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. . . ?

What were your best holidays so far? Best vacation....?

I know not everybody is into doing a lot of vacations each year but for those who are into it ,which would have been your best so far? Most memorable?

- - - -

As for me . . . .

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- - > Rome , sweet Rome...

Roma , dolce Roma.

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Man , that city really has to offer somethin'... Gotta say , a walk through Rome means...
A lot of Antiquity, early European christian history, medieval stuff,Renaissance / Baroque up to World War 2 history...

Rome, for long, was more or less like a center for Europe, up from antique times more or less to today.

- - - -

Just as info , the vacation I have given here wasn't about picking Rome as a single target specifically.... As it happens ,a while ago my wife and me earned enough money to actually undertake a trip we had planned through many European capitals...

Apart from Rome, we were in Paris, Vienna, Sofia. Et al

- - - - - -

So... my personal best vacation-desination so far was Rome.

What were yours?

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