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Thread: Multiracial White Nationalism? Thoughts on the American Populist Union

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    Multiracial White Nationalism? Thoughts on the American Populist Union

    Travis LeBlanc

    As a matter of obligatory oppo research, I occasionally peruse Antifa Twitter. I think all White Nationalists should take some time watching what Antifa are up to if for no other reason than because they spend a lot of time watching us. You can also pick up some helpful tips on how to improve your opsec because when they dox people, they will usually go through and give a step-by-step explanation on how they put the pieces together. “Oh, I should probably close that little loophole . . .”

    Recently, I was looking through Antifa Twitter and found a tweet thread by Antifa Jew Ben Lorber. Lorber works for the anti-racist think tank Political Research Associates and has quoted me in a one of his articles . In addition to being anti-white, he’s also a pro-Palestine Israel critic. So he has loyalty to no one. He just wants to see the whole world burn.

    His tweet thread involved Nick Fuentes’ recent attempt to crash CPAC, and Lorder is going through and identifying all the people in Fuentes’ entourage. There was former Tik Tok star Lancevideos, One Young Patriot, and Culture War Criminal. There were also a few non-whites in Fuentes’ entourage that day. One was LatinoZoomer, and then there was this guy Jordan B who is half black.

    In response to the non-whites in Fuentes’ crew, Lorder drops this tweet:

    Of course, people had a lot of fun with that tweet.

    Now, the term “multiracial White Nationalism” is an oxymoron. And yet Lorder is referring to a real phenomenon. I’m not going to get too deep into whether or not Nick Fuentesism constitutes “ White Nationalism.” Maybe not technically but functionally, yeah, you could make an argument that it is. Issue for issue, there is not a lot of disagreement, but the messaging and justifications may vary. In my opinion, it’s good enough for jazz.

    If it’s not White Nationalism, it’s something there isn’t a word for. It’s not civic nationalism, because civic nationalism is colorblind, and Fuentesism is race realist and j-woke, plus it rejects the notion of a country being about ideas which is central to civic nationalism.

    Maybe “multiracial White Nationalism” is not the mot juste, but it’s not as off the mark as the scoffers would like to insist. There are non-whites out there supporting something pretty close to White Nationalism. At minimum, there are non-whites supporting something that is called White Nationalism by a great many people.

    A few days after reading that humdinger of a tweet, I see the article on Salon with the headline “Right-wing student group Turning Point USA struggles to bar White Nationalists from gathering.” The article is talking about how TPUSA is worried that their event will be infiltrated and disrupted by Groypers.

    Our pal Ben Lorder is quoted a couple times in the article. Feel free to read this quote in your best Morrakiu impersonation. “The White Nationalist groyper movement has long viewed TPUSA as a strategic site for recruiting and spreading their ideology among conservative youth. Since 2019, the groypers have pursued a dual strategy of publicly pressuring TPUSA to move further rightward while quietly infiltrating its chapters to effect change from within. In the 2021 school year, White Nationalist movements like the groypers continue their efforts to target right-wing college students in order to further radicalize the next generation of conservative leaders.”

    The article then starts talking about the group American Populist Union which is planning on having their own event opposite TPUSA’s in the same city. The article describes American Populist Union as being “a loosely affiliated group of extremists and White Nationalists.”

    Lorber is quoted again. Speaking in a voice that sounds exactly like Morrakiu , Lorber says “Leaders and followers of the American Populist Union, most of whom are college-age or younger, slander feminists and LGBTQ people as ‘degenerate,’ argue for a moratorium on all immigration, view themselves as victimized by ‘anti-white hatred’ in universities and popular culture, and oppose a conservative establishment they view as weak and ineffectual. Multiple movement leaders have signaled alignment with and organized alongside Nick Fuentes and the groyper movement. In their private chat rooms and servers, open support for the groypers, and their White Nationalist agenda isn’t hard to find.”

    So now I’m curious about who this American Populist Union is. What is this Fuentesist answer to TPUSA? I’ve heard the name before. I go to their website and it turns out the founder and chief spokesman of the group is a guy named Vince Dao who is quite clearly non-white. In case you don’t know, Dao (“Daaa-aaaa-aaaa-o, daylight come and me wanna go home,” sorry couldn’t help myself) is a Vietnamese name.

    His bio reads “Vince Dao is the co-founder and chief spokesperson of the American Populist Union. Dao hosts a weekly TV show called “The National Conservative” and was featured in Newsweek‘s Top 12 Conservative Up-and-Comers, Dao identifies as a Populist Conservative.”

    The chief executive of the American Populist Union is Shashank Yalamanchi. Yalamanci is an Indian name. Apparently, he handles all of the legal stuff for American Populist Union.

    The fact that not-technically-but-kinda-sorta-white-nationalist Nick Fuentes had some non-white supporters was like “OK, whatever.” But here we have a Fuentesist group that is being led by non-whites. This requires a bit more thought.

    First of all, the fact that American Populist Union’s initials are APU is unfortunate as it brings to mind the Indian convenience store clerk from The Simpsons.

    More: Counter-Currents

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