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Thread: FRANCE Presidential Election 2022

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    FRANCE Presidential Election 2022

    Eric Zemmour, nationalist Covid dissident may take office as President of France

    Journalist Eric Zemmour joined the election race in France six months before the presidential election. He has a chance for success.

    Such a development cast doubt on the announced remake of the 2017 duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen (National Rally, formerly known as the National Front).

    Polls show sharp rise in Zemmour's popularity

    French President Emmanuel Macron can count on 24-27% of the vote in the first round of the elections scheduled for April 2022, a poll conducted by Ifop Institute poll for TF1/LCI stations said. Macron is not likely to win more than 50% of the vote required for his immediate re-election.

    Marine Le Pen will be able to gain 17-18% of the vote in the first round. Non-systemic candidate — journalist and writer Eric Zemmour (he writes a column for Figaro) comes third. The journalist, who shares conservative views, may count on 16-17% of the vote.

    The list continues with another right-wing candidate: the head of the Hauts-de-France region, Xavier Bertrand, with 15% of the vote.

    None of the left-wing candidates will gain more than 10% of the popular vote:

    • Jean-Luc Mélenchon will get 8-8.5%,
    • Yannick Jadot, the head of the Greens coalition, — 7%,
    • Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, representing the Socialists — 6-6.5%.

    The poll was conducted on October 14-15 on a representative sample of 1,391 people included in the electoral lists.

    According to a Harris Interactive poll, Zemmour could qualify for the second round with 17-18% of the vote.

    According to Ipsos/Sopra Steria senior representative Brice Teinturier, Eric Zemmour's dynamics is not artificial. The expert explains his explosive growth in popularity by the fact that almost 25% of voters, just like Zemmour, believe that France is in decline, that the elites have suffered a defeat, and that the main reason for most problems that France is facing is immigration.

    Previously, this electorate voted for Marine Le Pen. However, Zemmour managed to split this electorate by propagating nationalist topics even more vigorously, Brice Teinturier believes.

    Islam and France are incompatible

    "Islam is incompatible with France. If I do not make a distinction between Islam and Islamism, it is because they are the same for me," Zemmour said in a debate with French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

    He believes that France's enemies are leftist forces, feminists and the elite. Zemmour defends the conspiracy theory, according to which globalists want to replace the white majority society in Europe with a society consisting primarily of Arabs and Africans. He brings up such issues as "the war of civilizations", "the struggle of corporations" and "war between races". He insists that France is facing a "mortal danger."

    All this resonates with many in today's France. Zemmour's book The French Suicide has sold 500,000 copies. His broadcasts, which he has been hosting on CNews since the fall of 2019, attract millions.

    Fighting the virus is absolute nonsense

    On Monday, Zemmour told BFMTV that the Macron government has shown its imperfection in the coronavirus crisis.
    "Fighting the virus is absolute nonsense,” he said. He also opposed lockdowns during Covid, claiming that it was a China-inspired policy.

    It is important that the Le Pens — the father and his daughter — have always had an insurmountable barrier around them, but today they have lost their erstwhile respect. With Zemmour, everything is different — he is welcome everywhere, including in the media.

    In an interview with Le Monde published this Saturday, Jean-Marie Le Pen stated that he could support a candidate other than his daughter in the 2022 presidential election if that would guarantee victory on the national flank.

    "If Eric is the best candidate from the national camp, of course, I will support him," said the founder of the National Front.

    pravda ru
    Eric Zemmour, nationalist Covid dissident may take office as President of France
    26 X 2021.

    Like all elections in the West the electorate is loaded, the election is staged and the count rigged.

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    Le Pen Warns Hungarians: ‘Avoid the Fate of France’

    Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has warned Hungarians to avoid the fate of France by refusing to capitulate to mass immigration.

    The National Rally leader made the comments during an interview with Mandiner.

    (Viktor Orbán) is not exaggerating at all. Eighty-five percent of French want to stop migration. If I could give one piece of advice to the Hungarians: take a good look around the world at what is happening now, and be careful not to get to the fate of France,” she said.

    Le Pen has vowed to hold a national referendum which would put a halt to immigration if she wins next year’s presidential election. The populist candidate said that her foresight on the problems mass immigration would lead to have been proven accurate. If someone recognizes a phenomenon early on, but it is only confirmed later, he was still right, it was still correct,” she said. “We saw the problem of immigration 20 to 30 years ago, and we articulated it — and in retrospect it turned out that our perception of reality was correct. What was then described as radicalism has now become a recognition for many nations.

    A poll conducted in May found that 60 per cent of police and military said they would support Le Pen in next year’s French presidential election, with the number even higher among active duty police.However, Le Pen will face a strong challenge from author Eric Zemmour, has
    moved to within just five polling points of Emmanuel Macron.

    Zemmour has called for France’s notorious Islamic ghetto no-go zones, which are routinely the scene of violence and mass rioting, to be “re-conquered by force.” France’s feared banlieues are suburbs on the edge of major cities controlled by large groups of Muslim gangs who attack police officers, fire crews and ambulance workers who venture into the area.

    A recent poll by Harris revealed that the majority of French people are concerned about “European, white and Christian populations being threatened with extinction” as a result of “Muslim immigration.”

    One of the primary drivers for the native population’s resentment towards the political class is that they were never consulted on the topic of mass migration.

    Le Pen Warns Hungarians: ‘Avoid the Fate of France’10 XI 2021.


