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Thread: Louis Beam: Leaderless Resistance

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    Post Louis Beam: Leaderless Resistance

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    Post Re: Leaderless Resistance

    Leaderless resistence is a complete waste of time, energy and resources. Simply due to the fact that essentially within any particular political movement regardless of ideology there has to be a direct focus or a leadership core to focus the resources of the pack toward the objective, consider the fact that rampant individual acts amount to nothing however well planned actions directed through a leadership core regardless of the objective are more likely to achieve success then many rampant individual acts.
    "Let your love towards life, be love towards your highest hope:
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    Thumbs Up Leaderless Resistance: a Joseph Tommasi Tribute

    I always found his theory to be extremely interesting & ground breaking.


    On March 2nd, 1974, forty-three National Socialist Revolutionaries met in a hall in El Monte, California. At the meeting the National Socialists declared their lack of faith in the losing strategy of the mass movement idea. The National Socialists abandoned the mass strategy and adopted the revolutionary concept of the guerilla underground.

    -- No longer would we think in terms of obtaining political power through the electorate; but instead, of hurting the Enemy through force and violence. We would build the armed struggle.

    -- We would no longer adhere to a mass strategy but would instead cultivate those already committed to the National Socialists World View. We have limited ourselves to only the best among the Movement.

    -- We have abandoned petty bourgeois, bureaucratic hang-ups and have developed the idea that the end justifies the means. What works is good!

    -- We recognize that women have played a vanguard role in most revolutionary efforts and involve them in every aspect of the NSLF.

    -- We recognize the fact that the masses of Whites will never rally around radical politics. White people no longer have the ability to even recognize the enemy, so how could Movement adherents think the masses could ever involve themselves in revolution? The White masses don't recognize their enemies, they don't even care, and they don't have the guts to shed their bourgeois hang-ups.

    -- We view armed struggle as the only effective means of forcing political change.

    The White man has lost! We are an occupied people in our own land who must now develop a totally different outlook on revolution.

    We must build the underground. We are making it an effective, hard-hitting National Socialist Revolutionary Army.

    Obviously he put the extreme in Extreme Right. Here are a few more quotes from his writings:

    "Leadership in the struggle has to do with making things happen. Leadership is the people who are doing it, cutting through diversionary debate, smashing forms and familiarities that hold us back, and through developing and acting on a clear line of how we move to win, redefining the context, content, and meaning of the National Socialist Movement and the Revolution. That's what we call SEIZING THE TIME!"

    "We DO NOT wish for 'Law and Order,' for law and order means the continued existence of this rotten rip-off Capitalist Jew System. We wish for anarchy and chaos which will enable us to ATTACK the system while her Big Brother Pigs trying to keep the pieces from falling apart. We wish for a situation so confused and mixed-up that we can go after those bastards responsible for the anti-White policies and attacks against our people which now exist. Such chaos would allow us to so intensify our assaults that we could very well plunge the entire system to its death. For us to support those (the police) who maintain the 'rules the wise men make for the fools' is absurd and suicidal."

    Joe Tommasi was a man ahead of his time and deserves to be remembered.
    Full article

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