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    Hunter Biden

    During a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, Donald Trump Jr. had harsh words for Hunter Biden, mentioning numerous scandals, including his drug addiction.

    Trump Jr. had plenty to say when speaking to a crowd of supporters at CPAC this week. The former president’s oldest son targeted CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and even the recently sentenced Michael Avenatti. His criticism of Hunter Biden, however, is what got him trending on social media and triggered liberal critics.

    “How do we get what we want from the Democrat Party? Just buy Hunter’s art,” Donald Trump Jr. told the crowd, referring to Biden’s increasingly controversial art show set for the fall in New York City. Pieces at the show will sell for as much as $500,000, and sellers will be kept private – two details that have numerous experts, including former Obama Director of Government Ethics Walter Shaub, up in arms and citing potential corruption.

    Other conservatives have also been targeting Biden over the upcoming art show, demanding the names of sellers be released.

    Rudy W. Giuliani


    Jul 10

    Hunter paintings can be bought anonymously for $500,000 and up! This can only happen in a country where most of the media is corrupt. I will not be silent.

    Could you imagine the outrage if that was Trump?/

    Don Jr would be sent to GITMO! But crackhead & the big guy get a free pass.

    Completely illegal. Will any Republicans do anything? REVEALED: The White House HELPED Hunter Biden reach deal to keep buyers of his paintings listed for up to $500,000 confidential so they could 'avoid' ethics issues

    The White House reportedly worked behind the scenes to help draft the anonymous buyer’s agreement for Biden’s upcoming art show, and press secretary Jen Psaki has defended the auction, saying the president’s son has the “right” to pursue an “artistic career,” and that “reasonable safeguards” have been put in place to combat potential corruption.

    Trump Jr. also targeted Biden for recently released alleged text messages that included racist language, one of the latest developments from the “laptop from hell,” an allegedly abandoned laptop belonging to Biden that has led to numerous accusations of using his father’s political influence to make foreign business dealings.
    Donald Trump Jr. claimed Biden’s admitted addiction to drugs is what gives him a free pass on his other controversies, as he faces pushback even for talking about the current president’s son.

    “I totally understand addiction. It's terrible,” Trump Jr. said. “We all know people that have suffered from it. It doesn't absolve you from being a total piece of garbage in every other aspect of your life. It doesn't absolve you from selling access to the highest levels of government. It doesn't absolve you from selling out your country. It doesn't absolve you from, I don't know, child support from the stripper you knocked up a couple of years ago … Because I have a feeling that if it was me, I would not be absolved.”

    Trump Jr. also targeted Hunter Biden’s father, saying the “world is going to hell” under the current administration, citing both rising gas prices – the highest they’ve been in years – and gaffes, like the White House recently celebrating a $0.16 savings for Americans in Fourth of July costs.

    Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to follow his son and speak at Dallas’ three-day CPAC event on Sunday.

    The Bidens are in the Top 5 most Corrupt Democrat Crime Families in power today. 1) Clintons, 2) Obamas, 3) Bidens, 4) Pelosis, & 5) Feinsteins. Each of these families has made multi millions selling out American interests to China. Each of these crime families should be locked up and put in prison, however they are protected by the Marxst Democrat Party, as well as international globalist interests. These are horrible, corrupt individuals who have put their own interests ahead of Americans. If this were 1800 they would be swinging from the gallows. Instead, they swing with Chinese spies.

    "These are horrible, corrupt individuals who have put their own interests ahead of Americans". A beautiful description of present day american elite.

    like father (Joe Biden), like son (Hunter Biden)...

    R T:
    ‘Just buy Hunter’s art!’ Trump Jr. targets Hunter Biden’s numerous scandals in fiery CPAC speech
    10 July 2021.

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    Hunter Biden's Prosecutor Delayed Moves in Probe to Avoid Politicisation Ahead of 2020 Vote: Report

    Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who is being investigated for his business deals in China and Ukraine and alleged money laundering schemes, earlier said that he is “100%” confident he will be “cleared of any wrongdoing”.

    The Delaware prosecutor who is investigating Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs” chose not to seek warrants or issue grand jury subpoenas in the case prior to the November 2020 election fearing that the probe would be politicised, according to Politico’s bombshell

    The investigation into Hunter Biden’s money exchanges with China, Ukraine and other foreign nations
    was launched by US Attorney's Office in Delaware at some point in 2018, but was not disclosed until several weeks after the presidential election.

