea emerges victorious, first becoming national and finally a worldly view.

    The romantic movement of uncontrolled immigration and the giving of American employment to Internationales allowed into the United States was an idea which looked good in those far away stars, but once it reached earth and entered the realm of the all-human it lost it's strange magic. If someone would have had the courage to give an account of the hard facts to the few dreamers whom supported this idea, it would have kept millions of Americans from being unemployed today. For me, it is more vital that the United States lives and keeps it's own people employed, rather than submit to some romantic and mysterious idea whipped up by a few dreamers.

    If I, as a taxpayer, believe that laws must be by and for the people and that uncontrolled immigration is oppressing the people costing us taxpayers $60 billion per year, I will tell it to those in the political sphere. The moment I realize that this idea applies to daily life, I will have the urge to tell it to those in the economic sphere. And if I see that it applies to the spheres of art and culture, I will have the desire to tell it to those involved in those activities. Ideas are yearning to grow and the people who hold ideas also spread those ideas. There are some who say, "Well, everything you have said is well and good, but there must be some action. You must do something even if it's small. If we see that our childrens' future employment is being robbed from them, then, one must boycott foreign stores and go the extra mile or walk the extra block to an American store." My answer to them is this: You can spend years administering the remedy for the poison produced by a bad political leadership whereby a single Congressional law can destroy all your work. If all that time had been spent on winning the populus over to the idea, cause or movement those in Congress would be out on the street!

    Then, there are critics that say, "All you do is complain. Say something positive once in the while." Well, there is nothing positive I can say about this nation's leadership when those leaders deny the people they govern the basic right to work, and therefore, to life. I cannot find something positive about a Congress that give Internationales a free ticket to destroy our industrial complex and precious resources. There's nothing positive about it. Only when I have eliminated the negative and unproductive can I say something positive.

    Our idea is simple: to end the theft of American jobs by foreign peoples; the stopping and reversing the uncontrolled immigration into the nation. An idea which plans to smash the old, unacceptable immigration laws and enact new laws that do not oppress the American people. It is true we may not have won the devotions of mainstream USA. Certainly, we have earned their hatred, and hatred can turn into devotion. For those who might call us agitators, I ask you: "What can you give to the American taxpaying people to believe in?" Nothing.

    The die of our clear and concise idea has been cast. This idea is spreading across the states like an earthquake. Our idea is simply to eliminate those foreign policy immigration laws which oppress the American working people and replace them with laws which will unite our nation and enable it to thrive and grow by the American people and for the American people.

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    Post Time's Up!

    United States laws have long said that one should not hang someone before catching them. We Americans know that Congress and big-business are trying their hardest to put the noose around the neck of the hard working American people, not because they are hard workers, but because they are Americans. Congress and industry boast that they want to create jobs when in fact what they really mean is that Americans must be forced to sacrifice their jobs to foreign peoples allowed entry into the U.S. As the old proverb has it, the old whore boast her innocence the loudest. Every law passed, in essence, is anti-nationalistic. Why hundreds of criminal Negro Haitians were allowed to walk ashore with the government encouraging violent demonstrations in their support. This particular incident really should come as no surprise considering the sober governor himself has a mongrel family with one member who enjoys a prison lifestyle. As for the much publicized Homeland security, well, that is a circus act with Mr. Tom Ridge in the center ring as the juggling clown.

    What we have in the U.S. is not a system governed by representatives of the people, but a plantation of International socialism, a colony of invading Asians, Arabs, Indians, and every other sewer international usurping America's wealth.

    The undermining of the American people with meaningless catch phrases like "New Economy", "Global Economy" and "World Trade Order" has disintegrated our economy and cultural society. These catch phrases only mask the terrorizing plan of Socialism, the outright theft of American wealth for foreigners. Congressional policy is foreign favoritism, not domestic policy. Senators brandish the tabacco leaf from Capital Hill as a sign for industry to eliminate the politically incorrect, to replace more white Americans with internationals. They are a group of skulking pacifists passing bloodthirsty hate laws against their electorate determined to choke any sign of nationalism. They sign slave-dictates to oppress the white Anglo-Saxons and enact laws for the Protection of Internationals. Taxpayers are forced to pay over $60 billion each year and loose millions of jobs to these unwanted immigrants. That is the dark reality of President Bush's Economic Security program. The gutter Jewish press, international pacifists and traitors have the right to free speech, but not an American who served in the Armed Forces on the pretext that he is a terrorist.

