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    Climate Extremists Eco - Loons

    ‘It’s a Nightmare’: Climate Extremists Glue Themselves to Roads, Shut Down Central London

    Eco-warriors brought Central London to a standstill on Monday morning, with radicals glueing themselves to the roads around Southwark Bridge and Canary Warf to protest climate change.

    Members of Insulate Britain, an Extinction Rebellion splinter group, have once again enraged the public, shutting down traffic in a busy area of the British capital.

    At around 8 a.m. during Monday morning rush hour the far-left radicals began blockading roads from Upper Thames Street to Bishopsgate in the Liverpool Street area of London, resulting in at least 51 arrests, the Daily Mail reported. A City of London Police spokesman said: “Bishopsgate is currently closed at the junction with Wormwood Street due to protest activity. Police are at the scene but please avoid the area if possible as this is causing disruption to traffic. “Police are also at Southwark Bridge at the junction with Upper Thames Street, which is also closed in both directions, due to protest activity. Please avoid the area if possible.

    Footage shared on social media showed police officers trying to remove them from the scene, however many had glued parts of their bodies to the road in order to prevent swift action from being taken. The group, which demands that the government fund insulation for state housing by 2025 and “decarbonise” the economy, had mostly focused on shutting down highways prior to Monday morning’s action, which may be seen as an escalation ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland next week.

    Over the past few weeks, Insulate Britain has staged motorway
    protests across the country in an attempt to blackmail the government into succumbing to its climate change demands. The tactics of the group have not won many admirers among the public, with drivers being seen forcefully confronting the group onmultipleoccasions. On Monday, several drivers attempted to clear the protesters by slowly driving their vehicles at the blockade, but police officers were seen defending the so-called protesters by stopping these efforts. Mohammed, a taxi driver who was stuck behind the eco-blockade, told LBC that it is a “nightmare” for him and other workers just trying to earn a living. “You can’t argue with them, you can’t fight them. The worst thing is they are destroying people’s lives, they don’t care about anyone else,” he lamented. The taxi driver also complained about the slow response from the police, claiming it took them “thirty-five minutes to show up,” adding: “they could move a bit faster. “I don’t blame the officers, it’s frustrating for them as well, there could be an emergency call, there’s a lot of people getting stabbed and murdered, lots of people need help and we have officers here dealing with nonsense,” he said.

    An Insulate Britain spokesman, Liam Norton, has previously defended the disruption and harm their actions have caused to the public, by saying that it is similar to damage during the Second World War. On Monday, Nortan said: “We know that the public is frustrated and annoyed at the disruption we have caused. They should know that one way or another this country will have to stop emitting carbon. “We can do that now in an orderly, planned way, insulating homes and preventing thousands of deaths from fuel poverty or we can wait until millions have lost their homes and are fighting for water or starving to death.” Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who has said that the group should be treated like terrorists, has warned that if the government and police fail to stop the group from disrupting society “it’s going to turn quite nasty on the streets,” with people taking justice into their own hands.

    Boris Johnson has done a Jekyl and Hyde conversion into Jeremy Corbyn, all thanks to his globalist and climate alarmist fruitcake longtime mistress and recent wife, Carrie "Princess Nut-Nut" Symonds.

    They're untouchable...the Johnson regime probably supports and funds them.

    Have the majority of British subject taken leave of their senses?
    Open borders to hundreds of thousands of illegals aliens and brainless people shutting down the roadways, and the sheeple people are willing to keep being "shorn" of their earnings to PAY FOR ALL THIS?

    Half of the US has taken leave of their senses. The liberal politicians seek to kill the USA too.

    Xiden was not elected. He is the result of massive voter fraud from Mail-in ballots.

    This is what it is all about, the UN is out to destroy nation states, mass invasion by the third world helps. "To achieve one world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification".

    ‘It’s a Nightmare’: Climate Extremists Glue Themselves to Roads, Shut Down Central London 26 X 2021.

    Police are very busy dealing with people not using their seat belt or even worse, not masked. Presently everything else is ignored.

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    Why is Insulate Britain being allowed to cause so much disruption?

    The police have treated these eco-loons with kid gloves and the public has had enough of it.