    Zemmour has railed against the immigration of Muslim Africans, invoking the supposed existential threat of a 'great replacement'—a loaded term that even Ms. Le Pen has avoided—that will overwhelm France's more established white and Christian population".[7] He has extensively discussed the Clash of Civilisations thesis,[19] as well as advocated for vast reforms to France's political system. Zemmour has been considered in news media as a possible right-wing anti-establishment candidate in the 2022 presidential election. Although he remains publicly undecided about a run for office, early polling has suggested he could qualify for the second round, a rise which The Guardian has qualified as "meteoric"

    Early life

    Éric Zemmour was born on 31 August 1958 in Montreuil, at that time in the Seine department, now part of Seine-Saint-Denis. His parents were Berber Jews from Algeria with French citizenship[e][24][25] who came to metropolitan France during the Algerian War.[26] He grew up first in Drancy and later in the Paris Château Rouge quarter.[27] The son of Roger Zemmour (a paramedic) and his wife Lucette, a housewife,[27] he has said he admires his mother and grandmother, as his father was often absent; he was raised by women "who taught [him] to be a man".[28]

    Personal life

    Since 1982, Éric Zemmour has been married to Mylène Chichportich, a lawyer of Tunisian Jewish descent who specialized in bankrupcy law. She mantains a low media profile and never comments on her husband's controversies. Together they have three children, two boys and a girl.

    Éric Zemmour - Wikipedia

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    Presidential candidate doubles down after racial hatred verdict

    Zemmour insisted that underage foreigners do not constitute a race

    French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour has refused to take back his comments about unaccompanied underage migrants that got him fined by a court for inciting racial hatred. He insists underage migrants are “not a race.” Speaking to BFM TV on Tuesday, the polemicist-cum-politician slammed a court ruling from Monday in which he was fined for inciting racial hatred. The court fined the right-wing firebrand €10,000 for comments he made on CNews in 2020. “They have nothing to do here, they are thieves, they are murderers, they are rapists, that's all they are,” Zemmour told his audience, referring to unaccompanied minors entering the country. He refused to back down on Tuesday, claiming he did not regret his comments at all. “I would repeat what I said. I was sentenced for inciting racial hatred. But I didn't know that unaccompanied foreign minors were a race. It's not a race,” he said.

    Criticizing the verdict, Zemmour claimed the court was just trying to prohibit him from “linking immigration and delinquency.” Speaking after the ruling on Monday, the man dubbed “Le Trump” dismissed it as “ideological and stupid.”

    “The truth is that these ‘unaccompanied minors’ – who are very often neither minors nor unaccompanied – are characterized by their illegal presence in our country and their strong propensity to delinquency, even criminality,” he added. He contended that French citizens should have the right to broach this issue without being troubled by the courts.

    One is left to wonder what these kind of -ism's that are frequently used to shut down any political discourse will eventually unleash. It probably won't be utopia, you know, a world without borders where we all dancing around the campfire, sharing our possessions with all those little brown kids or the 95% of the worlds population that is economically less fortunate, in peace and eternal happiness.

    The real problem is that he is being promoted by his ilk to divide the conservative-traditionalist vote so that, once again, the socialist filth can continue their anti-nationalist agendas. What are the European States without Europeans? Perhaps someone in TelAviv or Jerusalem or London or DC or even the Kremlin knows the answer?

    They refuse to enforce the borders - and then they harass and persecute citizens who are bearing the brunt of this globalist madness.
    A revolution by and for common decency is long overdue in Western Europe.

    As long as Western Europeans continue to support NATO warmongers who invade foreign lands, they will keep getting refugees.

    It's interesting that the only French man fighting the colonization of France with Third World Negroid populations is a Jew.

    R T:

    Presidential candidate doubles down after racial hatred verdict 18 I 2022.

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    Eric Zemmour: France's Last Chance for Survival

    France's Last Chance for Survival

    • When French President Emmanuel Macron speaks, it is only about the pandemic. Political analysts think that if he manages to avoid all other topics, his re-election will be a certainty. If he does not, everything could turn out any which way.
    • "No, the great replacement is not a fantasy". — Éric Zemmour, candidate in France's upcoming presidential election, YouTube, December 15, 2021.
    • "Four hundred thousand Muslim immigrants enter France each year. In five years, that makes two million more Muslims. These Muslims go to live in the Muslim areas and do not integrate... What do you think that means?" — Éric Zemmour, YouTube, December 15, 2021.
    • "We see violence in our cities and towns.... We see hatred of France and its history becoming the norm... You abandon, without reacting, entire districts of our country to the law of the strongest... if a civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil.... No one can want such a terrible situation... but yes, once again, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well". — Open letter in Valeurs Actuelles, signed by thousands of professional soldiers who asked that their names not be made public, May 9, 2021.

    Éric Zemmour, a leading candidate in France's 2022 presidential elections.

    Paris, December 18, 2021. The Algerian national soccer team wins the Arab Cup in Qatar. Tens of thousands of Algerian supporters, waving Algerian flags, rush onto the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Shop windows are smashed. The unrest lasts until nightfall. Slogans are shouted: "Long live Algeria", "By Allah, the Koran!" -- and also "Fu*k France!" and "Fu*k Zemmour!" The police are ordered not to intervene. They are attacked anyway.

    The next day, Jean Messiha, a former member of the National Rally Party, notes on television: "The great replacement and the ethnic hatred, we can see them".

    Éric Zemmour, a Jewish candidate for the French presidency, does not comment. He simply states in an interview: "sadly banal scenes".

    Ten days earlier, December 8, in Nanterre, a few miles east of Paris, a Catholic procession organized to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception was assaulted by young Muslims, who shouted insults and threats. The Catholics were called kuffar ("infidels"). "Wallah [I swear] on the Koran, we will cut your throat", a young man
    shouted to a priest, then spat on him. "This is the land of Allah", others shouted; "go away."

    Incidents such as these have become common in France. Even more violent ones have taken place in the recent past. France is the only country in Europe where a teacher on a street wasbeheaded with a butcher's knife because a student accused him of disrespecting the Islamic prophet Muhammad. France is also the only country in Europe where a priest was murdered in a church while saying mass. In the post-WWII era, France is the only country in Europe where Jewish children were murdered in the courtyard of a Jewish school. France also has the largest number of "no-go zones" (more than 750) in Europe.

    France is now a country where Christians and Jews are insulted and assaulted so frequently that the newspapers only report it if someone is killed or wounded.

