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Thread: The Russo-Ukrainian War 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordic Angel View Post
    This whole war is just infuriating. I am neither on the Ukrainian government's side nor on the Russian government's side. Putin is still a fan of the Soviet union, sees "Nazis" everywhere and explicitly invited jews to move to Russia. And Zelensky is a corrupt jew, best friend of Ihor Kolomoyski who is also a corrupt jew and financed the Asov bataillon, the Dnipro bataillon and other Ukrainian bataillons.

    This war is just business as usual for the jews, they have a century-long "tradition" of promoting and financing both sides of European wars, just because they like to see White men die and White civilizations collapse. All those leftist idiots think „Ukraine is good“ and some cuckservatives think „Russia is good“. While in reality they’re just all jews killing Whites.

    It wouldn’t surpise me at all if the jews push Europe into another world war again and the thought alone makes me seethe with anger.
    Concerning Putin's Sovietism, my guess is that he is pleasing a substantial faction among Russians that still got pro-Soviet-Sentiments. Those aren't really Communists or Marxists, but people celebrating an episode in Russia's history, when it was powerful. It seems to be Putin's strategy to please all factions in Russia as to coopt them for support of his policies. The "There are Nazis in the Ukraine" is really funny. But it was also a feature of Western leaders justification for all kinds of interventions and wars. "A new Hitler". The twist here is the 'enemy state clauses' in the UN charta. Those would allow for invasion of countries, without UN-approval, if those countries were previously Axis powers and would return to "their old ways". With some mental acrobatics this can be constructed for the Ukraine as well. Support for Bandera, Asow, etc. The real twist here is that the Ukraine seems to be governend by a Jewish network, which has no qualms about using Ukrainian Nationalists for their designs (against Russia). Seems a lot of Nationalists there are rather naive, when it comes to those matter. Cooperation with Jews in that way should be a big No-No. But I guess, when that cooperation means access to funds and political power many will let low on their principles up to the point where it gets self-defeating. Nationalists of all kinds of sorts would have to rev up their game, if they want to achieve any meaningful goals... Otherwise you get taken for a ride, potentially against other Nationalists. This by powers that have no legitimacy whatsoever. Be this Jewish sponsors or Intelligence Services. They achieve their goals, while you bear the blame for supposed atrocities. This while the design of conflict did actually become quite visible. It will be ignored by most, which is why the instigators get low on camouflage... Which is however also an opportunity.

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    British Bishop: 'Russia is the Last Obstacle to the One World Government' (Video)

    British Bishop: 'Russia is the Last Obstacle to the One World Government' (Video)

    The Bishop believes that “the next tricks of the criminals who rule the world will be artificially created famine” and urges Europeans to stock up on food while they can still buy it.

    On May 15, 2022, controversial British Bishop Richard Williamson spoke out in support of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. He called Russia the last obstacle to the One World Order. Globalists have longed to rule the world through an authoritarian one-world government that will replace sovereign nation-states.

    “Among the heads of state, there is only one who is standing up to the forces of evil. Don’t count on Boris Johnson in England. Don’t count on Macron in France. Don’t count on Draghi in Italy. It’s Vladimir Putin who may be no angel and no saint, but nevertheless, he is a man of intelligence and great courage. And at the head of Russia, he has the means of standing up against the One World government,” said Bishop Williamson, addressing the parishioners of one of the Warsaw churches.

    According to the Bishop, “the Russians are fighting in Ukraine, but not in such a way to smash or crush and destroy Ukraine.” In this regard, Williamson recalled the purpose of the special operation, voiced by Putin: the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. “But foolish Europe,” the Bishop continued, “follows the orders of the United States in their attempt to crush Russia.”

    Williamson believes that “the next tricks of the criminals who rule the world will be artificially created famine” and urges Europeans to stock up on food while it can still be bought. “They played the trick of Covid; they played the trick of Ukraine, which has been provoking Russia since 2014. Russia had to defend itself. The real aggressor is not who he looks like. US agents have been provoking Russia from Ukraine for several years,” said the Bishop. Williams lamented that for many Americans, who were mostly Christians, their real religion is now politics, and “many of them out of patriotism want to destroy Russia because Russia is the last obstacle to a United World Order.

    Bishop Williamson is an English Traditionalist Bishop formerly in communion with the Catholic Church who opposes the changes in the church brought about by the Second Vatican Council. The 82-year-old Priest was originally a member of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). He was subsequently excommunicated; this was lifted in 2009. Williamson was convicted in German courts of denying the Holocaust and incitement related to those views.

    The Bishop
    also believes that the September 11 Islamic terror attacks were not carried out by foreigners but staged by the U.S. government. He has also said that the July 7, 2005, London Islamic bombings were an “inside job”.

    I’ve been saying for months that Putin is the only obstacle for the NWO taking over the world. Before the coup in November 2020, it was Trump who was in their way. Since they installed Potato Brain in a fake election, the US and NATO countries have been poking Russia in the apparent hope to start a war with them. I hope you have been preparing for a long black spot on human history.

    British Bishop - 'Russia Is The Last Obstacle To The One World Government'
    05 VI 2022.

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    Gonzalo Lira: What Russia Has To Do After Russia Wins

    Gonzalo Lira: What Russia Has To Do After Russia Wins

    "Great Empires collapse. 1956 with the Suez crisis the British Empire collapsed and in December 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. Today it’s the American Empire collapsing from within and lashing without. The problem is can it take place without mutual Nuclear destruction".

    I am actually still awaiting the military putsch in Ukraine for sometime, but for the moment the Ukrainian secret services are still controlled by both the UK and the US, but the military putsch will happen, one way or another. A putsch is difficult because so many of the leaders are literally phoning it in from overseas.Difficult because they’re not easily kidnapped or killed by fellow Ukrainians.

    I do believe there are 10’s of millions on Americans who don’t believe any of the pro-Ukraine BS, and know that Russia was forced into their actions by many years of deep state provocations, plus some bad immediate threats on their border, including bio-warfare material, and 60,000 Azov troops gearing up to attack breakaway provinces to “create a bloodbath.”