    Finally, Insulate Britain has raised a good point. Why aren’t we in prison, the protest movement is asking itself? Apparently the road-blocking middle-class irritants are in a state of ‘absolute disbelief’ that they have been allowed to cause so much disruption without being banged up. You and me both, lads. ‘We assumed that we would not be allowed to carry on disrupting the motorway network to the extent that we have been. We thought that people would basically be in prison’, a gobsmacked spokesman said. That sound you can hear is millions of people murmuring in agreement that it is truly bizarre that these eco-loons have been able to break the law and inconvenience vast swathes of the population without spending so much as a night in the slammer.

    The Guardian
    reports that Insulate Britain thought its road-blocking antics would last a maximum of two days. As the time-rich doomsters prepare for another round of irritating the masses in the run-up to COP26, they have admitted that ‘they are baffled over why the police have effectively allowed them to keep closing major routes’. For five weeks these agitators for the insulation of homes – vive la révolution! – have been holding up the M25, the Dartford Crossing, Old Street roundabout in London and other major throughways. They’ve blocked the paths of ambulances, prevented people from visiting poorly relatives, stopped deliverymen from carrying out their essential work. And yet no serious effort has been made by the state to clear the apocalyptic fantasists off the road. We were just ‘allowed to continue day after day’, says Insulate Britain’s bamboozled spokesman.

    On one level, it is bewildering that this deeply unpopular political organisation has, in its own words, ‘been allowed’ to play such havoc with people’s working and personal lives. At times it has fallen to Joe Public to do something about the self-righteous eco-nuisances. We’ve all witnessed, and cheered, the scenes of truck drivers and builders ripping banners from the hands of the road-blockers and then dragging the protesters off the road. ‘It’s a fucking ambulance, you stupid prick, get out of the road’, one of the heroic road-clearers said to Insulate muppets who were holding up the actual emergency services. This working-class revolt against the middle-class disdain and disruption that are so central to the environmentalist outlook was not only stirring – it was essential. The cops were twiddling their thumbs.

    Corbynistas and others in the woke graduate set that passes for ‘the left’ in 21st-century Britain have looked with pearl-clutching disbelief at the manhandling of eco-friendly vicars and other pained, decent people by gruff blokes in paint-spattered tracksuits. ‘Someone will get hurt!’, they cry, which to be fair is their response to every act of working-class rebellion against the ruling ideologies of our time – recall how equally worried they were that the ‘gammon’ vote for Brexit would give rise to hate crime and other forms of social mayhem. Yet the truth is that these citizens stepped up only because the state stepped back. Ordinary people had no choice but to take action. The alternative would have been to cede the country’s throughways to people so enamoured with their own virtue that they have ceased to care about such trifling matters as other people’s right to work or to visit loved ones.

    Yes, the authorities did take some action against Insulate Britain, but it was distinctly half-hearted. There were a few arrests. The government took out injunctions preventing the group from blocking certain parts of the M25. The Insulators broke those injunctions. Defying an injunction can lead to a jail sentence, but that very much hasn’t happened. The cops have unquestionably treated these eco-agitators with kid gloves. At one of their protests on the M25 near Surrey, an officer could be heard saying to the assembled annoyances: ‘[If] any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know and we will try and sort you out in a nice way.’ Funny, I don’t recall police ever saying that to anti-lockdown protesters. Insulate Britain’s baffled spokesman reveals that the police have even ‘politely emailed’ the group asking for details of its future protests, while also pointing out that it is under no obligation to provide such details. It’s surreal.

    On another level, though, it feels entirely logical that these disruptors have virtually been given a green light by the powers-that-be. It’s because the state, from the political class to the police themselves, agrees with the grim ideology that is motoring this road-blocking movement. For all the radical, existential pretensions of Extinction Rebellion and its various offshoots, of which Insulate Britain is one, in truth these groups are but a more extreme, unsophisticated expression of an utterly mainstream political view: that the planet is doomed and human hubris is the culprit. They are the militant wing of the ruling class, the enforcers of bourgeois ideology masquerading as protesters. Their ‘protesting’ around COP will be pure pantomime. It won’t be a revolt against the Western powers gathered in Glasgow. It will be a noisy, slavish echo of the political prejudices held by those Western powers. It’s a form of assistance to the elites – ‘Do more, please!’ – not a rebellion against them.