    We Americans are in the same position as the police dealing with dark underworld gangsters. Gangsters have sound economic reasons to hate the police. They prefer to stay in business and understandably wish the police dead. The police, after all, protect the public and the community. But do the police fear the gangsters? No! They fight them and eventually bring them to justice.

    Washington's paid agitators will respond with howls of outrage. But that does not alter the truth of what is happening in the U.S. They surround themselves with hollow social and humanitarian phrases, but only lies and deception are behind them. They are trying to keep the American people in the dark and defenseless while foreigners plunder the U.S. people. Washington and CEO's hate the American working people with a burning rage. It resembles the hatred and rage criminals have of the police whom reveal their sneaky ways, even if they are dressed in a black pin-striped suit and act as a gentleman.

    One of the favorite elements to their agitation is to speak in terms of multi-cultural Americans. They use meaningless catch phrases as Asian-American, Arab-American, Indian-American et cetera in an attempt to justify the foreigners illegal presence in the country. These phrases only breed pacifism, cowardice, economic and social deterioration. Washington and cocky know-it-all CEO's know well enough that they are the cause for the depressed economy, frequent terrorist attacks and a nation torn in half. But this does not stop them from accusing the American people of not wanting to sacrifice their jobs and living standards for internationals, of promising Americans the punishment they deserve. It is of course all theoretical; in fact, they are trying to figure out how to control the American people short of holding them at gun point.

    You, my readers, must say farewell to the hope that you can expect any action from the politicians in Washington and industry. They lack the basic elementary factors, those of courage, of strength, of will and the ability to recognize the pending catastrophe much less to deal with it. For only he who has the will to win will win. Where then, is the will and strength to be found? It will come from the American working people - the technical, farmers, tradesmen, working mothers and seniors. And if the general public, the weak, the hesitant, the waivers whom always condemn what they do not understand, do not want to be liberated from forceful unemployment, slavery and theft, then, we Americans will act without their consent. The time has come when it will not be the conservatives that bring this system crashing down, but the American people.

    Therefore, it must be said again and again:

    1. The foreigners have no right to claim equality with us. They are here against the will of the American people. If they wish to speak on the streets, in food shops or in public transportation they should be ignored.

    2. One of the best antidotes against the foreigners impudent usurpation is to boycott them. Deprive them of your hard earned money. This will stop their atrocity propaganda against the American working people.

    3. There is no distinction between an Asian, Arab, Indian, Mexican, South American. Each is a sworn enemy of the American people. If he does not make his hostility visible it is only from his slyness and cowardice, not because he loves the U.S.

    Time's up! Clear away the foreigners! Our own people has the necessary genius! We need no Internationals!

    American jobs are only for Americans!

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    Working for the preservation of our race and a future for White children trancends the boundries of citizenship. The 14 words have nothing to do with only saving a White america. If we all so strongly hold our ancient European heritage then we must look beyond the Jew nited States of Embarasment. We work for our race and not for a single country in my opinion.

    Volksfront Canada
    Volksfront Ideals


    "National Socialism stands on the grounds of a real Christianity." ~ Adolf Hitler

    "The Last Refuge of Race Treason is Wrapped in the Flag of Patriotism." ~ Pastor Richard Butler

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    Post Americans, Rise Up and Answer The Call!

    Fellow American Taxpaying Workers:

    The American people face the most hardest, most severe winter holiday and coming new year 2003 in the last forty years. Retail sales did not go through the roof as Wall Street propagandists boasted they would, but were the worst in thirty years. In the hardship years of the 1930's there were over 11 million unemployed. Today, the same number is unemployed with the stubborn government refusing to admit it. Back alley rumor has it that in California, where unemployment is reaching 7%, twenty-five men fought over a garbage can. Entire towns are being auctioned off because the people left due to lack of jobs. To suppress this dark reality, the President is preaching Socialism in an attempt to justify the pay raises that he and Congress received.

    Mature minds never judge political parties by what they want or what they promise, rather always by what they have accomplished. Those in power have taken power by lying to the people, telling them they had won. They promised Americans, you workers, citizens and veterans a life of economic security, beauty and prosperity. They promised Americans employment, they promised Americans a silver lined Social Security system, they promised Americans to end corporate corruption, they promised you the fulfillment of your dreams -- work and the pursuit of happiness.

    Since the 1960's we have lived all these lies. And now we see the worst results of these last thirty-five years: jobs are scarce, Social Security bankrupt, corporate scandals stink to high heaven, a U.S. budget deficit of $159 billion, unemployment the highest since the Great Depression.