    France's no-go zones should be called "shariah zones." They are ruled by radical imams, and Muslim gangs who live off theft and drug trafficking. Although most of the residents are French citizens, most do not define themselves as French, but as citizens of the Middle Eastern countries from which they come. They do not accept any Jewish or Christian presence, and most of the Jews and Christians who lived there left to live elsewhere years ago. The police do not enter, and the authorities even consider it dangerous when fire engines and ambulances enter.

    For at least four decades, successive French governments have avoided talking about the situation or have said that the problem was poverty, which could be solved by welfare payments or sending in psychologists and sociologists. However, the situation has only gotten worse. Those in charge avoid talking about Islam or say that Islam "has its place" in France and is now a "French religion."

    French President Emmanuel Macron has said that he wants to do more than his predecessors and has promised to fight what he calls "Islamic separatism". He says that all the troubles come from a small handful of Islamists, whom he defined as followers of "radical movements unrelated to Islam", and who have been incited to live apart from other French people by dangerous troublemakers who are betraying the Muslim faith. Macron therefore continues to refuse to face anything "inconvenient".

    According to a poll published in September 2020, 74% of French Muslims under the age of 25 said the laws of Islam were more important than the laws of the French Republic. Another poll published two months later showed that 57% of French Muslims under the age of 25 wanted to live under Islamic sharia law.

    The polls also showed that Muslim gangs who live in the no-go zones and engage in the drug trade also carry out theft and looting operations against businesses run by non-Muslims close to those zones. The lawlessness spurs these non-Muslims to sell their businesses to Muslims, who risk neither looting nor threats. The gang members say that when they steal and loot, they only "take the jizya", an Islamic "protection" tax levied on non-Muslims in territories ruled by Islamic law.

    For years, those who dared explicitly to describe the situation have been taken to court, accused by anti-racist organizations of "Islamophobic racism", then sentenced to heavy fines. Ten years ago, in 2011, the author Renaud Camus published a book, Le grand remplacement ("The Great Replacement"), which said that Muslim civilization was replacing French civilization and that this substitution was accompanied, for non-Muslims, by violence and a lack of security. Camus did not just pay fines. He was no longer invited on radio or television, and all French publishers said they would no longer publish his books. He now self- publishes.

    Another author and journalist, Éric Zemmour, also wrote the same thing and was often sentenced -- also for "Islamophobic racism" -- to heavy fines . His books, however, were best-sellers, and the talk shows that invited him had enormous success -- which protected him. Radio and television stations, and the newspaper that published his views, did not fire him.

    This in the context in which Zemmour's decision to run for the presidency of France needs to be understood.
    La France n'a pas dit son dernier mot ("France Has Not Said Its Last Word"), the book Zemmour published in September 2021, describes his disappointing conversations with French political leaders. No one has disputed a word he wrote. He organized meetings throughout the country to explain what he thought needed to be done and declared his candidacy on November 30, by posting a video on YouTube.

    What Zemmoursaid contrasted sharply with that of his competitors. He did not try to please or water down any facts. He spoke of the destruction of France:

    "France is no longer France, and everyone sees it... The third-worlding of our country and our people impoverishes as much as it disintegrates, ruins as much as it torments".

    He emphasized the lack of courage of French politicians:

    "I saw that no politician had the courage to save our country from the tragic fate that awaits it. I saw that all these supposed professionals were, above all, impotent".

    Explaining his decision, he said:

    "I have decided to ask for your vote to become your President of the Republic, so that our children and grandchildren do not know barbarism. So that our daughters are not veiled and our sons are not forced to submit".

    Zemmour created a political party and called it Reconquest, seen by some as a reference to the Reconquista, the reconquest of Spain by Christians after centuries of Muslim occupation.

    For a few weeks, he succeeded in placing the question of the survival of France and of its civilization at the center of every debate. Each time the media invited him to speak, he tirelessly repeated that what is at stake the survival of France, and that the election of 2022 could be the last chance to save the country. He spoke of the risk of a civil war: "I do not want France to become a Lebanon on a large scale", he said.

    The other presidential candidates were then forced to raise the same questions he was asking but they did not answer them. Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally Party, said that Zemmour was too pessimistic and divided the French. Valerie Pecresse, the candidate chosen by the moderate right-wing party, The Republicans, simply said that "Éric Zemmour is an accomplice of the far right. I belong to a right which has built a dike against the far right". The left-wing candidates refused to answer altogether and said that Zemmour was a "fascist".
    The French mainstream media who invited Zemmour also had to raise the questions he was asking; almost all said that he was excessive, obsessive, and that France was not in danger.

    Today, "anti-racist" and French Muslim organizations continue to describe Zemmour as a racist. Francis Kalifat, president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF), said that no Jew should vote for Zemmour, and Yonathan Arfi, CRIF's vice-president, wrote, "As Jews, we are of course not responsible for what Éric Zemmour says. But we have a responsibility to stand in their way". Haim Korsia, the Chief Rabbi of France, even declared that Zemmour, who defines himself as a "Berber Jew", is an "anti-Semite".

    President Macron never speaks of Zemmour, but members of the government and leaders of The Republic on the Move, the party created by Macron in 2017, do -- and in strong words. Minister of Health Olivier Veran said that "Éric Zemmour embodies rejection, racism and xenophobia", and is in a "permanent state of delirium". Former Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner said that Zemmour "insults the French people every day".

    The presidential elections in France take place in two rounds. In the first round, there are many candidates -- officially 24 candidates for the presidential election of 2022, most of whom will get 1%-2% of the vote. In the second round, only the two leading candidates compete.

    Until Zemmour declared his candidacy, the polls indicated that in the second round, President Macron would face Marine Le Pen, and easily win. Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was several times condemned for anti-Semitic remarks. Even though she has done her best to show that she is totally different from her father and not at all anti-Semitic, she still bears his name, which seems to be an insurmountable handicap. In an effort to change her image, she even watered down her positions, evidently to no avail.