    Astute as he is, Gonzalo Lira fails to realise that USans are capable of reforming themselves and deconstructing the US empire by removing its Khazarian Mafia (KM) controllers and their Deep State minions and enablers. Lira’s false assessment apparently leads him to conclude that the US military and the banking (Fed) arm of the KM’s global empire controllers will thrash about in death throes for many years. It won’t.
    It should be obvious that the KM’s usurious global empire is falling apart and righteous USans and citizens in virtually all nations are becoming increasingly aware of the empire’s unacceptable actions and their consequences. That growing awareness is a natural consequence of the effects of the fraudulent US presidential election, the COVID scam and the SMO, despite (and even because of) ubiquitous KM propaganda.
    That growing awareness is changing consciousness everywhere, including in the Anglo-US and European nations. The growing level of awareness apparent on the Saker site is typical rather than unique. Awareness of KM machinations and the untenable activities of the Anglo-US and EU nations is increasingly apparent to the rest of the world and even to the citizens of the West.
    For instance Trump, not Brandon, got an 80% vote in the 2020 election and Brandon’s performance thereafter has greatly increased consciousness in the US. That situation means that the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will reinstate Trump as the US president but if it fails to do so, the US military will install Trump as the 19th president of the reinstated USA under its real US Constitution. The US military will do that because it knows that the election was stolen and regards Trump as its CinC.
    When that happens all bets will be off as regards the KM’s control of the USA and its defunct empire. Trump will deconstruct the US military’s global activities and, in tandem with Presidents Putin and Xi, he will supervise the deconstruction of the KM’s global financial empire.
    Trump and the US military will not allow the US and its allies to use nuclear weapons even if Russia kinetically takes out specific Khazar controlled NATO or other sites in the EU or even in the US.


    Gonzalo Lira: What Russia Has To Do After Russia Wins
    09 VI 2022.

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    Nato’s actions in Ukraine pushing Europe to economic collapse

    Is Ukraine winning the war? According to Scott Ritter, former US army intelligence officer and weapons inspector, the case is quite the opposite.

    In this interview, Scott Ritter, who has also served as a United Nations weapons inspector and was an outspoken critic of the
    war in Iraq, calls Russia’s military operation in Ukraine a “masterful, stunning military victory that will be studied for some time”.

    US military aid to Ukraine has reached $53bn this year alone – compare to last year’s entire Russian defence budget of a relatively slight $43bn – and yet, Ritter argues, it is all too little, too late.

    All the same, as that aid continues to appear on the battlefield in significant ways, it will lengthen the conflict, and raises questions about how Russia will proceed with the second phase of its operation.

    How will Russia continue with its strategic objective of achieving a demilitarised and neutral Ukraine, when the USA is now providing real-time tactical intelligence allowing Ukraine to target Russian generals by name on battlefield, and when Poland is also mobilising battalions to send into the field?

    On this last point, Ritter is unequivocal – Poland, a Nato-backed country, is engaged in an audacious and irresponsible action. As he puts it: “Poland has committed suicide.”

    And what does this mean for Europe as a whole? Ritter again doesn’t pull any punches. The Russian ruble is as strong as it has been in recent history, and the Russian stock market is alive and kicking. Meanwhile, global gas prices have doubled.

    The cost of diesel is already disrupting supply chains that run on thin margins of efficiency. Will transport costs be absorbed by the companies? By the truckers? Or transferred to the consumers? None of these offers a desirable outcome. As Ritter concludes: “Europe is on the verge of economic collapse”.

    Scott Ritter: "Europe is on the brink of total economic failure" 16 VI 2022.

    1. "The average American hasn't an idea in his head that didn't come from a television receiver." --Dr. William L. Pierce.

      Control knowledge and you control how people think.

    1. This conflict is simply another assets grab. Defeat Russia, break it up and own the resources.We in the West don't want this nonsense but are governed by corrupt, bought, tyrannical leaders who by every manner possible are leading us into what will be an abyss.

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    Pitchforks soon in Europe?

    Pitchforks soon in Europe?

    Dear Europeans

    For your own children´s sake — on my knees and with my saddened eyes humbly looking downwards — I beg of you to please stop the current self-destructive nonsense dead in its tracks by immediately demanding from your political class to import the bloody Russian oil normally once again as Europe had been doing for dozens of years. The impact that the ban on Russian oil has upon your daily lives now and for years yonder is such that at the very least a Referendum should have been held. But it was not, and without consultation, the EU leadership acted on their own.

    Please be advised that the EU un-elected brass simply does not represent you or your needs. They were all voted amongst themselves into their positions like members of a committee in a private country club. If left unchecked, EU politicians will now continue misrepresenting you and, on your behalf — with your hard-earned assets and livelihoods – will keep on picking a most unnecessary and prolonged armed conflict with Russia, eventually forcing upon you a total war scenario where chances play out all very strongly against you, with Russia probably resulting unscathed.

    their war

    European leaders crave for their war, so they can´t think of a better way to provoke it than by applying ever larger and ´meaner´ sanctions on Russia as if (a) sanctions were effective and (b) as if Europe could win such war (not).

    Accordingly, we now have yet another set of spanking new EU “sanctions” in package No. 6 that will eventually backfire flat on Europe´s face – like all the others — such as banning the insurance and financing of oil tankers that carry Russian oil. Accordingly, the EU is now trying its very best to

    (1) bankrupt the successful Western oil tanker insurance business by reducing the number of participants

    (2) induce higher shipping and insurance costs worldwide by reducing the number of participants

    (3) foster the development of yet another Russian import substitution service namely oil tanker insurance & financing

    (4) seriously hinder the world´s economy by not allowing deliveries of any oil tankers carrying Russian oil anywhere (EU or non-EU) thus cutting off some 15% of the world´s oil supply from the world market and necessarily sending its price yet higher with yet more EU-induced inflation as if we had not had enough already, please brace for it.

    (5) force the construction of a new Russian-Chinese-Indian oil tanker fleet leaving idle part of today´s fleet

    (6) tempt Russia to embargo strategic value-chain upstream items with captive consumers cascading into multiple failures thru lack of nat-gas, rare earths, inert gases, potash, sulfur, uranium, palladium, vanadium, cobalt, coke, etc.

    Ref #1
    Ref #2
    Ref #3
    Ref #4

    lost war

    Russia does not need to fire a single shot or land a single missile on European territories to win such a total war. Think tanks in Europe and elsewhere know this but say nothing. It´d be plenty enough for Russia to just shut off your nat-gas supply, period. And not even to the whole of Europe. It could possibly be to only, say, some limited area in Germany.