    The UK criminal-justice system now applies an extraordinary double standard to protests. If your disruptive direct action is in the name of a cause the elites like, you’ll generally be okay. If it isn’t, you’re screwed. Just compare and contrast the way lockdown sceptics were roughly arrested by cops, and tamed with some excessive truncheoning, while Insulate Britain’s protesters are politely asked by officers if they are feeling okay. Or witness how Extinction Rebellion has essentially been allowed to block huge swathes of London in recent years. Do you think pro-Brexit agitators would have been allowed to take over Trafalgar Square and block Westminster Bridge? Get real. They’d have been bashed on the head, dragged off the streets, and whisked into court. And the media elites will have cheered. So, funnily enough, would most of the Insulate Britain lot. Ghastly Brexiteers inconveniencing the public? Heavens, no.

    What this essentially means is that we now live under a highly politicised police force. The police, and the broader criminal-justice system, now take it upon themselves to judge which protests are valid, and thus require a light touch, and which are too politically awkward and revolting, and thus demand a bit of the old baton-and-shield treatment. We know the police have become increasingly woke, as can be glimpsed in all their rainbow-flag, pronoun-promoting nonsense. And as a consequence, they now play an explicitly political role in controlling and crushing certain forms of political disgruntlement while essentially allowing other forms. This is entirely unacceptable. We cannot allow the police and the courts effectively to determine which political positions it is acceptable to take in public. We need to get the Insulate Britain hysterics off our roads, and get the cops out of politics.

    Why is Insulate Britain being allowed to cause so much disruption?

    26th October 2021.

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    Vladimir Putin to Snub Boris Johnson’s Big Climate Summit

    In another blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s climate summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will not attend the meeting.

    Following reports that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping will likely not be travelling to Glasgow next month to attend the United Nations’ COP26 climate summit, the Kremlin said on Wednesday that Mr Putin will also skip the event.

    Without providing an explanation on why the Russian leader will not attend, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said simply per the BBC: “Unfortunately, Putin will not fly to Glasgow.” The spokesmen went on to claim that despite this, climate change is one of Russia’s “most important priorities” in terms of foreign policy, perhaps indicating it was a problem Russia expected other nations to solve. It is thought that Mr Putin may appear virtually at COP26.

    Commenting on the announcement, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said that the PM had previously stressed the importance of attending the summit to other leaders “given this is a very critical moment in terms of tackling climate change”. The summit has been seen as a launching point for Johnson’s Great Reset-style green vision and to demonstrate the ability of a ‘Global Britain’ to enact change upon the world following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

    With Mr Putin — who represents the
    fourth-largest emitter of carbon dioxide — declining the invitation and the leader of the world’s top polluter, Xi Jinping of China, most likely skipping the meeting as well, it is dubious as to how effective the summit will be in terms of enacting any meaningful changes.

    Johnson’s summit will be graced by U.S. President Joe Biden, who will travel to Glasgow with alarge delegation, and will be joined by former President Barack Obama. Despite early non-commital, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is also set to attend.

    While the Prime Minister may be unable to get concessions from China or Russia, estimates have forecast that his green agenda will cost Britain a trillion pounds sterling over the next three decades. The director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson toldthe Daily Mail: “We are looking at well over a trillion pounds over the next 30 years as we build more renewable electricity, as we convert our houses, as we move to electric cars and so on.” The Treasury Department is claiming that the majority of the cost will come through increased prices to consumers or through private investment. On Tuesday, the Prime Minister outlined his ten-point plan for a “green industrial revolution” in Britain to meet his lofty goal of cutting carbon emissions to net-zero by the year 2050. Stylizing himself as the Moses of the green movement, Mr Johnson said that his plan is the “new Decalogue that I brought down from Sinai last year, which is today being elaborated in our plan for net-zero, to build back greener”. Doubts have been raised, however, about sections of his Build Back Better agenda, namely Johnson’s plan to end the sale of gas boilers by the year 2035. Initially, the government had promised that citizens will be able to recoup some of the cost of transitioning their boilers with a £5,000 voucher. Yet, it was revealed that only 90,000 homes would receive the voucher, compared to the 600,000 homes which will need to make the shift in order to hit the governments emissions targets.