    From September to mid-December 2021, polls showed that in the second round of the election, Zemmour could well be Macron's opponent. Since mid-December, however, the polls have changed, and Marine Le Pen, Valerie Pecresse and Éric Zemmour aretied. It is therefore possible that Le Pen could make it to the second round. If that happens, the result is the same one expected before Zemmour's candidacy – and Macron will be re-elected. If Valerie Pecresse makes it to the second round, Macron will also be reelected: her positions are close to Macron's, meaning that the voters wishing a more conservative policy will probably not vote for her. "Valerie Pecresse has the same ideas as Emmanuel Macron and is unable to defeat him", said Guillaume Peltier, vice president of The Republicans Party on January 10. "Only Eric Zemmour has a chance". The day before, on January 9, Peltier left The Republicans to join the Zemmour campaign.

    If Zemmour makes it to the second round, Macron still stands a good chance of being re-elected. Macron whips up the fear of Covid-19. The rules imposed on the French population are still extremely strict. France is in a state of "health emergency," and police who enforce compliance have extensive powers of control. A vaccination passport has been put in place; only fully vaccinated people can go to restaurants, cafes, movies or take a train. The police can ask for vaccination passports and identity documents everywhere, except in one's home. Every day, the front pages of newspapers are devoted to the pandemic and the number of cases. People hospitalized and deaths are shown in large print. Television news is also largely devoted to the pandemic. When Macron speaks, it is almost only about the pandemic. Political analysts apparently think that if he manages to avoid all other topics, his re-election will be a certainty. If he does not, everything could turn out any which way.

    A recent poll shows that a large majority of French people -- 60% --approve of the use of the vaccine passport and the strict rules in place. The fear of illness and death remains intense.

    The polls, however, also show that the ideas at the heart of Zemmour's campaign are widely shared by the French. One polling institute recently asked a sampling of French people:

    "Some people speak of the great replacement, European, white and Christian populations being threatened with extinction following Muslim immigration from the Maghreb and black Africa. Do you think such a phenomenon will occur in France?"

    67% of respondents answered: Yes.

    The poll then asked whether respondents worry about the possibility of a great replacement.

    67% of people answered: Yes. 63% per cent responded that that they thought Islam was a danger for France.
    Journalists who commented on the poll said, "The great replacement is a fantasy". Many French people clearly disagree.

    Zemmour said during a recent radio show, "No, the great replacement is not a fantasy
    ". He gave figures:

    "Four hundred thousand Muslim immigrants enter France each year. In five years, that makes two million more Muslims. These Muslims go to live in the Muslim areas and do not integrate... What do you think that means?"

    Instead of answering, the journalists interviewing him changed the subject. The figures he gave are taken from official documents; they are exact.

    He also spoke about his own experiences. On October 25, 2021, TV host Jean-Marc Morandini invited him to meet the inhabitants of Drancy, a small town in the eastern suburbs of Paris where Zemmour had spent his childhood. In the 1960s, Zemmour recalled, French middle-class people, and many Jews who had left Algeria in 1962 at the end of the French-Algerian War, had lived there. At the time, he continued, life in Drancy was calm and peaceful. Now, Morandini said, there is no longer a single Jewish family in Drancy; it is today a predominantly Muslim city, like many towns around, and that in 2017 there had been riots accompanied by claims of "police brutality". In Aulnay-sous-Bois a neighboring town of Drancy, a young criminal of African descent, Theodore Luhaka, had violently resisted the police officers arresting him and accused them of sexual assault. The entire eastern suburbs of Paris were on fire for a week. The police officers were fired, charged, then cleared by the judiciary. Then President François Hollande supported Luhaka, not the police.

    Zemmour was only able to walk around the city protected by a dozen armed police officers. He met just a few people, all hostile. A crowd shouting "Zemmour go away" and "Allahu Akbar" followed him. When he entered a Muslim butcher shop and asked the butcher if there was a non-Muslim butcher shop in the city, the butcher replied: "A French butcher shop? I think there is one left in the French quarter". "There is still a French quarter in Drancy?" Zemmour said.

    On November 26, 2021, Zemmour tried to visit Marseille. Everywhere he went he was greeted with cries of "Allahu Akbar". Young Muslims verbally threatened him. The restaurant where he was to have lunch was totally ransacked. The police did not try to protect it. Marseille's population is now 40% Muslim. Analysts predict that in less than a decade, Marseille -- the second-largest city in France -- will be predominantly Muslim.

    The public meeting Zemmour organized to launch his campaign on December 5, 2021 was protected by hundreds of police officers. The people who came were greeted by groups shouting, "Allahu Akbar" and "Zemmour the fascist". A man in the large hall where the meeting took place assaulted Zemmour and tried to strangle him. Zemmour's bodyguards handed him over to the police; he was charged with intentional bodily harm. Thirteen thousand people were present. In his speech, Zemmourtold them, "They hate me because they hate you".
    Journalist Ivan Rioufol wrote in Le Figaro, "What is the candidate saying except that it is urgent to try to save dying France and listen to the concerns of the despised French people?"

    "If Macron is re-elected," Zemmour
    said on television on January 13, "civil war is almost certain. Many French people know it".

    On April 21, 2021, 1,200 professional soldiers, including 20 generals,published an open letter in the weekly Valeurs Actuelles, saying the same thing. Macron did not react, but Minister of Defense Florence Parly announced that the signatories were "irresponsible" and would be heavily sanctioned. Many of those still active were relieved of their duties. A month later, on May 11, Valeurs Actuelles published another open letter, signed this time by thousands of professional soldiers who asked that their names not be made public. The text is explicit:
    "We see violence in our cities and towns. We see communitarianism taking hold in the public space, in public debate. We see hatred of France and its history becoming the norm... You abandon, without reacting, entire districts of our country to the law of the strongest... if a civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil.... No one can want such a terrible situation... but yes, once again, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well".