    But you need not put up with any of this. Europe should already have learned from history books and its generals not to underestimate or discriminate against Russia. Let alone cheat on it repeatedly as Europe has done since the downfall of the former Soviet Union. Yet again, history will not be kind to anyone directly or indirectly involved, including yourselves. Equivalent events took place in Europe not that long ago and winter will not care what was said where or why or by whom. It will just freeze and starve Europeans to death with no mercy. Just ask the Germans: they should remember, or the French, they like history a lot. Russian attrition warfare is most efficient in any territory.

    Please do not waste any more precious time with forever failed attempts to find substitutes of any kind. Quite simply it is very easy to prove in a matter of minutes ( see plenty of references below ) that God Almighty has no adequate oil available for you in large enough quantities anywhere on planet Earth other than Russia, let alone deliverable at refineries and processing plants per your own needs and capabilities. You simply cannot dismiss one full third of your oil supplies in one sudden stroke of a pen and assume that nothing important will happen including a very negative direct impact upon the price YOU pay. It´s market dynamics 101 that only a fool would dare to ignore, so innocent masses of humans should not pay for the stupid decisions of some few unelected groupie politicians that know jack about basic technical requirements. This is a live & kicking very tough field engineering for dirty-fingernails folks that don´t talk much, not yadda BS at a Brussels cocktail party with laughs, plenty of drinks, hot air, and photo ops.

    bid forms AWOL

    And not a single one yet making the scene, go figure… The current EU course of action necessarily calls for the 2022 execution of at least 100 projects related to the Russian oil ban thus allowing for non-Russian oil imports. Probably many more than 100 projects need to be executed if all refineries, processing plants, ports, pipelines, logistics infrastructure, etc., etc. are taken into account. But let´s keep it simple and in round figures. The Schwedt refinery alone will require 11 major projects at the very least already described in a previous article. As Schwedt can no longer export anywhere, large areas of nearby Western Poland will be left without fuels now having to urgently find an equivalent Polish supplier close by (???) if any. Same for Slovakia´s Slovnaft which will now also have to quit exporting – but unlike Schwedt — making it unviable although possibly still operational for domestic markets albeit with a huge new deficit to be paid by …?…?… (!!!). Who or how will Slovnaft export markets be supplied now is a dangerous mystery because of rough geography and unexistent logistics plus a newly required distribution infrastructure. All in all, we are talking hundreds of billions of euros that Europe does not have — and should not print — to be paid back in 40 to 50 years’ time long after (supposedly) fossil fuels have been phased out of the EU. This in and of itself does not make any sense whatsoever, but it does blend in perfectly well with other nonsensical stuff of this surreal non-Russian oil sourcing idea. Banks should logically reject approving any financing of dead-on-arrival projects such as these. Still, be it as it may, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies should right now already be underway “puffing smoke” as engineers say amongst themselves in such circumstances. Yet no headlines announced on anything, no bid forms issued or trans-European call for bids, no joint-ventures, no engineering firms, plans or specs guidelines, no bidding documents, no tentative schedules, no consultants, no commissions or committees, no bid opening and contract award dates: nothing. Of course, one very serious possibility is that the effective EU plan is to keep on buying Russian oil as always but now from third parties instead at a MUCH higher price with kick-backs here and there no? So all of what´s missing would actually be another European fake as the Maastricht Treaty acceptance criteria just to name one. This would at least make EU “sense” no? Can´t make this stuff up…

    no diesel so freeze

    Europeans: even in theory, there are no viable oil-field reservoirs able to expand their production for the enormous quantity and type of oil blends you need even if they wished to or if geopolitics allowed them. So what would happen then without massive amounts of high-quality diesel fuel that European transportation and industries require?

    There is no viable tanker fleet afloat either for such an unexpected and suddenly imposed massive supply-switch project, with complex geo-climatological access and serious sea lanes issues plus seasonal requirements with dedicated facilities yet to be designed, built, permitted, and commissioned, and with terribly limited installed infrastructure at key unloading ports from heavy-duty/heavy traffic roads to cranes and dedicated storage facilities. The same goes for nonexistent in-land logistics for delivery of such yet unknown boutique oil blends with still-to-be-seen minimum quality specs and anywhere near the enormous un-findable quantities as Europe requires no matter how you dice it or slice it or pray for it. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Just maybe some “fly-by-night” un-vetted headache providers. You are thus running around in circles with the very serious and certain risk of freezing and starving millions of Europeans to death very soon which Russian oil has solved for you for decades. And whichever narrative you choose, it will always be your own stupid needless fault, not Vladimir Putin´s for Heaven´s sake who is still willing to sell Russia´s oil to you with very important discounts, something which you should not ever take for granted despite Europe´s recent shameless robbery of legitimate Russian savings deposited at Western banks, including personal individual accounts and assets.

    So for your own benefit please stop the Russophobia right now, reverse the current unwarranted course 180 degrees, return the money robbed, by your own doing change your leadership ASAP, accept Russia´s territorial claims, accept the decline of Europe and the Western world at large, drop the Anglo-Saxon Brexitology superiority philosophy, guarantee Russia´s existential security and stop the shameful European nonsense now exposed for the world to see. Otherwise, enter your very own European angry pitchforks with lit torches that will fix this fast. Are you ready?

    Ref #5
    Ref #6
    Ref #7
    Ref #8
    Ref #9
    Ref #10
    Ref #11

    pitchforks ready

    Not that long ago, the French Revolution was planned and led by the middle classes. And in the very near short term that will be the new game, the game throughout Europe if the EU leadership insists on fighting a-la Don Quixote its inevitable dependency on Russia. Besides, in case you didn´t notice, Russia is winning on all fronts, militarily, geopolitically, logistically, socially, economically, and financially. The Ruble is as strong as it cares to be and Russia is the only world power able to self-sustain independently from what happens in the rest of the world. After many years of trying to accommodate your requirements, Russia simply does not care anymore what the West thinks, does, or threatens to do. It can now beat you at any of the three at any time. Your sanctions work against Europe, not Russia. You must see and feel that for sure, so why do you fake being blind? Or are you “brain-dead” per President Macron?