    In Africa, 1.5 million children are born every 18 days ... When will we see a conference about "Human Overpopulation" to reduce carbon emissions ... ?
    Africa: population 1.1 billion
    - 2050 : +/- 2.6 billion
    - 2100 : +/- 4.1 billion (worst case scenario: 5.1 billion)

    Despite the truth of what you say, the Globalist elites aren’t interested. Gross overpopulation in the Third World is the main cause of the abject poverty there. It’s also responsible for the destruction of the environment and the habitats of wildlife. The Globalists claim that these two factors are caused by ‘man-made climate change’ instead of gross overpopulation. This gives them a useful propaganda tool to justify destroying Western economies with idiot ‘green’ policies. The unsustainable surplus population of Africa and Asia is a weapon which the Globalists are using to effect their population replacement programme for Europe. The Globalists’ Final Objective is the ethnic cleansing of Whitey by population replacement.

    Despite the truth of what you say, the Globalist elites aren’t interested. Gross overpopulation in the Third World is the main cause of the abject poverty there. It’s also responsible for the destruction of the environment and the habitats of wildlife. The Globalists claim that these two factors are caused by ‘man-made climate change’ instead of gross overpopulation. This gives them a useful propaganda tool to justify destroying Western economies with idiot ‘green’ policies. The unsustainable surplus population of Africa and Asia is a weapon which the Globalists are using to effect their population replacement programme for Europe. The Globalists’ Final Objective is the ethnic cleansing of Whitey by population replacement.

    Climate Hoax is another Wealth Redistribution, Money Laundering Scheme to pay Government Grifters. Sad to say, but Putin would have been the most honest person in that room. I like President Putin more every day.


    "In Africa, 1.5 million children are born every 18 days ..." - "the Third World is the main cause of the abject poverty there. It’s also responsible for the destruction of the environment and the habitats of wildlife. The Globalists claim that these two factors are caused by ‘man-made climate change’ instead of gross overpopulation."

    If the West left Africa and the rest of the 3 rd world alone instead of sending food and medicine NATURE would take care of overpopulation.

    Western Aid and its consequences are an excuse for the eugenic 3 rd World War the NWO globalists are engineering.

    UK P M Johnson is just a daft goose. He was P M to take the Uk out of the EUrope.

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    It's more than Western aid. Reckless sex and lack of education add to more population problems in Africa. Back in the 1900's in US, Blacks still had 6% illegitimate birthrates compared to whites at less than 3%. Our cultures are obviously very different since many African cultures encourage early marriages or sex during teens, which allow longer fertility span. So, they have more kids with or without medicinal intervention. Marrying late automatically reduces population size as seen among Whites and some East Asian cultures. Our White birthrates are pitiful and injudicious. Both are extreme, too much population or lack of children in our case. The rate of children out number the working adults in Africa creating an economic drain. Aging seniors as seen in Western nations and some Asian countries like Japan and Korea create labor strain if we don't compensate with robotics or machines. Many corporations support cheap labor over mechanization.

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    The elites are laughing in our faces COP26 promises to be a grotesque spectacle of decadence and hypocrisy.

    The elites are laughing in our faces

    COP26 promises to be a grotesque spectacle of decadence and hypocrisy.

    COP26 is gearing up to be a grotesque spectacle. We are about to witness Versailles levels of extravagance and hypocrisy. The rich, the powerful and the full of puffed-up virtue will gather in Glasgow to pontificate to the rest of us about how much we are harming the planet with all our waste and hubris. They’ll arrive in their private jets to bemoan the scourge of air-industry emissions. They’ll tuck in to five-star meals in between wondering out loud if the little people should eat less meat. They’ll rest their weary, virtuous heads on plump, silk pillows after long days of discussing how to rein in the material aspirations of the masses. It promises to be one of most nauseating displays of oligarchical conceit of recent times.

