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Thread: National Socialist SS RuSHA Race Classification

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    National Socialist SS RuSHA Race Classification

    I'm trying to fully recreate the way how the NS classified race (purely for educational purpose).

    In the case of Europeans(Aryans), they looked for 2 things:
    1. No non-Aryan genetics (Jew, Asian, Mongoloid, Oriental, Black, Indian, etc.)
    2. As many Nordic ideal components (blonde hair, blue eyes, slim body, tall, etc.)

    No non-Aryan genetics
    The concept of pure Aryan genetics isn't hard to understand and is very well documented[1], and we know how this practice worked.
    Aryan was not limited to Nordic race, or location, Aryan could be a German, French, English, Czech, Ukrainian, American, Australian, etc.

    Nordic ideal
    However the same cannot be said about the more advanced RuSHA classification.
    Most of the information was taken from post on this forum[2], but I will try to make it as simple as possible.

    This document[3] was taken from book[4] Rasse, Siedlung, deutches Blut. Das Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS und die rassenpolitische Neuordnung Europas by Isabel Heinemann.

    This is the SS Racial card, and translation I made for it.
    They also used IBM punch cards, which I also made into English.

    The Front

    The back
    Other version filled original:

    The punch card

    Numbers 22-42 are self explanatory, 1 was the best, 5 was the worst.
    Number 43 was the physical level of person, where 9 was the best, 1 was the worst.
    Number 44 and 45 were racial categories, ranging from 'pure Nordic' to 'extra-European origin'.
    Number 46 was the sum up of numbers 43-45.

    Later they added category III+ for the number 46.

    Numbers 50-62 represent the races.
    N - Nordid
    F - Dalofaelid
    D - Dinarid

    And finally the number 63 represents the final formula of a person, there are some examples.

    N.d.w. 5 c A III - RuS II
    nr. 50-62 capital N - mainly Nordid, small d, w - some Dinarid and Med elements.
    nr. 43 - 5
    nr. 44 - c
    nr. 45 - AIII
    nr. 46 - RuS II

    W.n.o. 5 d B II - RuS IV
    N.f.ob. 5 c A III - RuS II
    O.w.n. (-?) 4 d B II - RuS IV
    Ob.o.d. 4 d B II - RuS IV
    N.ob.o (w?) 5 c/d B I - Rus III
    n.d.ob. (w?) 4 c A III - RuS II
    There's more in the original post.

    The problem
    There is quite big problem with this, and also the reason I'm creating this post.
    I don't know how they filled out the numbers 43-46, 50-62.
    They obviously did so based on the categories 22-42, but I couldn't find any actual information how they did this.
    Any helpful information regarding this will be appreciated.
    Also, I've tried creating this post on 2 other forums, on one they banned me for racism (purely for creating the thread), and on the other one they talked about everything except the actual question, so hopefully people here will be more willing to say something helpful.


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