    Russia´s Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov nailed it for history: the West is simply not “agreement-capable” with the post-Brexit US-led Anglo-Saxon leadership in charge. Did you not have enough with Victoria Nuland´s loud and clear “ fuck the EU ” audio recording? What else would you need to accept what´s really going on? Maybe having a character such as Volodymyr Zelenskyy ruling the Ukraine? He already is… Why has European leadership now turned so unwarrantedly Russophobic? You do not need to be their friend, but why should you make Russia your enemy even proposing an anti-Russian coalition cartel?
    Ref #12

    European infighting

    A network is only as strong as its weakest link. As initially explained in the “their war” paragraph, just-in-time fragility will trigger cascading failures throughout Europe in a matter of days, if not hours. So what´s the European game plan for the 21st. century without energy security? Fighting even more yet again amongst yourselves? What will become of Europe without Russia as a business associate and energy provider? Are you aware of how weak European economies and fragile finances currently stand? Did you know that 85% of the world´s population does not belong to NATO?

    Hungary et al will continue to receive cheap and excellent Russian Urals blend through the Druzbha South pipeline for a yet undefined period of time. This would mean a wholly unfair competitive environment with tremendous advantages for some few over those fed with new unknown expensive non-Russian oils plus the costs for the corresponding retro-fitting / reconversion downtime (or plain non-performance) kicking them outright out of the market for an unknown period of time possibly bankrupting them and creating extraordinary logistics problems to consumers throughout Europe. Allowing for the Druzbha South pipeline to continue feeding 15% of Europe with excellent Russian oils will provide the perfect comparison standard of practice. And it would reveal the fallacy that Russian oils can be substituted easily and without enormous great pains per Ursula von der Leyden´s historical bad joke: “the EU will make sure to phase out Russian oil in an orderly fashion to allow us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes minimizing the impact on global markets”. It´d be like trying to change your car´s engine oil while cruising at 150 km/hr on a German autobahn.

    quantities & qualities

    By any means, there are definitely not enough adequate oil blends around to satisfy European requirements without continuous Russian high-quality Urals supply. And also please understand and accept once and for all that a specific oil blend is not just “an oil blend” to be plugged & played anywhere anytime. A very specific refinery or processing plant tune-up needs to be specifically matched with an always constant high-quality oil blend in large enough quantities and for a given desired output such as diesel. No “open architecture” is possible here, that´s just for IT nerds, not for chemical engineering realities. And definetly there are no vendors all lined up happily willing and able to sell you their oil blend in unlimited quantities already fully adapted to whatever plant you may have for whichever desired production output you may need. And also any door-to-door pipeline performs infinitely better than the best batch-delivery system, let alone with un-prepared ports thousands of kilometers away from “beach-front bazaar” vendors.

    Should ´climate change´ already agreed goals reduce or further increase worldwide oil production? Which is it, please make up your mind. Furthermore, oil-field production will be very hard to maintain into the near future because of constant shale reservoir depletion, fracking prohibition, ever-increasing labor shortages, rising drilling costs due to worldwide inflation, and temporary or permanent lack of missing components caused by supply chain disruptions.

    Ref #13

    Ref #14

    no people no project

    For decades Europe has streamlined supplies and specifically matched its processing capabilities for the Russian Urals blend which means that now Europeans cannot just suddenly switch to whatever little and bad oil blends are found elsewhere. It just does not work that way. If any of that is attempted, the result will be absolutely disqualifying higher prices and costs plus un-thinkable risks for the whole European economy. Furthermore, Europe will spend a FORTUNE it does not have while simultaneously risking project non-performance of the trouble full reconversion projects required ending up with many half-finished facilities that will not be anywhere ready on time, or ever. And as 95% compliance is not enough to produce a single drop of a processed product (diesel or whatever) this means that under current circumstances and 2022 established deadlines until Europe has 100% modified and retrofitted facilities up and running you really have NOTHING. Additionally, the human resource challenge related to all of the above is insurmountable and probably un-compliable.

    Ref #15

    What if one of the main aims is not to hurt Russia but rather to make diesel unavailable in Europe under the pretence of sanctions against Russia? Then it all would make sense. Ursula von der Lügenwhatever and all the other officials are neither stupid nor naive. Sinister yes, but not stupid. It is you who is naive if you outright assume that a declaration by politicians equals to their actual intention.
    Besides, the Russian army have deployed only around 5% of their entire artillery arsenal into the Ukraine, meaning that the conquest of southern and eastern Ukraine will drag on until the summer of 2023, if not 2024. We can explain the shortage of foot soldiers with political considerations, but not that of artillery pieces.
    Just like the Russian government was part of the covid scam they also appear to be part of the plot to increase the prices of energy, food, and fertilisers, so that the vast majority of human beings will have to spend their entire income on essentials.
    This doesn’t mean that everything that happens is part of single plan nor that major countries and supra-national entities are all in alignment. No, the cultural and personal sanctions against anyone or anything related to Russia was definitely a surprise for the Russians (though not the economic sanctions) . Similarly, the oil-for-Ruble move was most probably unexpected by the West. But the Ukraine operation by and large appears to be something generally agreed on by all major global stakeholders though their particular aims do not necessarily have to overlap: Russia would have preferred a quick Ukrainian surrender after which economic sanctions would have continued anyway. The West would prefer internal unrest in Russia and a collapse of the government. But they all agree that humanity needs to depopulate itself as well as to drastically reduce per capita consumption of non-renewables. Russia and China intend to use this crisis to strengthen their national states and their security apparatus. The US-led Western bloc on the other hand appears to gradually transfer sovereignty to a mix of private companies, unelected boards, and supra-national entities. But they all agree that both per capita consumption as well as the number of those who do consume has to be reduced to keep the earth habitable for the coming generations.
    Hence, the choice we as voters, consumers, and producers have appears to be between socially conservative, manageably kleptocratic, and reasonably censoring one-party nation states versus a nominally democratic but in practice fanatically theocratic one-world government based on Transmania and Negrolatry in which the greatest ideals are self-mutilation into sterility (a.k.a. sex change) and the worship of Bantus as the holy innocents to replace them. Anything else is trivial.