    It feels like the elites are just laughing in our faces now. So the other day we had the UK’s chief scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, saying everyone will have to eat less meat and fly less if we are going to get a handle on this climate-change thing. A little later it was reported that around
    400 private jets will fly into COP26, carrying world leaders and big-business execs to the plush surrounds in which they’ll wring their manicured hands over mankind’s carbon crimes. Ordinary people are guilt-tripped for taking one poxy flight a year to escape the trials and vagaries of life in capitalist society for a couple of weeks, while those who quaff champagne on airplanes that it costs $10,000 an hour to hire out get to pose as hyper-aware defenders of poor Mother Nature.

    According to one report, the private jets landing in Glasgow will spew out around 13,000 tonnes of carbon. That’s the same amount of CO2 that 1,600 Scots get through in a year. ‘Get tae fuck’ will be a perfectly reasonable response to these wealthy jet-setters telling Scots, or anyone else for that matter, to fly less, drive less and eat less. John Kerry, Joe Biden’s climate envoy, will be in Glasgow to pull pained faces for the cameras over the possible heat death of the planet. Three months ago he flew in a private jetto Martha’s Vineyard for Barack Obama’s lavish 60th-birthday celebrations. It was the 16th private-jet jaunt his family had taken this year. Prince Charles, from one of his palaces, says COP26 is the ‘last-chance saloon’ for the planet. The royal family has collectively flown enough air miles over the past five years to get to the Moon and back. And then around the Earth’s equator three times. In short: 545,161 miles. Reader, they’re taking the piss.

    Then there’s all the cars. Driving is viewed by greens, and by eco-virtuous political leaders like Sadiq Khan, as one of the stupidest, most Gaia-destroying activities indulged in by the plebs. The Home Counties irritants of Insulate Britain have been winning plaudits from the commentariat over the past few weeks for blocking the paths of such terrible eco-criminals as mums driving their kids to school and deliverymen trying to deliver food and other essentials. And yet there’s Joe Biden in Rome for the G20 being whisked around in an 85-car convoy. His own armoured limousine, and its decoy version, generates 8.75 pounds of carbon per mile driven – 10 times more than normal cars. And greens want us to feel angry about the working-class bloke driving an HGV full of groceries and fuel? It’s insane.

    When he’s done with Rome, Biden will fly to Glasgow in Air Force One. Four jets will accompany him. Combined, they’ll emit an estimated 2.16million pounds of carbon over five days. This is getting ridiculous. People will be perfectly within their rights over the next few days to ask why it is that those who live in the lap of luxury, who jet to every corner of the globe, who experience more luxury in a week than most of us can expect in a decade, should get to hold forth on humanity’s alleged suffocation of the planet with carbon and pollution. Like Joanna Lumley, famed, well-paid traveller of the planet, saying travel should be rationed. Or Dame Emma Thompson literally flying first-class from LA to London to take part in an Extinction Rebellion protest about the evils of CO2. Or Harry and Meghan attending a concert focusing on the ‘urgent need’ for climate action and thenleaving on a private jet. What the green oligarchy lacks in moral consistency it more than makes up for with brass neck.

    Here’s the thing, though – it’s always been like this. For years now, it has been clear that the environmentalist movement is fundamentally a wealthy man’s game, made up of people who live luxurious lives bemoaning the destructive habits of the masses. Who can forget when David de Rothschild – yep, he’s from the banking family – wrote the Global Warming Survival Handbook that contained wonderful nuggets of advice like ‘Wear a jumper’ (so you can turn off the heating in your home) and ‘Grow your own tomatoes’ (so you can shop less)? Or when George Monbiot – Stowe, Brasenose College, descendant of cake-and-tea millionaires – chirped that environmentalism is a ‘campaign not for abundance but for austerity’? Or when the plummy activists of Plane Stupid called for a ban on cheap flights because all they do is allow oiks to jet off to ‘Eastern European destinations chosen not for their architecture or culture but because people can fly there for 99p and get loaded for a tenner’?

    It’s been clear for years now that the green movement is a neo-aristocracy that draws its loudest voices from the old aristocracy and also from the middle-class managerial elites and the new technocratic establishment. This is a movement that allows the descendants of incredibly wealthy banking families to tell the rest of us to wear a cardie rather than turn on the central heating and which invites literal princes to make sad faces about all the flying and meat-eating the oiks are engaging in. I said it was a modern version of Versailles, but actually it’s worse than that. At least daft bint Marie Antoinette wanted the lower orders to eat cake (she just didn’t realise they didn’t have any). This new lot actively campaigns against the consumption of the 21st-century equivalent of cake – meat, heat, easy travel. ‘Don’t let them eat cake’ is the cry of the eco-aristocrat.