    As Trump’s and Biden’s presidential campaigns were in full swing last summer, investigators decided that it was time to bring the case into Hunter Biden to a new level with subpoenas and other moves. US Attorney David Weiss, however, feared that this would make the probe public and affect the presidential election, that was eventually won by Hunter’s dad Joe Biden.

    “It was a close call,” a person, who was allegedly involved in the discussions and supported Weiss’ decision, told Politico. “That case has way more credibility now.”

    According to the report, “no matter what he [Weiss] did, the decision was sure to come under scrutiny for signs of politicisation”.

    Weiss, a Republican supporter, was appointed by Donald Trump in 2018. Following Biden's swearing-in, he was asked to stay in the position to continue the investigation into Biden’s son.

    In this Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, file photo, Hunter Biden arrives at the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington

    The Probe That Caught Many Off Guard

    Hunter Biden, 51, publicly unveiled the probe only in December 2020 after his father had already been declared the winner of the presidential race. Hunter, who
    has been battling accusations of using his father’s power to get a high-profile post in Ukraine’s natural gas giant Burisma and that he was involved in money laundering schemes in China, said that he had learned about the probe only at that time.

    "I learned yesterday for the first time that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs," Hunter Biden said in December.

    The businessman-turned-artist added that
    he was sure that the review would conclude that he'd handled his foreign affairs “legally and appropriately”.

    Later Hunter said in the interview with CBS News that he was “100% certain” that he “will be cleared of any wrongdoing” by the end of investigation.

    President Biden unsurprisingly signalled support for his son. Former President Donald Trump, however, was furious over the news that his attorney general, William Barr, had kept silent on the investigation into Hunter Biden during the election cycle, calling this “a big disappointment” on Twitter.
    “Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth to the public, before the Election, about Hunter Biden. Joe was lying on the debate stage that nothing was wrong, or going on – Press confirmed. Big disadvantage for Republicans at the polls!,” Trump wrote on Twitter later, weeks before his page was shut down following the 6 January Capitol storming.

    William Barr resigned from his post on 23 December after his departure was announced by Trump on Twitter.

    In this Oct. 15, 2020, file photo Attorney General William Barr speaks during a roundtable discussion on Operation Legend, a federal program to help cities combat violent crime in St. Louis. Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday, Dec. 1, that the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud and has seen nothing that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

    Despite a call from Republicans to appoint a special prosecutor to oversee Hunter Biden’s case, Barr signalled before his leave that the step was unnecessary.

    Hunter Biden and his dad
    are still under scrutiny over a trove of emails and documents discovered on a laptop said to have been abandoned by the president’s son in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019. Some of the findings on the “laptop from hell” – as Trump kindly put it – suggested that Hunter Biden organised a meeting between his father Joe and one of his Burisma colleagues when Joe Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President and was overseeing policy toward Ukraine. Joe Biden, who previously insisted that he had never mixed politics with his son’s business, denied the claims.

    Hunter himself
    couldn’t confirm or deny that he was the true owner of the controversial device.

    Hunter Biden's Prosecutor Delayed Moves in Probe to Avoid Politicisation Ahead of 2020 Vote: Rep
    Hunter Biden's Prosecutor Delayed Moves in Probe to Avoid Politicisation Ahead of 2020 Vote.

    Incredible that the Media sell Fagin and his son as honest and good. Of course Barr was bought.

    Definition of fagin : an adult who instructs others (such as children) in crime.

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    Report: Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Sued for Fraud and Breach of Contract

    Report: Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Sued for Fraud and Breach of Contract

    Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Bergčs, was reportedly sued for fraud and breach of contract in 2016 by an investor in his gallery.

    “The lawsuit alleged that [Ingrid] Arneberg, an artist herself, had invested $500,000 for the purpose of gallery expansion and that Berges deposited it in his personal bank account to cover expenses,” CBS News reported Wednesday. “Berges countersued for $4.5 million, claiming, among other things, defamation and breach of fiduciary duty. The two settled in 2018 and terms were not disclosed.”
    But that is not the only incident in which Hunter Biden’s art dealer has been involved.

    Bergčs filed for personal bankruptcy in 1998, and “his creditors included credit card companies, a bank, a jeweler and furniture retailer Pier One Imports, according to federal court records. Bankruptcy proceedings ended three months later,” according to the report.

