New Book Review

The book is called "The War on the West" by Douglas Murray (2022). I have not yet read it.

Imagine going to a doctor, who tells you that you are seriously ill. But, the doctor doesn't tell you why you're seriously ill. Well, that's a big problem. You need to know why you are ill.

In that same vein, Murray's book may be good for newbie fence-sitters, but apparently it does not "name the Jew" as the prime mover behind the relentless assaults on the Western world since circa 1800, when Napoleon "freed" the Jews. Nice going, Nap. You little twerp.

When discussing our culture, Jews of course must be mentioned. Always. Each time. Why mention them? Here's one example: the radical New Left (beginning circa 1964) is a Jewish construct. Without Jews, the New Left wouldn't exist! [1]. That's an important detail.

"Instead, he (Murray) approvingly quotes the American author Thomas Chatterton Williams: “One way or another, we are going to have to figure out how to make our multi-ethnic realities work,” and implausibly calls the rise of non-whites to positions of power in the West as a “benefit” we enjoy thanks to our uniquely Western tolerance. He has a career he wants to hold on to."

[Book Review].


[1] Jewish communist Herbert Marcuse is the godfather of the New Left with his landmark 1964 book “One-Dimensional Man.” Other Jewish leaders of the New Left included: Paul Krassner, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Todd Gitlin, Herbert Aptheker, Allen Ginsberg, Phil Ochs, Ted Gold, Saul Alinsky, Stew Albert, Paul Goodman, Ram Dass, Al Haber, and a large number of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) members. In fact, the Left as we know it today sprang from the “true socialist” Moses Hess circa 1837. Hess radicalized Karl Marx, who then decided that Hess wasn't radical enough. (Hess was six years older than Marx. Hess’ first writings pre-date Marx’s and his book “Holy History of Mankind” (1837) may have been the first book to advocate social equality for all).