    Valeurs Actuelles made the open letter into a petition. Within a few hours, thousands of French people had signed it. Again, Macron did not react. To date, he has not changed his position. He does not speak of the crisis in France.
    Mainstream media journalists and political enemies of Zemmour, however, scrutinize every word to find excuses to attack him. On January 15, during a meeting with teachers and students' parents, Zemmour saidhe thought that disabled children should be educated in special establishments and added: "these children are completely overwhelmed... So I think we need specialized teachers who take care of them". Rather than taking into account the real difficulties of which he was speaking, Sophie Cluzel, the Secretary of State in charge of People with Disabilities accusedhim of wanting to "remove disabled children from the schools of the republic" and to "reject differences". Marine Le Pen accused Zemmour of "attacking children weakened by a disability". Valerie Pecresse said: "my project is more inclusion for disabled children". Zemmour, on January 15, replied that he had received the support of thousands of parents of disabled children who said they had felt abandoned by the government. He accused his critics of hypocrisy and lies, and stressed that he intended to remedy the lack of schools specializing in the care of disabled children.

    Other attacks will undoubtedly follow whatever statements he makes. On January 17, a judge sentenced Eric Zemmour to a fine (10,000 euros, $11,350) for "incitement to racial hatred" for having said on September 29, 2020, on a television talk show that foreign "unaccompanied minors" in France are neither isolated nor minors, and commit many crimes. Police reports show that to be correct. Zemmour had not talked about race. The sentence will doubtless be overturned, but for a few days France's mainstream media had the opportunity to say that Zemmour had been sentenced again for "racism".

    When Zemmour was a journalist, he was universally hated by advocates of political correctness. They tried relentlessly to destroy him, without success. Now that he is a candidate for the presidency, those who hated him appear to hate him even more and are ready to redouble their efforts to destroy him. When the French presidential campaign begins in earnest in February, the attacks will most likely intensify.

    Despite them, other serious politicians have been signing on. Guillaume Peltier was only the first: Jérôme Rivière head of the National Rally faction in the European Parliament came on board on January 19, as did Gilbert Collard, one of the leaders of the National Rally, on January 22. Perhaps a trend is taking shape?

    Dr. Guy Millière, a professor at the University of Paris, is the author of 27 books on France and Europe.

    Perhaps a trend is taking place. I sincerely hope you are right. Perhaps it could spread across the Channel like those dinghies.

    Too late already. Native French birth rate is 1.6 per woman. For immigrants it is well over 3. The future belongs to those who show up. And the French clearly don't.

    France was the glory of Europe despite all of its delusions of grandeur and hypocrisies. But it's doubtful whether a country that put Brigitte Bardot on trial five times for "hate speech" and wants to turn the core of its national soul, the Notre Dame cathedral, into a woke theme park is worth saving. The last part of Europe where its heart is still beating is that eastern quarter that I described in my book "The Camp of the Sane and the Camp of the Saints."

    Yes indeed Zemmour has the guts to do what is long overdue but for the deep rooted problem he has no plan for it. He doesn't have a plan to get out of the European Union. Freedom for the people will only be if utterly, the Frexit takes place. It is not "If France goes, Europe goes with it", it is the wrong understanding! Rather if Europe continues, France will be gone! That is the real reality! The Islamic invasion by immigration such as "le grand remplacement" although a big problem in itself, is not the greatest threat to France but part of it. The EU undermines France economically and impoverishes it as Greece has already experienced. It is not simple but is the deep seated problem to undermine the European economies as to favor the globalist oligarchy to ultimately develop a "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT". Revelation symbolically shows us. This is literally Satan's plan and he is succeeding. Now remains..., are we sufficiently alert to not work for him but discern his insidious schemes? Too many around the world are swallowing the clever lies fed to them by misinfo, disinfo, and hidden truths. May the Lord give us discernment, those who genuinely seek Him!

    France has knowingly committed national suicide, as did Belgium, the U.K., Germany and Sweden by inviting millions of Muslim immigrants to be part of their nations. Since the founding of Islam by Mohammed, 1400 years ago, his followers have conquered numerous nations and offered the inhabitants three choices: death by the sword, conversion to Islam and Dhimmitude, a form of legalized slavery for Jews and Christians. Muslims have been perfectly clear and consistent - all non-Muslim values are unacceptable in their eyes and never will be.

    Éric Zemmour: France's Last Chance for Survival? 24 I 2022.

    The Islamic Dream plan is to rid the entire planet of all unbelievers.

    Many people have bought into the idea that government is good for us and that politicians know what they are doing.

    If you aren’t resisting the globalists and their controlled media pushing the muss slum invasion you're enabling it.

    There must be Treason Charges for Invasion Advocacy.

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    French Populist Marine Le Pen Reaches Record Popularity in Poll

    Populist National Rally (RN) leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has achieved a record level of popularity in a new poll, while French President Emmanuel Macron has seen a decline.

    The popularity of Ms Le Pen has risen to 40% among the French public, according to a poll released by the firm Ifop this week. The poll is the best result ever for the populist French presidential candidate who is one of the main contenders in the presidential race.

    The result for Le Pen also places her far above her main populist rival, the conservative writer and television pundit Eric Zemmour, who scored 27% in the poll and placed Le Pen on the same level as conservative Les Republicains candidate Valérie Pécresse, who saw a decline of 5%, Paris Match

    Zemmour made headlines in October of last year after polling ahead of Le Pen in some surveys and launching his presidential campaign in December, calling for an end to the “third-worldisation” of France and speaking openly of the rapid demographic shifts and the theory of the “Great Replacement.”

    While Zemmour has promised to reduce immigration levels to zero, Le Pen has put forward the idea of a referendum on immigration that could dramatically reform France’s immigration system as well as how the country confers citizenship.

    French President Emmanuel Macron, who remains in first place among recent presidential polling and is likely to qualify for the second round-run off vote that sees the top two candidates go head to head, saw 45% popularity, down four per cent and behind former Presidents Nicholas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande. Several of Macron’s ministers have also seen a decline in popularity, including Prime Minister Jean Castex, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire.

    The result of the poll is positive for Le Pen who now faces Valérie Pécresse as her main rival to enter the second round of the presidential race, with a recent poll by Ifop putting Le Pen at 18% and Pécresse at 16%, while Eric Zemmouyr remains in fourth place at 11.5%.