    Also, Bergčs was arrested in California months before filing for bankruptcy and was “charged with assault with a deadly weapon and ‘terrorist threats,’ according to public records from the Santa Cruz Police Department.”

    The police department provided a report to CBS News in which is described police officers responding “to a report of a fight inside the residence involving one suspect with a knife. No injuries reported.”

    Georges Bergčs Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis told CBS News Bergčs “got into an altercation with a roommate.”

    “Court records indicate Berges was sentenced to three years’ probation, but Davis said the felony charges were knocked down to misdemeanors and eventually dismissed,” CBS News reported. “Santa Cruz County officials declined to clarify the outcome of the case. Berges never served probation, Davis said, downplaying the incident.”

    The incidents of Hunter Biden’s art dealer are relevant because the two art shows that Berges will throw for Hunter in New York City and Los Angeles rely on Bergčs’ character.

    The Washington Post
    reportedBergčs “agreed to reject any offer” for Hunter’s “artwork” from anonymous buyers “that he deems suspicious or that comes in over the asking price, according to people familiar with the agreement.”

    Also according to the article, Bergčs willset the prices for the artwork and withhold “all records, including potential bidders and final buyers.”
    “Everyone will be vetted…so, whomever is appropriate will be attending,” David explained about the concern of who might buy the novice’s “artwork” during events in which “Biden will not discuss potential purchases, prices, or anything related to the selling of artwork, according to a “source familiar with the matter.”

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed July 10 that Hunter Biden “has the right to pursue an artistic career” by selling “artwork” to an anonymous buyer for as much as $500,000, despite concerns that Hunter Biden is still invested in “CCP [Chinese Communist Party]-linked firms.”

    But Hunter Biden will “presumably socialize with potential buyers,” which is “seemingly at odds with an agreement struck with the gallery owner that aims to keep buyers’ identities secret from Biden, President Biden, the White House, and the public.”

    “He really wants to help Hunter and for people to recognize his talent,” Davis claimed of Bergčs. “So you know, I think it’s all on the up and up.”

    Breitbart News senior contributor and Profiles in Corruption author Peter Schweizer, however,explained the art extravaganza is an utterly “absurd” situation.

    “The only way to address these issues is with greater transparency–not less,” he told Breitbart News. “Their proposed solution is greater secrecy, not transparency. And they are essentially saying ‘Trust Us.’ Joe and Hunter Biden’s track record on such matters gives us no reason to trust them.”

    Adding to the newly reported background of Bergčs, Breitbart News reported July 8 that Bergčs haslinks to China:

    Bergčs is holding an art exhibition in the fall, where Hunter’s art is expected to sell anywhere from $75,000-$500,000. The entire venture has prompted ethics concerns, particularly given Hunter’s past work as his father served as vice president — striking deals with Chinese officials and raking in tens of thousands of dollars per month serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian oligarch-owned oil and gas company, despite having no experience in the energy sector. His father would later brag about threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine unless officials fired the prosecutor conducting a corruption investigation into Burisma.

    But instead of making the transactions more transparent and open, the White House is hoping to strike a deal to make buyers of Hunter Biden’s artwork, which is expected to sell for up to half a million dollars, anonymous.

    Despite President Joe Biden’s son’s new scandalous venture, Hunter Biden toldArtnet, “My dad loves everything that I do, and so I’ll leave it at that.”

    I call this one "I thought it was blow but it was paint"
    Price: $500,000
    Buyer: Executive from Pfizer.

    Report: Hunter Biden's Art Dealer Sued for Fraud by ...

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    Hunter Biden tells prostitute in video he lost ANOTHER laptop containing 'crazy sex' footage, blames the Russians – media

    Hunter Biden tells prostitute in video he lost ANOTHER laptop containing 'crazy sex' footage, blames the Russians – media

    Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, attend an NCAA basketball game between Georgetown University and Duke University in Washington, DC, January 30, 2010

    Video footage shows Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, admitting to a prostitute that he lost a laptop full of incriminating data during a 2018 drug binge. If Hunter is to be believed, he has now lost three computers.

    First son, recovering addict, and aspiring artist Hunter Biden can’t seem to keep his private data in his own hands. A laptop abandoned in a Delaware repair shop in 2019 and obtained by the New York Post weeks before the 2020 election
    revealed evidence of the Biden family’s involvement in numerous alleged foreign corruption schemes, and another computer belonging to the president’s son was reportedly seized by federal agents last February during a search on a psychiatrist’s office in Massachusetts.

