This reminds a lot of what we experience in the West.

The pattern seems to be: if women are given any sort of freedom as to whom they date, they create a totally unbalanced market where most of the men are left off. After this, the birthrates decrease below replacement levels.

This situation becomes worse if:

* women have no economic incentive to get involved in relationships (ie they are financially independent). The more financially independent they are, the more that the man needs to earn. But the problem is that the jobs are increasingly limited and for there to be winners, there must be losers. A lot of them.

* there is no cultural pressure on women to have children. I think we can establish at this stage that the glorified and so called "mother instinct" is virtually non-existent. Women are hedonistic by nature and put more superficial pleasures like travels and lifestyle before having children. Instead, it is the men who are more interested, as they are the natural protectors and perpetuators of the tribe. The problem is: the decision is ultimately up to women. And when given the choice, women drive the birthrate down.

Religion at least made women desire motherhood. Consumerism and careerism only postpone it.