    The Deep State is much more out in the open in Europe.
    If history is any judge Marine Le Pen may sadly never be allowed to become President of France.
    No matter how many votes she gets. It doesn’t matter how popular you are, when your opponents count your votes.

    The Deep State/Globalists/Pinkos/Crime Syndicates openly did fake news media fraud, social media fraud, and vote fraud to get FJB elected. They were successful in suckering most of Europe with the EU. Assume that all elections are rigged at this point. WW3 and a massive shakeup of the Fake World Order is the only thing that will reset the system and get us off the Tyranny Wagon. FJB.

    Rassemblement National, The National Rally, until June 2018 known as the National Front, is a far-right sensible political party in France. However Marine Le Pen’s party is no longer making calls to leave the €USSR or abandon the €Uro. Instead, the party is attempting to renew itself with a nationalist but locally anchored narrative.
    Rassemblement National has taken a surprise u-turn regarding its stance on the €USSR. Previously a staunch defender of Frexit and vastly in favour of exiting the €Urozone, Le Pen’s party is now rushing into the European election campaign in local fashion.
    I suspect expediency is now guiding their policy agenda .

    Who but a deranged fool wants to "save the EU"?

    01 II 2022.

    For forty years the elections in the West have been tampered with to produce the 'right' result. When the people were subjected to sustained Media propaganda and social engineering it became possible and was easy to achieve. Put your people in place and pay them. Even if the people are told, like the US Presidential election, the majority will never believe it.

    Who but a deranged fool wants to "save the EU"?

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    Le Pen may fall out of presidencal race

    • If Le Pen falls out of the race, Macron’s presidency may be on knife edge

    Without Le Pen and Zemmour, the French right will rally round the conservative Pecresse, which is a major problem for Macron

    Marine Le Pen has suspended her presidential campaign. At present, the National Rally leader has been unable to obtain the 500 signatures required to make it onto the ballot paper for the first round of voting, which takes place on April 10. The signatures have to be collected from politicians across the country. They can come from a variety of sources, including Members of Parliament, Senators, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), and local mayors.

    At the time of writing, Le Pen has managed to secure only 393 signatures and is over one hundred short, although she has until the March 4 deadline to submit the five hundred. Her campaign has therefore “paused,” and a number of her speaking engagements have been cancelled, suggesting that her time will instead be spent attempting to collect the required endorsements from elected officials.

    But it is not only Le Pen who is under pressure. Eric Zemmour, the other candidate from the Right, is also struggling to find the required sponsorship letters. At the moment, he only has 350 signatures, throwing his candidacy into question.

    It is clear that Le Pen and Zemmour are, as predicted, hurting each other’s prospects. It is not a leap in logic to suggest that those politicians who have signed Zemmour’s papers would, if he were not standing, have signed Le Pen’s, and vice versa. As a result, the two now face a tight race against time to make it onto the ballot paper for the first round.

    It is also apparent that the system is weighted in favour of the status quo and the centrist candidates. President Emmanuel Macron, for example, already has 1,463 signatures, and he hasn’t yet even announced he will be standing for re-election. Similarly, Valerie Pecresse, the Republican candidate who serves as the President of the Île-de-France Regional Council has 2,143 pledges, and Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist candidate and the mayor of Paris, already has 1,177. Of course, both these candidates can rely on large party machines to ensure that they make it on to the ballot paper.

    It must be noted that the latest
    polls have Pecresse on 15%, which is 2% behind Le Pen, who is only second to Macron. Hidalgo, however, is way behind and polling a mere 2%, which is 12% behind Zemmour who is on 14%. So, it is possible that the candidates polling second and fourth with the public might not make it onto the ballot paper because they can not get the required signatures from politicians. That, of course, would be an insult to the French electorate.

    The French system is strange, and if I may suggest, somewhat unfair. In the UK, for example, it is the signatures of members of the public that are required to stand for public office, not those of the politicians. This to me seems an infinitely fairer process, as it is after all the public that vote.

    What will it mean for the election if Le Pen does not make it onto the ballot paper? Well, beyond being an insult to her millions of potential voters, I believe it could also prove unwelcome news for Macron.

    There is a train of thought that Macron needs Le Pen to be in the race because she is his safety valve. She will most likely come second to him in the first round of voting and go through to the second round run-off, which takes place on 24 April. It is generally believed that Le Pen cannot defeat Macron in this head to head, as was the case five years ago when he secured 66% of the vote compared to her 34%.

    It would, I expect, be a far tighter race this time round but, even then, I struggle to see Le Pen overcoming her centrist opponent. There is an argument that she simply has too much baggage to attract centre-Right voters in large enough numbers, regardless of her attempts in recent years to detoxify her brand.

    However, if Le Pen fails to make it onto the ballot paper because she cannot acquire enough signatures, and Zemmour too falls at this hurdle, many of their potential voters will most likely switch to Pecresse and, I would argue, that she has the best chance of deposing Macron. If Precresse can successfully manage to marry her own conservative base with the voters of Le Pen and Zemmour, then Macron’s presidency could be on a knife edge and the race could go down to the wire.

    I still think, however, that Le Pen will get the required signatures, although it could be a close run affair. I am less confident about Zemmour, as he has no party machine and is a newcomer to politics. Nevertheless, the fact that both their fates are in the hands of politicians and not the public suggests that the French system is in urgent need of democratic reform.

    Paul A. Nuttall

    Blows my mind, that at this point in time, that there are still many who think elections are credible. It's all masonic theatre.

    Majority of voters do not have any credibility either. Thats why democracy doesnt work. In authoritarian regime you at least know whos responsible for the government. But whos responsible in these "liberal democracies"? The puppets in charge will say "the previous government! I need another 4 years term to change things to better!" Mindless, gullible, dumbed down sheeple and the deliberate bringing in of the huge immigrant population; same as the rest of the US, US and EU - we are being destroyed from within.