    Now, there’s apparently a third laptop out in the open. Video footage found on the latest surfaced laptop by the Daily Mail and published on Wednesday purportedly shows a post-coital Hunter telling a prostitute that “three guys,” including his drug dealer, made off with a laptop while Hunter lay face-down in a hotel pool in Las Vegas during a bender in 2018.

    “They have videos of me doing this,” Hunter said, referring to his session with the prostitute. “They have videos of me doing crazy f**king sex.”

    Hunter told the prostitute that when he finally came to, he was alone in the hotel room with a Russian woman, minus his laptop. He also inferred in the video that the drug dealer was Russian, and that the laptop would be used as blackmail against him, as his father was about to launch his presidential campaign.

    Whatever videos the laptop contained were never released, although Hunter’s claims that they contained “crazy f**king sex” are believable, considering the Delaware laptop was rammed full of sexually explicit images and videos, including one in which Hunter smoked crack and had sex with an unidentified prostitute, and posed while pulling the hair of the same prostitute from the latest video.

    The New York Post and conservative media outlets, however, were more concerned with the alleged corruption detailed on the laptop, including an apparent cash-for-access scheme in Ukraine and several business ventures in China, one of which promised to pay tens of millions of dollars for “introductions alone.” 10% of one proposed venture was to be kicked up to “the big guy,” an apparent reference to Joe Biden.

    For its reporting, the Post was temporarily banned from Twitter, and sharing of the story was banned on both Twitter and Facebook. Conservatives and supporters of Donald Trump saw the censorship as an example of the tech firms showing their pro-Biden bias in the runup to the election.

    The 'Russians' is such a useful and convenient term in USA and its white Anglo-Sphere allies, they can blame all their ills and unsolved crimes to the 'Russians'. No proof is needed, the allegations will be believed.

    Admissions, and hard evidence yet daddy still was 'given' the presidential office, no charges, investigation, or anything about Hunters crimes, Joe's crimes. The Corporation 'USA' protects them as it protected the Clintons,Bush's and many other political criminals. Americans are so totally niave, dissonant and brain washed they even except Covid, fake vaccines, and steady stream of lies from TV and DC.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree. The fact that the USA people voted
    (installed) in a man whos son sends nudes to his dead brothers niece tells me how messed up us humans are.

    Hunter Biden tells prostitute in video he lost ANOTHER laptop containing 'crazy sex' footage, blames the Russians – media


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    Trump blasts media, Biden admin over Hunter Biden ‘blackmail’ tape

    Former President Donald Trump is blasting the Biden administration for not prosecuting Hunter Biden amid a recently revealed video clip showing the naked first son talking with a woman about how one of his computers was stolen by a drug dealer and could be used for blackmail.

    “They use their prosecutors to get people … and yet the son doesn’t get prosecuted. You take a look at what he’s done. How about the tape? The tape is the scandal. … The tape that came out on Hunter is a national scandal and extremely illegal and nobody’s doing anything about it,” Trump said on Fox Business on Wednesday.

    “They go after people that are Republicans,” he continued.

    The recently surfaced clip shows Hunter Biden naked while recounting how he was passed out in a pool when a computer with recordings of him engaged in “crazy” sex acts was stolen — possibly for blackmail purposes, according to a report.

    The conversation took place while Biden and an unidentified woman lounged around in the nude after having sex in January 2019, the Daily Mail said.

    “They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing like f—ing crazy [bleep] sex [bleep],” Biden said, according to a 3-minute, 40-second video clip posted online.

    “But how long ago did this happen? You said before—,” the woman asked.

    “Last summer,” Biden answered.

    Earlier, Biden said the theft took place while he “was in the [bleep] pool, facedown” and the people he was with “wouldn’t call an ambulance,” according to the newly surfaced video.

    “And somebody stole it during that period of time,” he said.

    If the account is accurate, it would mean that Biden, 51, lost as many as three laptop computers, including one that he’s said he may have abandoned at a Delaware repair shop and another that federal agents reportedly seized from the Massachusetts office of former celebrity psychiatrist Keith Ablow. The Post was not able to independently verify the video clip posted by the Daily Mail.

    At one point, the woman suggested that if the thief had the videos, they “would have been out already.”

    “No, no, no. Because [inaudible] running for president,” Biden said.

    The woman asked Hunter Biden if the laptop thief was trying to blackmail him.

    “No. I make like a gazillion dollars,” he said, sounding confused.