    The outrageously insane belief in equality of foreigners allowed to invade this country for usurpation finds it's expression in Socialism practiced by industry and politicians alike. Socialism is not a typical American product. It was imported in the 1960's. The American version is a tendency towards excessive individualism for foreign peoples. It represents, not the harmoniousness of the nation, but a vicious war for political and industry interests that has gradually destroyed our national, economic and social structures. With crass government propaganda the word Socialism has been replaced by the popular idiocy names of "diversity" and "affirmative action." No one is fooled. Despite all the pains of labor the end has been the same: more Americans are forced to give their employment opportunities to unwanted foreigners. It is not surprising that those whom benefited from such anti-American programs have taken their activity beyond our borders once they found the Conservatives have become firmly established once again. They cheered Lott's removal, but found a more formidable foe, an opposition that has never lost a battle: the American people.

    Is it our fault that these foreigners work destructively among us and whom are a constant danger to our domestic and international security? As long as the liberal press was in control these Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, Indians et-cetera remained secure. It was difficult with the liberal media monopoly to persuade the American public of these hard facts since public opinion was entirely in liberal hands. With new information dissemination the people have other news sources and have gathered the courage to recognize the foreigners' role in the decaying process of the United States.

    On a platform in the state of Washington a liberal female Senator who refuses to resign, Ms. Patty Murray, implied to the youth of America that those Americans who jumped one-hundred stories to their horrible death at the World Trade Center deserved to die. The Jew, Ariel Sharon of Israel, whose terrorist army is funded by American taxpayers, remarked: "Don't worry about American pressure; we control America." What he really meant to say is that Americans are slaves for the Jews. The liberal attorney representing the city of Denver, Colorado stated: "[The] Constitution of U.S. and Colorado [are] null and void in Denver since 1906." The sober Secretary of the Department of War, Donald Rumsfeld, is trying to whip up public sentiment to war against Iraq, a country which he himself supported arming! We Americans do not have to look to distant lands to find those so full of enviousness and jealously they eat, sleep and drink: "hate the U.S." There are plenty enough in the United States.

    I ask you, men and women, how can the Republicans find the gall to accuse the American people of intolerance, when that is exactly how they have behaved during the last two years under Bush? What has changed under Bush's government that is different from that of the last thirty-five years? Nothing at all, except that those in power have different faces. The economy has run out of gas, the government continues it's insane policy of encouraging unemployment among Americans by letting unwanted foreigners into the country to steal jobs. Misery and starvation increases by the day. All that Congress can say is: "We cannot fix in two years what has taken place for the last thirty-five years." Well, fine. But the people should at least be able to see that a start is being made. But what do we see?

    Congress's entire being breathes sterility of the American professional and non-professional working classes.

    Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are going for senseless foreign aid so that Israel can buy more guns, to Turkey for no reason whatsoever, over $60 billion (per year!) to illegal aliens, to the government for pay raises. Bush's socialism has as it's goal: the unemployment of twenty-five million Americans! The Democrats want to make it fifty million! Unmitigated insanity! It is not Bush or ruin. It is not Congress or ruin. It is Bush's and Congress's ruin.

    The only difference between today's Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans let business keep fifty percent of the profits and Democrats let them keep twenty-five percent. Both are anti-nationalistic and hate the American working people with a burning rage. We must put an end to this socialist attitude that has been dosed out to us as a pacifier: "Wash our feet, but steal our shoes."

    You, my readers, represent the nation of people dissatisfied with the airwave and newspaper media cover ups, lies and propaganda. There are some among you who do not know where tomorrow's meal will come from. To make the truth clear, fellow taxpayers, I would like to ask you five questions. I want you taxpayers to be just and to give your verdict on the past years of national political humiliation and disgrace.

    First, the President of the United States maintains that the American people do not deserve to be employed. He says that Americans must forfeit their jobs, their Economic Security, the Economic Security he boasted about in his State of the Union Address. He says the American peoples' hard working tax money must be given to the Jews of Israel, illegal aliens and foreign aid, but not to them.

    I ask you: Do you firmly believe that the American people deserve to be fully employed? That the American people come first, foreign aid last?

    I ask you: Do you believe with unshakeable self-confidence that the American people deserve Economic Security so stated and protected by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States?

    Second, the President of the United States claims that only he and Congress deserve pay raises, but other Americans have no desire to increase their pay. That the American people must give up their pay raises so that Congress and foreigners may usurp the wealth.

    I ask you: Don't the American people work as hard as Congress? Don't the American people deserve pay increases? Are not the taxes levied on the American people, the same tax money that pays the President and Congress, for the benefit of the American people? For public education and public works programs?