    USA's Professional Association of Statisticians came to the mathematical conclusion that the results of the 2020 USA elections were a "statistical improbability". So no credible voters and no credible math results is the correct definition of "elections"...? Comment section - whack a mole time.

    Macron the man who was financed by the Rothschilds and openly said so.The Club only allow their friends to be elected. It is the politicians who determine who runs in elections! The French lecturing Russia on democracy is hilarious! What a bad joke on humanity the west has become!

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    Majority of French Say NATO, Biden, Zelensky Shares Some Responsibility for Ukraine War

    Majority of French Say NATO, Biden, Zelenbsky Share Responsibility for Ukraine War

    While the vast majority of French say Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the war in Ukraine, over half also believe NATO, U.S. President Biden, and Ukrainian President Zelensky also share some responsibility for the conflict, a poll has found.

    According to the poll,
    released by the polling firm Harris Interactive over the weekend, 96% of French believe — perhaps unsurprisingly, given he ordered the invasion — Russian President Putin is responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, but a majority also said they think NATO and others had a share of responsibility too.

    A total of 68% said that NATO shared in the responsibility for the ongoing conflict, while 62% said the same of United States President Joe Biden and 57% of French claimed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was partially responsible, betraying an implicit and widespread belief of complex origins of the present conflict.

    Supporters of conservative presidential candidate Eric Zemmour’s Reconquest! party and supporters of the far-left France Insoumise led by Jean-Luc Melenchon were the most likely to agree that parties other than President Putin shared some of the responsibility.

    Despite this, nearly nine in ten French / 90% said that the west could not negotiate with President Putin and more than nine in ten said that the Russian leader was “dangerous” and “worrying.”

    Another majority, six in ten / 60%, said that Putin was not a mad dictator acting irrationally, but stated they believed the Russian president acted purposefully, agreeing with the sentiment that he “knows what he is doing.”

    A majority of two-thirds / 67% of French also agreed with the reaction from the West to the conflict, indicating support for economic sanctions, seizure of Russian assets and even an end to all diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s current handling of the Ukraine crisis was supported by 59% in the poll, far above the approval of any of the other presidential candidates on the issue, with none polling higher than a third of those surveyed. The first round of the French presidential election is just over a month away and is set to take place on April 10th. Of those surveyed, 65% said that the conflict in Ukraine could be an important factor in their vote for president. Current opinion polls suggest that Emmanuel Macron is the most likely to win the first round of the vote, but the battle for second place and the ability to face off against Macron in the second round of voting, has been contested by populist Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and centre-right candidate Valérie Pécresse.

    A recent poll released last week suggested that Ms Le Pen may be breaking away from her two rivals, as support from Ms Pécresse slumped in recent weeks.

    I blame Biden and the Globalists for this mess. One of the main reasons they hate and are obsessed with Putin is because he isn't a Globalist. The Globalists want a one world government and anyone they feel they can't control they try and destroy. That's why they tried to destroy Trump and stole our election.

    If they had polled US Democrat voters, the vast majority would have said Trump was responsible. Too much B S and propaganda about.

    However one thing is 100% sure: In less than two weeks, PUTIN ERATICATED COVID !

    How astonishing that the “crying journalist” who confronted Johnson in Poland is Daria Kaleniuk, a World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leader’, who appeared in Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign which stole the election from Donald Trump.

    Daria Kaleniuk's 'anti corruption' job in Kiev is even part financed by George Soros, probably to keep prying eyes away from Soros' activities in Ukraine.
    Even the Ukrainian President, Zelenskyy, is closely connected to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. So the globalists are heavily involved here.
    Tanking the global economy using war and an engineered energy crisis is an effective way of writing off the unsustainable debt accumulated in the West since the banking crisis of 2008...
    QE and central banks printing money, which in time will have no value, all ties in exactly to the World Economic Forum agenda of taking control of the global economy with digital currency.

    Actually FBO, FJB, FHC, FJK are responsible. They did some Ukrainian election interference to install a West-friendly government. You would expect Russia to have a problem with a NATO member nation on its doorstep. From 2008-2016 FBO, FJB, FHC, FJK started wars in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, and Libya.
    There is a massive pile of corruption involving FBO, FJB, FHC, FJK, and some other White-Trash in the EU and Ukraine's government and industry. FJB and FHB (Hunter) got paid and we need to know the full extent of the corruption. Ukraine found massive oil and gas deposits, big ones, since 2008 on its soil so you gotta figure the CCP fits into all of this in some way. Russia doesn't want Ukraine to supply Europe with oil and gas and China would love to control Ukraine's oil and gas for itself.
    Summary of the FJB Ukraine F up: These clowns are willing to start WW3 to make a little for themselves and their corrupt family members.

    Majority of French Say NATO, Biden, Zelensky Shares Some Responsibility for Ukraine War

    02 III 2022.
    The MIC (The US Military Complex)
    The OGAM (The titans of Gas, Oil)
    The FIRE Sector (the US Financial Powers)

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    France’s Pecresse Raises ‘Great Replacement’ in Campaign Gambit

    Quote Originally Posted by Verðandi
    She's only bringing up replacement migration to cater to the rightwing within her own party and the far right however, because she's known to be a moderate and held positions inside French governments before. Sarkozy has so far not given her his support as he believes the only future for the French center right is becoming macronist.


    • Republicans candidate is behind going into presidential vote
    • Pecresse cites support for border walls to control immigration

    French presidential candidate Valerie Pecresse, seeking to revitalize her prospects in the coming election, voiced support for border walls and raised the specter of a “great replacement” of the population by non-White immigrants.

    Addressing thousands of supporters in Paris on Sunday, Pecresse, who is running for the mainstream center-right Republicans party, suggested that France had lost much of its clout under President Emmanuel Macron and that it would sink further if he were re-elected.

    “In 10 years will we still be the seventh power in the world? Will we still be a sovereign nation or instead a U.S. auxiliary, a trading post of China? Will we be a united nation or a fragmented nation?” she said. “Faced with these vital questions, neither the great downgrading, nor the great replacement are inevitable.”