    The goal is genocide of native Europeans and replacement with Africans, etc. This is another war between Jewrope and Europa. Carefully orchestrated by Jewnited States of America and their kosher boy Stoltzenberg. never forget that the Jews running Jewrope and Jewmerica are ethnically Ukrainian Khaazars. That’s why Ukraina is the center of this conflict.

    I agree with every word you wrote but I fear there will be no pitch forks until it’s too late. I am single and live a simple life so the current inflation hasn’t really effected me yet. However, I was speaking to a neighbor who has a large family and asked him how he was coping. He told me he wasn’t happy about the inflation but it’s a price he’s willing to pay because Putin wants to make all of Europe a new Soviet Union and he must be stopped. I asked him if this is what he truly believed and he replied “yes, of course “. I don’t know if this belief is common where I am but I don’t see any anger yet among the community, it seems people are just going about their business but are more cautious about how they spend their money.

    True enough, many people do not yet understand the origin of the pain and suffering that´s coming to them as a direct result of these illegitimate decisions made on their behalf by EU politicians. When hunger and freezing temperatures do hit them though, they´ll all instantly understand. The title of this article has a very important question mark at the very end, the answer to which is what everybody is looking for. Alex, the pitchforks will come, soon enough though ?

    I live in the USA in the Midwest. I talk with a lot of people. They all think Putin is the master killer and wants more land. They even think Russia is still a communist nation. I explain about the Nazi in Ukraine I get glassy eyed looks. My last resort is to explain that the national religion in Russia is Christianity. Still glassy eyed looks.

    I had the same experience. I grew up in East Germany and a very good friend of mine also from East Germany now lives in New York. Eventually when we talked on the phone recently the conversation turned to Ukraine and Russia. She took the side of Ukraine and then I started to explain a few things. When I told her that the msm like cnn, bbc and German msm are spreading lies and not telling the true side of the story she reacted very very surprised. She said that the only news she watches is cnn. I kept explaining that explaining that there has been war in Ukraine for 8 years, about the nazis, about the support by the west. She said that her partner hates Putin and wishes someone would kill him. I replied that is is very naive to think that Putin is making decisions on his own, that the Duma is democratically elected and that Putin is not a dictator.
    When you were socialised in East Germany you would learn at school about the Military Industrial Complex and that it needs war to keep up the economy and rising profits. She should understand it but I know when you live in the west you are in a bubble.
    People in the West do think they are the centre of the universe. That they are the majority. I told my friend that it is wrong to think that the whole world is against Russia. Au contraire! Nearly the whole of Asia, Africa, Latin America is siding with Russia. This is the majority of mankind. Their voices are not being heard yet to the fullest but they soon will.
    Many people in the West are in for a huge surprise if they don’t start getting information beyond their convenient msm.
    There was a time when a certain Region in East Germany was called “das Tal der Ahnungslosen” the “valley of the clueless” because they could not access any West German Television at that time. Well today you can call the entire Western European and Anglo Saxon population clueless.

    99 % of population in the West is brain-washed and believes the sh.t from their media.

    I must take issue with the continue (mis)use of the term Anglo-Saxons. It’s as if 1066 never happened. The Saxons were destroyed by the Normans. The Saxons, before their destruction were known for a form of democratic society, whereas the Normans brought feudalism.
    It is feudalism which is being imposed yet again.

    Rhodes and Milner went on to form a secret society. As Rhodes had written earlier:
    ”Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire, and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.
    Cecile Rhodes takes issue with that. Feudalism it is indeed.
    1877:Cecil Rhodes,”Confession of Faith”

    Pitchforks soon in Europe?
    19 VI 2022.

    To control people: control what they know and you then control what they think.

    On the one hand, there's the concentration of powerand wealth, and the continuing imperial wars of resource theft overseas andinaction on the scams: fiat money, politics where all politicianseverywhere are bought, the pandemic, massmigration and climate change.

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    Lithuania’s Blockade Of All Russian Rail Traffic To Kaliningrad May Ignite WW3

    There is a bit more to it. A few years back Russia's doctrine was updated.
    The background was Empires brilliant idea of making low yield tactical nukes. The thinking was that due to the more limited damage from a smaller charge, they could be used as part of regular combat.
    Russia warned about this development, and later revised and made clear it’s nuclear doctrine. It was stated that as a consequence of developments, any missile entering Russian territory would be treated as Nuclear. Also, there would be no proportional response to an nuclear attack … the response would be full strength.
    Now, with Ukraine toying with the idea of sending rockets into Russia proper … we’re already living on the edge of the abyss.

    war is on
    UKRAINE UPDATE (June 18, 2022) – with Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern.
    Excellente vidéo, Iran,UE, Otan,Chine, Israel etc..

    Politicians in the US (and many in Europe) serve at the will of – and in the interest of – the military industrial complex. They are puppets, not leaders. Can anyone even imagine Biden having nuclear launch codes? They would be safer with a drunk schizophrenic meth addict.
    Just as the Pentagon derailed the shipment of predator drones to Ukriane they will not allow nuclear war to end their rigged game. They are in the business of war, but a nuclear war will put them out of business.
    Further provocations are intended to reinforce the rapidly declining EU/NATO support for the US war against Russia and to create even more demand for US military spending (because too much is never enough).
    For reference, if you had bought $1,000 of Raytheon stock in 1995 it would be worth over $275,000 today. That is a 100% increase in the original investment every year for 27 years. And now you’re going to start a nuclear war?
    Then again … there we have no shortage of psychopaths. I pray for sanity, and I am not religious.


    Gonzalo Lira: IMPORTANT—A Message for Americans
    20 VI 2022.

  7. #157

    The Conquest of Russia

    Biden Will Accept “A Global Recession and Mounting Hunger” to Stop Russia.

    Are you seeing a lot of energy in support of the Ukraine in your personal life at this point?

    At first, the media just did the whole “bad thing is bad, good ones say bad thing is bad” bit, and people went along with it, saying they support the Ukraine, putting flags in their bios and so on. People are social creatures, and in the age of electronic media, manipulating social cues to drive behavior is a fully developed science and technology.

    However, as it was presented, the Ukraine war wouldn’t cost anything. Now, they’re claiming it is going to cost a lot – economic collapse and global food shortages.

    Will pro-war sentiment remain strong?