    “No, the guy who took the computer,” the woman said.

    The ensuing exchange is largely inaudible and includes Biden saying both, “No way” and “In some way, yeah.”

    Biden also appeared to suggest that he might get a percentage of whatever the thief earned by anonymously selling the videos to a celebrity gossip website.

    Trump compared the news media’s efforts to protect the Bidens to communism.

    “He was sitting there with some woman. I don’t know who the hell the woman was. And she didn’t have clothes on and neither did he. This would have been five years ago, 10 years ago, the biggest scandal in history. And now they don’t put it on. I’m telling you this is communism,” the former president told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo.

    “What they do is they don’t put things on it. It’s like if something is bad about Biden, they don’t put it on, If something’s bad about me, they make it 10 times worse and they put it on,” he said.

    The Post revealed a trove of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that showed connections between then-candidate Joe Biden’s ties to his son’s foreign business ventures in Ukraine and China– which resulted in The Post’s Twitter account being immediately locked and links to the story disabled on the platform.

    The water-damaged MacBook Pro was dropped off for repair at a Delaware computer shop in April 2019, but the individual who dropped it off never returned to pick it up.

    It was seized by the FBI in December of that year.

    Immediately following the release of The Post’s exposé, Twitter demanded The Post delete six tweets that linked to the stories based on files from the abandoned laptop in order to regain account access, finally caving and unlocking the account after a two-week stalemate.

    During that time, The Post refused to remove the tweets and actually gained followers.

    At a Senate hearing just two weeks after The Post’s return to the site, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey conceded that the company made “a mistake” in its actions.

    “We recognize it as a mistake that we made, both in terms of the intention of the policy and also the enforcement action of not allowing people to share it publicly or privately,” said Dorsey, responding to a question from Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) about the forced media blackout.

    Asked again in March at a Congressional hearing on misinformation and social media about the matter, Dorsey reiterated his assertion that the move was a “total mistake.”

    “It was literally just a process error. This was not against them in any particular way,” Dorsey told the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    “If we remove a violation we require people to correct it,” he added. “We changed that based on their not wanting to delete that tweet, which I completely agree with. I see it. But it is something we learn.”

    Hunter Biden is under investigation by the Justice Department for possible tax fraud stemming from his overseas business deals.


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    Republican FEC Member Doesn't Rule Out Bias in Twitter Banning Hunter Biden Laptop Story

    The story about Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" did not initially receive as much media attention as it might have, as Twitter blocked links to related articles, claiming that it believed the story was part of a "Russian disinformation campaign".

    Republican Federal Election Commission member Sean Cooksey, along with his five counterparts, unanimously voted to reject the Republican National Committee's complaint against Twitter for blocking the New York Post's article about Hunter Biden's laptop.

    The RNC filed its complaint within the FEC in October 2020, claiming that Twitter had breached the campaign finance law when it prevented the laptop story from spreading and made "corporate in-kind contributions to Biden for President".

    Cooksey, however, said in his statement that he found no violation of the said law, but also did not rule out the possibility of Twitter being biased in favour of the Biden campaign.

    "In my view, the record doesn't establish whether Twitter was consistently enforcing a politically neutral business policy or using its platform to support one candidate over another. But I also think the answer to that question is ultimately irrelevant", Cooksey stated, noting that Twitter is "a publisher with a First Amendment right to control the content on its platform and to favour or disfavour certain speech and speakers".

    According to Cooksey's fellow Republican Commissioners Allen Dickerson and James Trainor, Twitter's possible bias was not relevant to the matter as long as it never actively encouraged "Americans to vote one way or another".

    Originally, the story of the so-called "laptop from hell" emerged in the New York Post, with the report suggesting that the son of the future US president was trying to set up a meeting between a Ukrainian energy firm executive and Joe Biden.

    However, despite a massive outcry among Republicans, who immediately blasted the Biden family after the findings, the New York Post was not able to widely share the story due to Twitter preventing it. The social media platform did not allow sharing links to the report, claiming that it violated its rules related to the sharing of "hacking" materials. At the time, the tech giant said that it had made a "quick interpretation" and decided that the article was part of a "Russian disinformation campaign".

    "Upon further consideration, we admitted this action was wrong and corrected it within 24 hours", Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained.

    Twitter's actions, however, were condemned by conservatives as attempts at censorship and a display of political bias.