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    FRANCE First Round of 2022 Presidential Election

    Macron and Le Pen Both Improve Vote Shares in First Round, Presidential Decider in Two Weeks

    Top candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen both improved their vote shares on Sunday night over their previous 2017 performances, and the pair will face off again in 13 days’ time to decide who will be the next President of France.

    While Sunday’s first-round vote for the Presidential election saw the lowest turnout in 20 years with over 25% of registered French deciding to stay at home, the leading candidates all increased their vote shares at the expense of minor parties. With 97% of the vote counted per the French interior ministry, globalist-centralist, former socialist party cabinet minister
    Emmanuel Macron took 27.6% in the first round (2017: 24%), national-populist conservative Marine Le Pen took 23.4% (2017: 21.3%), and hard-left Jean-Luc Melenchon 21.9% (2017: 19.5%).

    All candidates except the top two from this round are now knocked out, and a head-to-head will take place next, in two weeks. Legacy establishment parties performed particularly poorly, with former giants of the establishment like The Republicans (Presidents De Gaulle 1965, Chirac 1995, Sarkozy 2007) getting just 4.8%, and the Socialists (Presidents Mitterand 1981, Hollande 2012) a humiliating 1.7%.

    The result means the next round of the Presidential election on Sunday, April 24th will be a direct re-run of the 2017 election, with Macron facing off against Le Pen entering the contest in first and second places respectively from the previous round, just as last time. This is the first time since the 1974-1981 elections the French people have had the same choice between two leaders for President in two votes in a row.

    Normally failing opposition candidates tend to fall by the wayside, but in Le Pen’s case, she has increased her vote share in every election. Sunday’s result was the highest first-round result for her party ever. As is often the case with a populist challenger, Le Pen faces an uphill struggle to gain enough votes to push out Macron in less than two weeks’ time. As seen with other such votes — like Brexit in the United Kingdom and the Trump election in the United States — foreign leaders intervene to tell voters how they should think in order to please the international community, and domestically otherwise logical allegiances can be torn up to prevent a candidate or outcome that means fundamental change at all costs.

    Such moves are already afoot with this election: as Reuters reports, the foreign minister of French EU neighbour Luxembourg has already expressed his concern at a Le Pen victory and told the French how they must vote. Speaking before an EU meeting, he is reported to have said: “I am very worried, I hope that we won’t get Le Pen as French president… It would not only be a break away from the core values of the EU, it would totally change its course. The French need to prevent this.”

    To unseat incumbent Emmanuel Macron Le Pen now needs to build a broader coalition of voters, an anti-Macron alliance.

    Some of these new alliances have already been called. Right-wing political pundit, writer, and now-ex presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, who at seven per cent polled a distant fourth place of 12 candidates, has already vowed his support for Le Pen in the second round. As reported by Le Figaro, Zemmour ally and spokesman Marion Marechal — who is Marine Le Pen’s niece and former political allysaid the call to their voters to now throw their weight behind Le Pen was unambiguous. Some have gone the other way, however. The leader of the establishment-right Republicans — who on face value might otherwise be considered to have a slight interest in getting left-globalist Emmanuel Macron out of office — called on her voters to vote for the former socialist cabinet minister for president again in two weeks, rather than support the populist-right Le Pen. As reported by Breitbart London on Sunday, Pecresse said although she had “strong disagreement” with the Macron government, nevertheless, she would be voting for him “in order to stop Marine Le Pen.”

    It may be the case that the call for conservatives to vote left will be cancelled out anyway, as Pecresse’s 5% support to lend comes in a little under Zemmour’s 7%. While Le Pen clearly faces a considerable battle to take the Presidency, Macron faces his own challenges. The French system appears to work against two-term presidents, with just two having won back-to-back elections in the history of the Fifth Republic (founded 1958), the last being conservative Jacques Chirac from 1995 to 2007.

    Compared to some Western election systems, the French presidential has several features that, superficially at the least, give it the impression of being well managed. As reported, acquiring electronic voting machines was blocked from 2008 onwards and the vast majority of ballots in France are paper, hand-counted votes. There are also no mail-in ballots, as the French realized early — in 1975 — that the system was open to fraud.

    French voters also have to provide photographic identity documents in order to participate. Among the documents recognised are the passport, driving licence, veteran card, and hunting licence.

    As does MSM and all EU "news sources", anyone slightly to the right of Stalin is automatically "far-right". Reminder to self: must watch the Beeb more in the future so I know what to think.

    They’ve moved even more to the left.
    To maintain the adoration of today’s leftists, Stalin would need to dress in drag and marry a dude of color.

    Core values of the EU are all around "Do as I say and STFU because we, unelected officials, we know better than anyone else. "

    The EU's core values vary, one for the original white inhabitants and the second for "tanned" immigrants. The first is to work, pay taxes and shut up and the other does nothing and can do anything.

    Macron and Le Pen Both Improve Vote Shares in First Round, Presidential Decider in Two Weeks 11 IV 2022.

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    I think Marine Pen had her chance to be elected earlier, and the election results show not enough support for her to reach Presidential office. Once you lose, it's very difficult to win later similar to Trump's situation, election rigged or not tampered. Most people know that the media runs the show for current elections. You can see the response when President Trump was elected in presidential office over the popular choice of media's Hillary. You can't get rid of these Clinton's and Biden's regimes as they find new ways to come back in office similar to Putin. They don't have the outright power or support yet to change the Constitution in Congress, but with the right Supreme Court justices, they will in time. The Dems just pad the voting booths of ignorant people of all types and illegal voters.

    As I said before, we have the same disease on both sides of the Atlantic. Maybe, Zemmour will be France's new Trump, but even Trump was stopped through lawsuits and lobbyists groups along with the current administration. President Trump would have done more for our society than most clowns today. There are outsiders of the globalists or competitive millionaires and billionaires who hold old grudges. When social and political events get too "hot," the elites throw us a bone to temporally satisfy our wants. I call it a "speed bump," but they reset the pace when the populists leave office.

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