    Third, the U.S. Congress maintains that the American people are resisting to accept the principles of our Constitution. That the American people prefer to make less, own less and have less so that "spread the wealth" to foreign lands can become the new Homeland law.

    I ask you: Do you want to live under our Constitution? Do you take the oath, the same oath as the President swears by, to be absolutely and completely willing to protect and live by it's principles? Those of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

    Fourth, Congress maintains that God has given them the duty to eliminate as many jobs as possible and to give these jobs to Internationals allowed into the country. That Congress maintains the U.S. has no borders. The Mexican Truck Act, enormous visa quotas and uncontrolled illegal entry by Internationals is the punishment the American people deserve.

    I ask you: Are you resolved to put an end to this criminal behavior with any and all means at your disposal? Are you willing to preserve the United States the way it was meant to be by the founders where the leadership is "by the people and for the people" not against the people?

    And last, are you going to leave this country worse off than it was left for you so your children will have less to eat, less to hope and less to live for? Is that what you want?

    I ask you: Are you totally and willingly determined to set this country back onto it's correct path, back onto the road that the forefathers built; never to tire or waiver, never to falter, never to lose your will when liberal and foreign obstacles or usurpation cross your path?

    I have asked you a series of questions. You must answer, not to me, but to yourself, your future and your family's future. Ninty-nine percent of the United States problems would disappear if our people were fully employed. The United States of America is not the brother's keeper of the world. As for the United Nations, that is a vicious organization which has only one goal: to beg, borrow and steal as much as they can from the American people. No one lives forever and the sooner one faces cold reality the sooner one will advance in life.

    You, American taxpayers, can return to those glorious days of economic security, prosperity and dignity. You only need to gather the courage and reach for it. The gallows for those political preachers of Socialism and their liberal philosophy of "The world owns America, not the Americans." The noose for those industrial CEO's who live by the motto: "Hate American workers, love foreigners."

    From now on let our slogan be the famous words of Rosie: "We Can Do It!" Now Americans, rise up and answer the call!

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    Post A rousing speech..

    How about some attribution?

    Who wrote it? What person or party?

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    Post Re: A rousing speech..

    I wrote it. I write all of my short essays. They are usually sent to various Senators, posted at different Internet sites, sent in response to articles written by the liberal press. Most do not respond. One or two Senators do (automatic reply!)

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    Post Re: A rousing speech..

    The question is why doesn't the liberal press and Senators respond?

    First of all, they know I'm right.

    Second, my philosophy is that of Eisenhower and Wilson, good honest American capitalism for the Americans in their country. The way the U.S. was designed 250 years ago.

    Third, some of the issues I bring out they hate because they (the Congressmen) are not interested in correcting the basic problem. They only want to make it worse. For example, I believe it is to the best interest of the Negroes to be encouraged to move back to their country of roots, Africa. The Negroes could develope their own country, have their own identity, religion, political system, economic system, etc. Africa has vast quantities of untapped wealth. Many of the resources are unique to Africa alone. Gold, precious stones, oil, land. If the Eqyptians, 2000 years ago could build an empire that towered above all else on earth can not the Negroes do the same today?

    Fourth, many right wing Conservatives reply and post my short speeches. Many do not because the same old thing has grabbed ahold of them, the same old thing since man began to think: ENVIOUS OF WHY THEY DID NOT THINK OF IT FIRST!

    I have had offers to broacast my speeches on the radio. I am an electrical engineer and thus my time is already dedicated to a large degree.

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    Post Immigration Imperialism Unmasked

    There is a common misconception preached by the International Socialist circles both in the United States and abroad that Americans are nothing but imperialist capitalist swines. The truth of the matter is that these Socialists are imperialists themselves and present an immediate danger to those countries that harbor it's principles. One authoritative news journal defined Socialism as: "... the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal collective good."

    If we were to take it's doctrine we find a terrible contradiction between it's theory and practice. It's theory is glowing and grandoise but carries poison in an attractive gloss. Socialism recognizes no national boundaries, no national people, no national culture and no national history because it is a world view. It is anti-nationalistic, anti-capitalistic, preaches anti-racist hate and is anti-American because it is anti-democratic, i.e. anti- "will of the people." It is concerned only with "wealth redistribution", a classless society in which "everything belongs to everybody." It does not recognize "property rights," i.e all fruits of one's labor nor does it recognize "human rights" despite all it's false claims. This is shown by the millions of sacrifices made in honour of it through massive job losses, bankrupt Social Security and a U.S. budget deficit unequaled throughout the world because of uncontrolled foreign aid.