    The US is ready to back Ukraine in the conflict with Russia for the long term, the Washington Post reported, citing administration officials who say the plans have been in the works for some time.

    A senior State Department staffer
    told the Post on Friday that President Joe Biden would like to see an “eventual negotiated conclusion [to the fighting],” voicing hopes that waves of Western arms shipments to Kiev and the harsh sanctions campaign against Moscow would weaken the European power’s ability to fight.

    “While it’s certainly challenging – we’re not certainly sugarcoating that – in terms of how to navigate these stormy waters, our guiding light is that the outcome of Russia being able to achieve its maximalist demands is really bad for the United States, really bad for our partners and allies, and really bad for the global community,” the unnamed official said.

    They added that the Biden team had “discussed the possibility of a protracted conflict with global spillover effects” even before February, during a time when American officials repeatedly predicted an imminent attack by Russia.

    Though support for the Ukrainian government has been costly for Washington – which has devoted more than $50 billion in various forms of aid since March – the Post noted that Biden is willing to risk “a global recession and mounting hunger” in order to prevent Russia from achieving its objectives.

    Notice that the narrative is in the process of shifting away from “defense of the Ukraine” to “offensive attack on Russia.” Everyone who knew anything already understood that reality, but they’re rolling it out more aggressively now.

    This suggests that they want to shift this away from “we’re doing this as charity for some country you know nothing about” to “this is about American interests somehow.”

    As I’ve said from the beginning, none of this really makes any sense, because there is no way to win the conflict. They are now talking about a protracted, years-long conflict, but no one can really understand what that would look like, and the whole concept appears to be the result of stupid people making dumb predictions about things they don’t understand.

    Russia is going to complete what they are doing, and draw a border.

    Currently, Russia is not especially close to meeting what are its presumed territorial goals.

    Here’s a recent map:

    Here’s what they most likely want the map to look like:

    However, there are two things:

    • Much of that area in the center is not heavily populated, and
    • When the Ukraine military is destroyed, it will be possible to just roll through much of that

    The Ukraine military is already mostly destroyed, but they do take up positions in population centers and launch rockets from residential areas, which is a very effective tactic. Human shields are obviously illegal under any kind of international law, but there is no one enforcing that.

    But the Donbass battle is wrapping up, and much more of the Ukraine military is going to be wiped out in the finale. It’s also possible that Russia will change its border claims (which have never been officially stated anyway and therefore can’t actually be officially changed), and forget about Odessa after finishing Kharkov.

    Either way – it’s not going to take “years” to draw a border, and then enforce the border. So then you’ll have a situation where the West is militarizing the West of the Ukraine and… and what? Launching terrorist-style attacks?

    The basic thinking of the Pentagon seems to be that they can turn the Ukraine into Afghanistan. The US armed Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahadeen to fight Russia after they invaded Afghanistan, and this Russian boondoggle is considered one of the things that led to the collapse of the USSR. However, there is no reason to believe that Ukrainians will behave like Afghans, especially when Russia has already partitioned the country, and the conflict no longer has any direct effect on their lives.

    Then, of course, you have the question of American support. The claim that Americans are willing to tolerate economic collapse and food shortages may or may not be true. It’s possible Americans will tolerate anything. You also have the problem that Americans don’t have the option of voting for anti-war candidates, because both parties are so aggressively supportive of this war.

    The deeper America digs, the better it is in the long run, because they’ve chosen a hill to die on that they are going to die on.

    Once America loses their status as global empire, the American government will no longer have the resources to force all of these horrors on us, the American people. That will be better.

    The War in Ukraine is the result of stupid people making dumb predictions about things they don’t understand. This war is largely a consequence of State Department Jews who are aggrieved that grandpa Shlomo was kicked out of his Eastern European country by the evil Russians. Putin’s repudiation of globohomo ideology is further fuel for their ideological fire. The jews have no problem with millions of goyim being starved, it’s not a bug but a feature. The brainless ZOG thralls will also dutifully comply and starve for them, giving ones life for BLM and gay marriage is something that they are prepared to do. When the Rivers freeze again the Russians will walk over Kiev’s dead bodies.

    Forget about “the Americans” meaning the American People. They have no say about anything until after the total collapse of Imperial Washington. Once America loses their status as global empire, the American government will no longer have the resources to force all of these horrors on us, the American people. That will be better.

    I find it impossible to believe that Biden or any member of his family has had any input whatsoever in the administration’s policymaking.* In common with his three predecessors, Biden has little or nothing to think with. Indeed, his witlessness and confusion make him the perfect front man for the Diaspora-oriented Jews who hold the money and wield the power in the Democratic Party.**
    The thing that nags at me is that I have no idea who the actual decision makers in the Biden administration are! The Times would have us believe that Blinken, Nuland, and their ilk are the team’s starting pitchers, but surely it doesn’t take much to see that they have “bullpen” written all over them. I am prepared to accept, at least to an extent, that Garland really does have a major say in domestic policy—but in foreign policy, too? I just don’t see it.

    Many people have noticed, of course, that the Establishment media have long gone out of their way to conceal the identity of the unelected but hyper influential bigwigs in every Democratic administration after Jimmy Carter’s (whom they disliked almost as much as if he had been a Republican) while pretending to do their free-press due-diligence shtick when it came to “exposing” the brain trusts around Reagan, the two Bushes, and the Donald.*** But whereas it was no secret to anyone who paid the slightest attention that Jared Kushner was the de facto president for four years, both the lackeys in the administration and their media equivalents all talk about the obviously senile and incontinent fool in the White House as if he is a source of wisdom to rival Socrates and a statesman who could teach Pericles a lesson or two.

    ‘What you are calling “Ukrainian” is either: Russian people or angry Russian peasants who speak a bastardized version of the language with Polish words and nonsense grammar. The term “Ukrainian” was not really ever used before the fall of the USSR.’ I can see your point but it isn’t really true. Yes, the Russians and Ukrainians are closely related but there are historical reasons for the current war.

