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Thread: Men into Women, Women into Men

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    Men into Women, Women into Men

    If you look around you, really look, you’ll see a transition going on in society in which women are becoming more masculine and men are turning into women.

    In cities across Europe, in Canada, America and Australia, 30-year old men are riding electric skateboards, playing video games and failing to get a driver’s licence. Women, on the other hand, are flooding into universities and taking up good paying jobs in education, medicine, business, publishing, the arts, and (gasp) the army. They’ve stopped being wives and mothers and have started being primary wage earners.

    Simultaneously with this infantalization of men is the rise, in entertainment, of women as warriors, mythical creatures who combine masculine fighting abilities with breasts, hips and waists.

    Before I get to the dynamo driving all this, I have another example. In motorcycling, the clothing style in the 1950’s used to be a waxed cotton jacket and a maybe a leather cap. Nowadays, motorcyclists are kitted out in combat boots, padded pants and jackets, air force crash helmets, armoured gloves and even, in some cases, jackets with crash-activated air bags. I call it the pussification of motorcycling.

    Motorcycling is inherently dangerous; the current attempts to make it ‘safe’ are entirely from a feminine perspective. In the past women used to tell their sons to stay away from bikes. Now they tell their sons to suit up like astronauts.

    So where did all this cross gender transitioning come from? The answer is from the Frankfurt School of social theory and critical philosophy associated with the Institute for Social Research, at Goethe University Frankfurt in 1929. Leaders at the school believed war could be ended, and socialism advanced, if the patriarchal family and national model could be overthrown and replaced with a more egalitarian model.

    For it to be egalitarian, men would perforce, have to be more feminine, and women, masculine. Which is what we’re seeing today. A major multi-decade effort on the part of Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt school has proven successful. Using campaigns for abortion, women’s rights, equality and the environment, the aims of the school have largely been achieved.

    But is there another goal? Another layer of the Communist onion?

    Yes there is. The second layer has to do with the traditional mindset of men and women when it comes to politics. Men look for leaders who have clear policy positions. They think of the big picture, of geopolitical dynamics, of demographic change, national economics, and yes of patriotism.

    Women, on the other hand, are influenced by the superficial; of style, clothing, kindness and instances of virtue signalling. This why someone like Justin Trudeau can get millions of votes while simultaneously running the country into a debt trap. White women cheer him adoringly while he opens the nation’s gates to millions of dark-skinned third-world men with minimal parenting skills and strong sexual urges.

    Women see no problem with mass immigration because they don’t think of the micro implications of macro political policies. What’s happened in Afghanistan, with the re-imposition of 7th Century social norms, is an example of women failing to associate politics with culture.

    And beneath that layer, there is another. Women, in general, want an authoritarian government to replace the masculine figure they’ve just kicked out of the house. They’re willing to accept all kinds of restrictions, strictures, rules and regulations because they think these will mostly apply to the displaced men. Women have always lived with rules created by their husbands. Now, with the state, they can turn the rules against the men who use to rule them.

    What, aside from accepting Islam as our new religion, is to be done?

    I think part of the solution is to have the PPC form political clubs, along the line of the Conservative Clubs (ConClubs) in Britain. These look and act much like Canadian Legion branches, but unlike the Legion, are overtly political. Members of the PeoplesClub would have to be PPC members and, ironically, would have to show a PPC QR code to get in.

    The clubs would have three purposes: to be a gathering point for like minded Canadian white nationalists, to draw women into the right wing universe and to act as a headquarters for PPC political campaigns.

    Since women tend to vote with the consensus of their friends, and since they’d make friends from the people they’d meet with their husbands, they would be far more inclined to vote PPC than if these clubs didn’t exist.

    And, there’s one more benefit; in the dark days ahead we’re all going to need somewhere to go to get away from the woke mobs around us. The PeoplesClubs would be just such an oasis.


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    I don't think it's accurate to say women are becoming men.

    Sure, they are prioritising careers, but these careers are not typically the male ones. They are soft "careers" without hard physical or intellectual effort that build upon interacting with people and creating consensus in a racially diverse environment, like an office or a hospital.

    They do not do the hard part in relationships, which is to chase and propose. More than ever before, men are expected and have to do this, often leading to mass rejection (specially online). Men are probably rejected more often today than at any other period of history. And women are choosier (characteristically female role) today than at any other point of history. Every single dating app experiment tells the same story.

    They are not investing time in becoming more politically active or intellectually rich, as men typically did. Instead, they devote time into meaningless travels and consumerism. Letting the "progressive" intellectuals in the media and universities do the thinking for them.

    More than anything else, it seems that women are behaving like useful pawns of a system that is destroying us. The system in return validates them and fills them with vanity in the form of media reports and university "studies". Sometimes about how much women are "advancing" as a sex. Some other times about how race doesn't matter and multiculturalism and a white minority/extinction are great.

    Men are trying to cope with a situation that is both unnatural and hostile to them as a sex.

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