    The fact that, in order to carry out it's aims Socialist propagandists use methods which are only perceptible by those whom have experience in such things and are entirely accepted in good faith by the average citizen, makes this Terror International extraordinary dangerous for the host people of the country under seige. United States socialism is based on the principle that the end justifies the means, that lies and slander, unconstitutional laws passed daily, that robbery of the masses through excessive taxation, that gun control, forced tolerance of the intolerable and massive job losses can and ought to made use of, with the aim of revolutionising the whole country which must be solely kept in view. This extraordinary method of influencing the masses stops at nothing and dissenters are quickly branded like a steer and rounded up. U.S. socialism is not only the transfer of taxpayer gold, silver and cash to other nations. The U.S. version is more frightening and dreadful since it uses the method that made the United States great in the first place: imperialism. It is not the people of some far away country that has been brought into submission, but the U.S. people themselves. This is a slow death for those who are unable or unwilling to see Socialism's true nature.

    The pretended liberation of foreign and semi-foreign peoples to justify Socialism's human rights put forth by U.S. Congressional policies for the last thirty-five years by corrupt Senators, Congressmen and industry leaders is, when looked at in it's true light, a blood-stained and ruthless example of immigration imperialism of the worst kind. Congress boasts that it alone has freed from bondage millions of foreigners and at the same time enslaved millions of Americans through massive job losses. Cheers for Socialism! Congress drinks a toast after giving billions of taxpayer $$dollars for foreign aid but have bankrupt Social Security, public health and public schools. Cheers for Socialism! They have turned our industry into a diverse, scandel ridden, hateful anti-American workplace of non-productive, passive, deceitful foreigners and have made 12 million Americans unemployed. More cheers for Socialism!

    In December of 2002, the U.S. Labor Department abruptly halted the revealing of vital "mass layoff" statistics to the public. Serious evaluation of the unemployment crises depends on facts. Without these statistics only guessing and lying government propaganda remain. The Secretary of Labor, an unintelligent Chinese woman Ms. Elaine Chao, is sympathetic with foreigners. This planned attack of withholding vital information only serves to undermine the American people keeping them in the dark as to the immediate threat these foreigners are in the workplace. A socialist Democrat female member of Congress, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, who lives by the slogan, "Better to blame the wrong man than not blame at all," wants illegal immigration to continue. She worships Mexican ID cards which encourages more criminal illegal aliens. Her naivete reasoning is just a cover up: "... these individuals [illegal Mexicans] to have access to the federal building if they want to go pay their taxes..." Even school children know well enough that illegal aliens don't pay taxes. Her real goal is to raise the unemployment and crime rates of California. Such anti-Americanism isn't partial to just Democrats, but includes Republicans and Independents as well. On January 11, 2003 Maine's socialist Republican Senators Mr. Snowe and Ms. Collins and socialist Democrat Governor John Baldacci attended a Socialist rally praising foreigners who steal American jobs. This rally supported heavily armed officals and even "snipers" against any and all unarmed white people anxiously waiting to repeat Kent State. In New York City, which boasts an enormous unemployment rate of 8%, is under the authority of a Jew mayor, Mr. Mike Bloomberg. According to the New York Post Bloomberg wants all illegal aliens to be given amnesty when in fact they should have been deported. Bloomberg's goal: 50% of New York Citiers must be made to sacrifice their jobs for foreigners. As the famous saying has it: "The ass rubs the ass."

    The past two years have proven that the strength of the American people is stronger than an outdated view, even when it defends itself with local, state and federal instruments. Conservative Americans have established themselves once again throughout the states. This does not mean that socialist Democrats and Republicans have given up. They know their hour may not be near, but eventually it will come. Domestic and International propaganda against the American people will be met with propaganda for the American people.

    We need to show the world what we showed them in the 1920's, 1940's and 1950's. That Wilson, Roosevelt and Eisenhower did not lose their nerve when unwanted foreigners were invading the country. Both attacked the problem with courage and manly pride. They believed in our laws that the United States is for the American people. They did not fear world judgment then, nor do we fear it now. As a nation we will not flounder on foreigners allowed to ursup our wealth and employment; to the contrary the present and future depends on us ending immigration imperialism now.

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    Well socialism and bleeding heart liberalism is continueing to financially erode this country. However, with that erosion if we do have a "Great Depression" we are far more racially divided than we were and also much more crowded than in the 1929 era. It is so much harder to fight this bleeding heart trend (its almost futile in my opinion) instead of taking the strategy of actually hastening it so we can get it over with. It will no doubt be chaos and could turn into a little race war, in my humble opinion. A depression would help both Europe and America to have an excuse to kick out all the unwanted and start with a fresh and white start.

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