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    The National Socialist justice system is, as with all other components of the National Socialist state, focused upon preserving the rights of the majority. The justice system must be responsible to citizens before it is responsible for guests and foreigners. Our goal must be to separate the sick from the well, to attempt to rehabilitate only those who will in turn help the state. We must not be concerned with the rights of rapists and murderers, but rather with the right of the majority not to be raped or murdered.

    As I have said on many occasions, the rights of the majority come before the rights of the individual. However, the suspension of individual liberties to protect the interests of the whole must not serve as a precedent, and must not lead to even greater suspensions. The government must consider the situation, and decide whether or not the prospect of suspending the rights of the individual is beneficial to the whole. And logically, this may apply in the other direction; the leaders of the state may decide that it is in the best interest of the majority to give individuals even more civil rights. The primary goal of the state must always be to preserve the rights of the majority of its citizens, not the positions of the majority of its leaders.

    If such a situation arises where a criminal act occurs between a citizen and a non-citizen, the citizen must always be favoured. If the citizen is the victim, the foreigner should not have the right to a trial, but instead be executed immediately. If, on the other hand, the citizen is the attacker, then the state must decide whether the citizen is of risk to other citizens, or is merely a threat to foreigners. If the latter is the case, then it is of no consequence, except in the rare instance where a citizen's violence towards a non-citizen would lead to war, or some other consequence which is not in the best interests of the citizens as a whole. If the citizen is found to be mentally ill, then the state must look to punish the offending citizen as if he or she had committed a crime against another citizen and not against a foreigner.Non-citizens are not subjects of the state, and thus whatever rights they may have in other nations should be of secondary importance.

    The death penalty will serve as an integral part of the justice system, both as a deterrent and as a tool used to quickly dispose of an unwanted. Among the citizens, a tough justice system not afraid of using the death penalty will serve as more of a deterrent than any propaganda. The thought of making individual mistakes is not of great concern. It is my firm belief that the occasional mistake will be more than compensated by the number of real murderers and rapists we eliminate. Apart from formal justice, the death penalty should be used against those who would undermine the state, and such inferior pests such as Jews and Gypsies. In all cases, especially in the latter, a quick shooting is preferable to monstrous jail time or grotesquely expensive [albeit humane] executions such as we see in the United States today.

    One disturbing fact is that the abusers of young boys and girls often receive far lighter sentences than someone who defrauds a large corporation. [Ignore this example on of the chosen people is involved, and Clinton is in the White House.] One thing that should be made clear to all National Socialists is that the material is not of more importance than the family; currency does not come before children. And so rapists and child-molesters must be dealt with so sternly that no one dares to follow in their path. Of course, the elimination of the homosexual will serve to minimize such offences, as homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States.

    What is your ideal justice system, and what are your comments on mine?

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    my justice sysyem would be based on the system of the USSR. no political correctness or liberalism, just straigh to the point!

    death penalty for espionage, murder, child molesters, persistent offenders, mass corruption. (thats all i can think of for now).

    the legal system would be quick and un-bearucratic. if a person is found guilty without dispute, the offender will be taken out the back of the court and shot in the head. if there is a dount over the conviction, a limited number of appeals could be made.

    there will be no prisons, all punishment will be served at labor camps. depending on the crime, the labor camps will differ. light offenders will be given more rations while stronger offendes will be given less. no matter what, the prisoners will serve the state, not serve there time in prison which benefits no-one. while at the labor camps, prisoners will be given the option of a rehabilitation program, only if they meet the needs for it (ie if they are not beyond rehabilitation).

    this system is proven to work as the Soviet Union had one of the best crime records in the world.

    LB, i will answer your suggestions later.

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    Post Crimminals

    Yeah they managed to prove that one could get most crimminals involved in Government

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