    The most hardcore and loyal Ukrainians conscious of who they are were not a part of the Russian Empire or Poland (which did not exist as a country at that time) and had no connection to either going back about 150 years. Galicia was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (known for centuries as The Austrian Empire until the mid 19th century). Lemberg, now known as Lviv or Lvov was a part of Austria. The Ukrainians of that area were a part of Austria from the mid 18th century until shortly after WW I. Prior to being citizens of Austro-Hungary they were citizens of Poland. So, while they are ethnically close to Russians they are culturally more European. They felt no connection to the Czar or the Russian Empire. Across their Austria-Hungary’s eastern border was the Russian Empire which then became the USSR. There were Ukrainians there too for quite a distance eastward. They spoke a dialect or language correct Russian speakers could not understand. Many felt little or no loyalty to the USSR.

    Further solidifying the Ukrainians as a people was the fact that when Poland took control of Lemberg and Galicia after WW I and the USSR replaced the Russian Empire, both those countries mistreated the Ukrainians horribly. Many Ukrainians were tortured and murdered and many Ukrainians fled to Canada. Many of the commissars, heads of the Gulags and torturers in the USSR were Jews. But powerful people like Lazar Kaganovich were never mentioned when I grew up in the USA and certainly not in the same sentence with Goebbels or Hitler. These torturers were the British and Americans allies but to many millions of their east European torture victims and their relatives they were murderers and that is why many Ukrainians welcomed the German army that liberated them from the Polish and Judeo-Bolshevik hell they lived under. That is why they welcomed the Germans as heroes and many of their young men joined the Waffen SS to expel the murderers among them. They lived under Austrian rule and Austrians are Germans.

    Besides eastern European victims of the Soviets and Jews, many in western Europe knew of the hell these people lived under. While it was covered up in the USA by the Jewish owned New York Times and other Jewish run outlets that were happy the Jews had killed the Czar and were now in power themselves, Germany’s National Socialist government made many speeches about what was going on in the USSR and they had sympathizers from western European countries that heard the speeches of Hitler and Goebbels.

    Most people in the world are stupid in regards to modern history. Their view of the enemy is a caricature created by Jews in the media and since the end of WW II this caricature has been indoctrinated into all of Europe too. In Germany, the leaders and soldiers that were not murdered by the allies after the war were made to shut up or face legal consequences so that their offspring and future generations could be indoctrinated with the allied point of view and the Jews that paid or otherwise convinced the allies to go to war. But for some Ukrainians, they don’t care what ignorant westerners think. Some proudly hold a so called “NAZI” flag in honor of their grandparents or great grandparents that fought their persecutors.

    This is why Ukraine will lose the war and unfortunately probably lose a lot of territory. The Americans, British and Jews hate Ukrainians and have called them “NAZIS” and attempted to jail some since the end of WW II. They could not care less about Ukrainians except to make them sheep like the rest of Europe so they can destroy their culture too by bringing in millions of Muslims and Africans. The first step was to put Jews in power (including a Jewish President) over a people that the Jews were the primary culprit in murdering millions of. Get them used to that so in 20 years they know they are powerless against being humiliated further when their daughters will be dating Africans. These are Ukraine’s so called “allies”.

    Lviv, Ukraine (known as Lemberg when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) welcomes the German army and young Ukrainian men join the fight. They formed the Galicia division to fight against the people that had only recently killed millions of their people.

    WaPo: Biden Will Accept “A Global Recession and Mounting Hunger” to Stop Russia 23 VI 2022.

    Used to be it was mainly the American people who paid for these endless Imperial Wars: WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya and now Ukraine. Now it’s everyone in the West. Of course the propaganda media as always sells the usual bad guy line to the public and ignore what the cost is and whose paying.

  8. #158

    Germany Warns of Lehman Brothers-style Financial Collapse if Gas Crisis continues.

    Germany Warns of Lehman Brothers-style Financial Collapse if Gas Crisis continues.

    Germany is facing a “Lehman Brothers” collapse in its energy market that could spark a domino effect leading to a severe recession should the gas-addicted economic powerhouse of the European Union be fully cut off from Russian energy supplies. Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said on Friday that Europe’s largest economy could be forced to shut down certain industries should gas supplies run thin by the winter. “Companies would have to stop production, lay off their workers, supply chains would collapse, people would go into debt to pay their heating bills, that people would become poorer,” he said according to DW.

    The Green Party politician
    warned that there could be “a kind of Lehman-Brothers effect in the energy market,” spreading through municipal utilities, industrial and commercial companies, “And then you have a domino effect that would lead to a severe recession.” Habeck was referring to the now defunct financial services firm Lehman Brothers, whose bankruptcy marked a pivotal moment in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. The impact of Lehman’s collapse was particularly widespread due to the interconnectedness of its balance sheets with other banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. Many believe that the U.S. government made a critical mistake in allowing Lehman to fail and that the failure worsened the crisis and subsequent economic calamity. Others, however, have said that not rescuing Lehman was necessary and actually improved the financial system and prevent a worse economic outcome.

    Also on Friday, the head of the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) energy regulator, Klaus Müller said called on the German population to reduce their energy consumption in order to lessen the impact of a possible Russian cut off, after natural gas travelling from Russia to Germany via the Nord Stream One pipeline was already reduced to 40%. “Everyone in industry and in their home life can contribute to this — and yes, this also includes jumpers, shower heads, turning the heating down a bit, all of this helps,” he said, adding that consumers are set for a two or threefold increase in their gas bills in the coming months. Müller predicted on Thursday that the country could only live off reserves for less than three months without Russian gas over the Winter, saying: “If the storage facilities in Germany were mathematically 100% full… we could do without Russian gas completely… for just about two-and-a-half months and then the storage tanks will be empty.”

    The dire situation for Europe’s largest economy comes after persistent warnings from figures such as former President Donald Trump, whose warnings of over reliance on Russian energy were left unheeded. The predicament could also be seen as an indictment on the country’s attempt to “go green” over the past decade, in particular that Germany has now ramped up coal production to compensate for the supply cuts. Despite calls from the likes of the International Energy Agency to not abandon nuclear power, the German government appears to be dead set on continuing the Merkel-era policy of phasing out all reactors by next year.

    Germany is not alone, however, in returning to coal power in Europe, with both Austria and the Netherlands announcing that they will once again start burning coal en masse. Italy, which is also heavily dependent on Russian energy, is also expected to once again turn to their raging coal fire power plants to meet their energy demands.

