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Thread: Revisionist Zündel Back In Canada & Has Hired A High-powered Immigration Lawyer

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    Post Revisionist Zündel Back In Canada & Has Hired A High-powered Immigration Lawyer


    Zundel Hires Top Immigration Attorney
    "Unbiased" Immigration Minister Says He Will Expel Zundel, Regardless
    The Law

    2/22/03 12:01:31 PM
    Ottawa Citizen / Toronto Globe and Mail

    Toronto, Canada -- [LSN: Note that almost all newspapers in Canada are
    owned by Jewish hate monger Israel Asper, who tightly controls all news
    printed in the country, and makes sure it reflects a Jewish

    Zundel hires prominant Toronto lawyer


    Globe and Mail Update

    Sources say Ernst Zundel has hired a Toronto lawyer known for strong
    words and a mercurial courtroom demeanour ? and for representing refugee
    claimants whom Ottawa declares deportable threats to national security.

    Rocco Galati's clients include several accused of being Islamic
    extremists, including an Egyptian who once befriended Osama bin Laden.
    Now Mr. Galati will represent Mr. Zundel, a German-born Holocaust
    denier, as Canada figures out what to do with him.

    Mr. Galati could not be reached for comment yesterday. Bernie Farber of
    the Canadian Jewish Congress, and Mark Weber, a friend of Mr. Zundel's
    in the United States, said separately yesterday that Mr. Galati had
    been retained.

    Mr. Zundel remains in a Canadian jail after being removed from the
    United States by U.S. immigration agents, who arrested him in the Tennessee
    home where he had been living for nearly three years. It's unclear what
    will happen to him this weekend.

    Mr. Zundel lived for most of his life in Canada but was never granted
    citizenship. He is understood to have claimed refugee status after being
    removed from the United States, for fear he will be jailed under strict
    anti-hate laws if he is returned to his native Germany.

    Debate about Mr. Zundel could centre on whether he is a threat to
    national security ? as Canadian intelligence agents once deemed him when he
    was denied citizenship in 1996.

    Should Ottawa try to deport Mr. Zundel on the basis of being a security
    threat, he'll have a lawyer with experience in defending against that

    Mr. Galati has been frustrated many times by the secret intelligence
    information that the Solicitor-General and Immigration Minister have used
    to issue such security certificates against 23 people in the past 13

    "I cannot in good conscience . . . proceed with what I consider a sham
    proceeding," Mr. Galati told a judge when he walked out of a trial last
    year. "My oath would not forgive me. My conscience would not forgive
    me. And history would not forgive me."

    At the time, Mr. Galati was representing Egyptian Mahmoud Jaballah, who
    was accused of being a member of al-Jihad, a radical group that merged
    with al-Qaeda a few years ago. Mr. Galati also represents another
    Egyptian named Mohammed Zeki Mahjoub, who admits he met Osama bin Laden
    several times but denies being a terrorist.

    Both of these clients ? who, like Mr. Zundel, entered Canada as refugee
    claimants ? have been deemed security threats. However, Mr. Galati has
    been able to keep them from being deported so far.

    Immigration Minister Denis Coderre has signalled that he will take
    quick action on the Zundel matter: "Just watch me," he said Thursday.

    Mr. Galati is critical of cabinet ministers who would meddle in due
    process. "The ministers in this case don't give a rat's ass about the
    court," he once said.

    Mr. Galati has always passionately argued for fairness and due process.
    He is not affiliated with the movements of any of his clients.

    Some observers see an ideological link between Islamic fundamentalists
    and people such as Mr. Zundel. "There has been an unholy alliance
    between Islamists and Holocaust deniers," said Manuel Prutschi of the
    Canadian Jewish Congress. "In some ways, Mr. Zundel is a pioneer of that

    [LSN: Ever notice how every Jew involved in organized Judaism,
    everywhere in the world, says the exact the same thing, as if they didn't have
    an individual existence, but were just one of the many mouths of some
    giant beast?]