    The issue here is not the hypocrisy, though that no doubt abounds. It’s the fact that environmentalism is now the core ideology of the new ruling class. The greening of the elites has been one of the most extraordinary developments of the past two decades. Across the West, green thinking has been embraced by virtually every wing of the establishment, from the political elites to the media class, from the educational realm to the world of popular culture.

    And it isn’t hard to see why. It’s the perfect ideology for our at-sea elites. It allows them to magic up a sense of urgent moral purpose – they’re saving the planet, no less! It lends itself beautifully, or, rather, terrifyingly, to the project of social engineering: lower your horizons, learn to live with less, reconceive of yourself as a destructive creature in need of top-down control rather than a creative being who might help to push humanity forward. It naturalises the limitations of capitalism, encouraging people to make their peace with austerity and downturn on the basis that economic growth is a bad, nature-exploiting idea. And it is a very difficult ideology to challenge. The marshalling of The Science to buoy up this ruling-class ideology means that anyone who questions it – anyone who demands more growth, more ambition, a bigger human footprint – can swiftly be written off as an anti-scientific scourge, as a ‘denier’ of the revealed truths of climatology. Its social engineering, its social control and its strict, censorious management of social aspirations are what make the green ideology so attractive to the new elites.

    COP26 will help to consolidate this neo-aristocracy. And, bizarrely, the left will cheer it on. The left once said: ‘We do not preach a gospel of want and scarcity, but of abundance… We do not call for a limitation of births, for penurious thrift, and self-denial. We call for a great production that will supply all, and more than all the people can consume.’ (Sylvia Pankhurst.) Now it pleads with the super-rich to come up with more and more creative ideas for how to rein in the filthy habits and material dreams of the masses. What a disaster. It isn’t climate change that poses the largest threat to humanity in the early 21st century. It’s the bourgeoisie’s loss of faith in its historic project, and its arrogant generalisation of that loss of faith into a new ‘green’ ideology we must all bow down before. A revolt against environmentalism is arguably the most necessary cause of our age. Who’s in?

    Brendan O’Neill Spiked

    The elites are laughing in our faces

    03 XI 2021.

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    Britain’s eco-warriors sent to jail for road blockages

    Britain’s eco-warriors sent to jail for road blockages

    Climate change demonstrators from "Insulate Britain" hold banners outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Britain

    The UK has jailed nine Insulate Britain eco-warriors guilty of breaching an injunction banning them from road blockades, after they vowed to keep up the disruptive demonstrations.

    On Wednesday, six demonstrators were given four-month jail sentences, two got three months and a final defendant was given a six-month term; all nine were aged between 20 and 58. The eco-warriors were convicted of contempt of court for violating an injunction meant to prevent them from blocking busy roads.

    Ben Taylor got the longest sentence after a submission to the court which was described as “inflammatory” and a “call to arms.”The judge said there was no alternative other than custodial sentences given their admission that they wish to continue flouting the law. “The right thing to do is to highlight the injustice, breaking the law if needed,” a spokesperson for the organization stated, likening their plight to that of the suffragettes.

    Insulate Britain launched their campaign in September, targeting major motorways, roads in London and the Port of Dover. Group members blockaded roads, stopping traffic and angering motorists. They demand the government invest in home insulation, deemed an important consideration in reducing carbon emissions.

    The government responded by getting a court injunction, preventing road blockades.“I'll continue to do all I can to protect road-users and prevent dangerous, disruptive behaviour,” Transport Minister Grant Shapps
    said in a tweet, following the sentencing.

    Serves them right for their narcissistic virtue signalling.
    The Judge should have made these lunatics serve out their sentence, in a high-security psychiatric hospital,with Electric Shock therapy on the menu once a week.

    To fight against climate change, I suggest these eco-warriors put their hands in the backside of cows, to avoid harmful methane gas escaping.

    The mother of fools is always pregnant. Pathetic sentencing. Bring back chain gangs and hard labour.

    Britain’s eco-warriors sent to jail for road blockages 17 XI 2021.


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