    Decisions have consequences. We sanctioned Russia, not the other way around. Trump was right......yet again. Insanity is culture wide in Western Europe. They are committing voluntary civilization suicide due to “White guilt!” Managed decline that ultimately bring the Muslims to power in Europe. Sweden will get Sharia law first.

    The Krauts still haven't worked out yet that the sanctions are intended to harm German industry. There is a certain ethnic group that completely dominates the Biden administration and they have a grudge against Germany. They are trying to kill two birds with one stone; both Russia and Germany. People should protect those birds from the raving lunatics running Washington.

    Today this "one" blames, Russia and Putin as the icon of Russia, for everything in this world. The no1 evil of the Universe. We are the God and good, Putin is the devil and bad!

    My mother used to say: You can learn the easy way or the hard way. The curse of democracy is that everybody suffers the consequences that the majority in power deserves.

    Germany Warns of Lehman Brothers-Style Financial Collapse if Gas Crisis Continues

    26 VI 2022.

    Through education and media people have been continuously fed infantile, National Socialism demonization. World War 2 German actions must be viewed in a vacuum for the New World Order to advance its covert objective of Jewish supremacy and total dominance. Look at it in context and immediately you see it for the propaganda it is.

    Its personal and career suicide to say and point out the fact that WW II was organised by the jewish Bankers.

    The Germany of Goethe, Luther, Beethoven, Nietzsche, Spengler, Werner Heisenberg, and countless other truly great Germans like them. These were men who built civilization. This was the Germany the "Allies" destroyed. Not Hitler.

    Understanding World War 2 is crucial to understanding what is happening all around us today. On the one hand, there's the concentration of power and wealth, and the continuing imperial overseas wars of resource theft and inaction on the scams and hoaxes: fiat money, politics, where all politicians everywhere are bought, the pandemic, climate change and mass migration.

  9. #159

    US Government’s Plan to Partition Russia Into Small States

    The US Government’s Plan to Partition Russia Into Small States


    Jens Stoltenberg, Washington’s NATO puppet, says “peace negotiations,” not Russian victory, will end the conflict in Ukraine. So, Stoltenberg is counting on the Kremlin, whose leaders have said they will never again trust the West, to sit down again with the West and again agree to another worthless agreement. Considering the difficulty the Kremlin has in accepting reality, I suppose it is possible.

    On the other hand, perhaps someone in the Kremlin has finally read the Wolfowitz Doctrine. If not, maybe someone in the Kremlin has seen the US Government’s Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe’s plan to break Russia up into a collection of independent small states.
    How is this to be done? Military conquest? A color revolution based on years of US financed NGOs permissively operating in Russia? Discrediting of Putin and his government?

    The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe / CSCE doesn’t say, but it has to be done as there is the need to break up Russia into smaller states for “moral and strategic” reasons.

    When people whistling past the graveyard assure themselves that the Ukraine conflict won’t widen and that nuclear war is impossible because countries don’t commit suicide, they ignore the massive role of delusion that operates throughout the West that provides assurance of American hegemony. Not only is the US going to bust up Russia into small states, but also, according to the US National Security Council, “Zelensky is going to get to determine what victory looks like” and to determine “when the conditions are met to build peace.”

    The war has already widened with the US and NATO countries falling under the Kremlin’s designation of combatants for supplying Ukraine with weapons and military intelligence. The war has been widened to the extent that Lithuania now prevents Russia from supplying Kaliningrad, a part of Russia, and by NATO’s intended expansion into Finland, thus greatly lengthening NATO’s presence on Russia’s borders. People can fool themselves that this is not widening the conflict, but they forget that the conflict originated in the West’s refusal to acknowledge Russia’s legitimate security concerns. Now the West has greatly expanded the area of Russian concern.

    My own view, to again state it, is that the combination of Western delusion with Kremlin toleration of provocations and belief in the value of negotiations, such as the 8 years the Kremlin wasted on the Minsk Agreement, the primary cause of Russian casualties today in Ukraine, guarantees war. There can be no other outcome.

    If Russia succumbs yet again to trust in negotiation and makes a deal with Ukraine, the deal will not be kept any more than was the Minsk Agreement, the US pledge not to expand NATO to Russia’s borders, and the arms limitation agreements worked out over the decades, all abandoned by Washington.

    The only result of a negotiated settlement will be that once again Russia will have given its enemies more time to demonize Russia, prepare more provocations, and beef up their military capability.

    As I have said, the only thing that can prevent a wide war is a strong Russian foot that gives the lie to the US Government’s belief, as recently stated by the Department of State, that Russian red lines are merely “bluster.”

    The West is so deluded that Russia is not taken seriously. Even tiny, insignificant, Lithuania is not afraid of Russia. Even countries heavily dependent on Russian energy repeatedly stick their fingers into Russia’s eyes. How much more can Russia take? This is a situation very ripe for a big war.

    The US Government’s Plan to Partition Russia Into Small States 29 VI 2022.

    Meanwhile the ‘globalist’ UK P M Dorris Johnson continues sending our money to Ukraine.

    The latest round of British aid to Ukraine will come in the form of World Bank lending guarantees and will take the total amount of aid provided to the Eastern European nation to £1.5 billion since the Russian invasion in February.

    A £429 milliion gift, on top of all the other so-called 'aid' which he has already sent them!

    There should be some accountability for all that cash, somebody is getting very wealthy at taxpayers expense. More proof, if any were needed, of the contempt he has for British people.

    Johnsons mates stole £4bn from our tax coffers during the Covid hoax and yet there will be no police investigation...Johnson hands over nearly £4bn to one of the most corrupt countries in the world with no form of due diligence and let's not forget about the £ millions he sent to fund islamist terrorists in Syria.Johnson is a traitor to Britain and scum...His Saddam moment is getting closer every day.

    Amongst all of Bunter's misdemeanours, this should be "the straw that broke the camel's back." The man is out of control with our taxpayers' money. Even the heavily compromised "Conservative" Party must see that a bankrupt country cannot continue to behave like this?

    Useless warmongering POS. He's worse than Bliar, and I didn't think that was possible.

    G7: Boris Johnson Pledges £429 Million More to Ukraine Amid Cost of Living Crisis at Home

    Imagine the reaction if Russia wanted and planned the breakup of the USA. The individual must evaluate a situation from both sides because 'Propaganda Media' won't and can't.

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