    'Laptop From Hell'

    The notorious laptop was allegedly forgotten by Hunter Biden in a repair shop in 2019. It was reportedly full of evidence of the Biden family's shady foreign business deals, along with videos of him having sex and using drugs, multiple provocative e-mails, and many personal documents.

    In particular, one of the emails allegedly revealed Hunter trying to make an appointment between his father and Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, in 2015, just a year after Hunter assumed a position on the company's board. Later, the allegations around Burisma prompted Trump's first impeachment in 2019, with Democrats accusing him of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Hunter and his father.

    Due to its bombshell contents, Hunter Biden's device was immediately labelled the "laptop from hell", with Donald Trump actively discussing it during his 2020 presidential campaign, accusing Biden of being "owned" by China and involved in corrupt schemes.

    Joe Biden, however, dismissed the allegations against his son as a "smear against his family" promoted by Trump's "henchmen" such as his attorney Rudi Giuliani.


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    Hunter Biden's wife says infamous laptop 'doesn't exist'.

    Hunter Biden’s wife says infamous laptop ‘doesn’t exist’

    The wife of presidential scion Hunter Biden has seemingly denied the very existence of his infamous laptop, even after Hunter himself acknowledged the computer could “certainly” belong to him.

    Confronted outside his art exhibit at an New York gallery on Thursday, Biden was asked if he had retrieved the infamous laptop which featured emails about overseas business dealings, along with explicit footage of him apparently doing drugs and cavorting with various women.

    Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen interjected to respond that the laptop “doesn’t exist” before Hunter himself commented that “there’s always a smart-ass in the bunch,” the New York Post reported. It was unclear whether or not Cohen made the comment as a joke.

    The invitation-only exhibit at the George Berges Gallery in Soho drew about 60 guests. The gallery was so intent on privacy that it installed a curtained vestibule outside the front door, blocking further visibility with curtains.

    Sources had earlier told the Post that prospective buyers had to call the gallery and submit to unspecified “vetting” by a “team of lawyers.” Gallerist Berges insisted that only he would know the real names of the individuals who bought the paintings, attempting to pour cold water on speculation that special interests might try to “curry favor” with the elder Biden by buying his son’s paintings.

    The White House did its own preemptive damage control, also announcing the buyers would be anonymous.

    The First Son has reportedly lost three laptops, the most recent of which he claimed had been stolen by Russian drug dealers.
    The first laptop, said to be abandoned by Biden in a Delaware repair shop, contained email communications between Hunter and a high-ranking individual at Ukrainian energy company Burisma who was seeking advice on how to “use your influence” – presumably his family name and connections – on behalf of the company. While the elder Biden has insisted he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings, the emails indicated that the executive had been flown to Washington specifically to meet and “spent [sic] some time with” the then-vice president.

    Hunter Biden admitted in April that the first lost computer “absolutely” could have belonged to him.

    The wife of a world class degenerate talks to the media about her degenerate husbands proclivities and lo and behold.....speaks the truth expecting you to trust her! Believe any of her words and I have a bridge to sell you.

    Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen interjected to respond that the laptop “doesn’t exist”
    So the Jews know how to penetrate into the families of US presidents
    Trumps daughter married a Jew
    Clinton's daughter married a Jew
    Kamala Harris married a Jew

    Hunter Biden's Wife Says Husband's Infamous Sex & Drug Romp As Seen On Video By Millions Of Viewers Purely A Figment Of Their Own Sordid Imaginations.

    Is that his wife that used to be married to his brother before he died? And the one he cheated on and made a baby with the stripper. And how would she know how many laptops or lapdances or crek rocks that Haunter had?

    Is this the hooker, teenager, or just some new skank he found at the local crack house?

    She is his handler. Saying what she is supposed to say.

    The only saving grace for the Biden crime family is the amusement provided on an almost daily basis by the clownish antics of the father, filling his pants while talking to the pope and letting a ripper go while talking to royalty being among the most recent examples.

    Somewhere out there is a 3 year old girl who's mommy is a stripper, who's daddy is a crackhead, and who's grandad is the president of the United States! Fact check that.

    Correct except for "the president." That pathetic thing usurped the presidency at the behest of treasonous forces. In some countries, usurpers have occasionally acquitted themselves fairly well, once they're confident in their position of power. But "that thing" is nothing but evil and will go down in history as a vile traitor.

    Hunter Biden’s wife says infamous laptop ‘doesn’t exist’
    13 XI 2021.

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