    Mr. Prutschi said some of the tracts Mr. Zundel published and sent to
    the Middle East 20 years ago resemble a false rumour that recently
    circulated through the region: that Jews perpetrated the Sept. 11, 2001,
    terrorist attacks.

    "The basic premise from early on was the Jews were exemplary world
    conspirators and pulled off the mother of all conspiracies," Mr.
    Prutschi said.

    Lately, Canada has been more concerned with terrorist organizations
    than with hate groups. Still, white-supremacist groups continue to have a
    presence here.

    "Ernst certainly has his friends here in Canada who will help him out
    and give him what he needs," said Elizabeth Moore, who was once involved
    in Mr. Zundel's movement but now speaks out against racism.

    "As far as the movement as a whole, it's not as organized as it was in
    the mid-nineties," she said. "Everybody is kind of scattered."

    [LSN: ??? Those mid-90s, when the Nazis were about to seize power ...

    Ms. Moore says she is ashamed of her past, which includes times when
    she used to stuff propaganda envelopes in the house Mr. Zundel used to
    own in Toronto.

    "Ernst Zundel's placemats said 'Germany: Stop Apologizing For What You
    Didn't Do.' How warped does that make you to see that at breakfast
    every day?" Ms. Moore said yesterday.

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    Post Top Nazi prosecutor to try Zundel case

    Top Nazi prosecutor to try Zundel case
    Hearing begins today

    Entire Article

    Adrian Humphreys
    National Post

    The Department of Justice has assigned its top Nazi war crimes prosecutor to represent the government at today's detention review hearing for Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who is seeking refugee status in Canada.

    Donald Macintosh, a senior federal government lawyer based in Toronto, has handled several high-profile immigration cases in Canada that involved allegations of war crimes committed in Europe during the Nazi era.

    Dorette Pollard, director of communication for the Department of Justice, said Macintosh's appointment is not necessarily because of his experience in dealing with Nazi atrocities.

    "It could simply be a question of workload. He is one of our capable lawyers, as they all are, in our immigration section," Pollard said.

    It is not usual practice, however, for senior federal lawyers to represent the government at detention review hearings.

    "Because of the nature of the case, a lawyer has been assigned," Pollard said.

    Zundel, 63, has remained in detention in Niagara Falls, Ont., since United States immigration officials deported him to Ontario last week.

    Macintosh has handled several of Canada's war crimes cases, including:

    * Helmut Oberlander of Waterloo, Ont., who is awaiting a decision on his appeal of a deportation order. He is accused of being a member of the German Einsatzkommando, a Nazi squad that executed civilians, and then lying about his role when entering Canada.
    * Conrad Kalejs, accused of being a leader of the Latvian Arise Commando, a group accused of murdering 20,000 Jews, was deported from Canada to Australia in 1997.
    * Johann Dueck was accused of being deputy chief of a police unit that helped the Nazis round up and kill people in German-occupied Ukraine. He was found not guilty in 1998 of obtaining his citizenship by false representation and was later awarded $750,000 as compensation for the prosecution.

    Macintosh's experience and knowledge of the Nazi record make his selection to handle Zundel's case a sound one, said Keith Landy, national president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

    "Mr. Macintosh is well-known to us for the prosecution of Dueck, Kalejs, Oberlander and others," Landy said.

    "The more knowledgeable a person is to the views of the applicant it will allow for a deeper and more thorough inquiry into the veracity of the claims. And he is, by all accounts, a very professional and capable prosecutor. "

    Zundel's attempt to be granted refugee status in Canada has caused outrage and officials in Ottawa are trying to ensure he does not resume residency here, where he lived from 1958 until he left voluntarily in 2001.

    During his time in Canada, he published Nazi and neo-Nazi views, associated with white supremacists and sought publicity for his notion that Germany has been wrongly accused of killing six million Jews.

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