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Thread: Boris Johnson Says He’s Open to Amnesty for Some Migrants in U.K. Illegally

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    Boris Johnson Says He’s Open to Amnesty for Some Migrants in U.K. Illegally

    Boris Johnson led Britain out of the European Union on a wave of public anger with high levels of immigration. Now he says he’s open to the idea of an amnesty for migrants who move to the U.K. illegally.

    “When people have been here for a very long time and haven’t fallen foul of the law, then it makes sense to try to regularize their status,” Johnson told a news conference Thursday in London. He said this is “pretty much what already happens under the existing rules” but his comment suggests he’s open to going further.

    Such a dramatic idea would upend decades of government -- and pro-Brexit -- rhetoric on one of the most emotive issues ministers face. Yet it’s an idea that Johnson himself has advocated in the past, as someone who’s known to be more liberal than many of his Tory colleagues on immigration.

    Addressing reporters gathered primarily to discuss the pandemic, Johnson said he’s in favor of a crackdown on the criminal gangs trafficking vulnerable migrants in small boats across the English Channel to Britain. “People have died trying to make this crossing,” he said.


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    The government officials never fully "crack down" as they spew lies from their moving lips. How many people does the UK want living on their islands, 100 million just like Japan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterland View Post
    The government officials never fully "crack down" as they spew lies from their moving lips. How many people does the UK want living on their islands, 100 million just like Japan?
    There's a Turk in his woodpile, or don't you know? Folks only voted for his fake hard Brexit stance, since nobody else went for it. It's terrible when you can't vote for anyone, because aside from those who outright hate your guts being obviously rejected at the polls, those who pretend to like you are hardly better. What a huge waste!

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    Boris Johnson Doesn’t Have the ‘Political Guts’ to Stop Illegal Immigration

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not have the “political guts” to take a firm line on the illegal boat migrant crisis in the English Channel and send the aliens back to France, Reform UK leader Richard Tice told Breitbart London.

    Over 23,500 boat migrants have crossed the English Channel this year, nearly
    three times as many as made the dangerous journey last year. Despite the record-breaking numbers of illegal landings, Prime Minster Boris Johnson’s Tory government has been unable or unwilling to take a firm line with France — where the vast majority of the boat migrants came to Britain from — or indeed the EU as a whole, having only successfully deported five illegals back to the bloc during the whole of this year.

    In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Reform UK leader Richard Tice — who is running for Parliament in the upcoming special by-election for the Sidcup seat — said that the government has been “incompetent” and cowardly in the face of the growing crisis.Mr Tice said that the government is “woefully” failing in its duty to secure the nation’s borders, arguing that migrants should be turned directly back to France, a safe and prosperous nation from which refugees have no justification to flee from. He argued that the waves of migrant boats would cease within “two or three days” if the government began merely sending them back to France, which he said can be justified under existing international law, a claim which the French have denied.

    There will be some difficult discussions with the EU and with France, but this will stop and it will stop fast,” Mr Tice said. As to why he felt Mr Johnson or Home Secretary Priti Patel have yet to adopt such an approach, the Reform UK leader said: “We just haven’t got the political guts, the political will to do it.”

    Despite the UK agreeing to send the French an additional Ł54 million to step up enforcement against the people smuggling trade and patrols of beaches in Calais, the crisis has only intensified. Last week, a new daily record of 1,185 migrants were brought ashore in Britain in a 24-hour period. This week, an estimated 1,135 migrants landed on Tuesday, representing the second-highest figure recorded. Following a meeting between Home Secretary Priti Patel and her French counterpart Gérald Darmanin on Monday, the UK government claimed that France had agreed to work with the British to stop “100 per cent” of illegal crossings of the Channel. This was disputed by the French Embassy, which wrote on social media: “For the record, the 100% figure was not agreed between the Home Secretary and French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and should not be presented as an agreed commitment: it is not. And it is not part of the joint statement.”

    Prior to the meeting on Monday, Darmanin said per The Telegraph that Britain was not in a position to “give lessons” to France on illegal immigration, adding that the UK “should stop using us as a punch ball in their domestic politics”. Aside from being stymied by the French, the government has also been unable to corral its own Border Force to stop acting as a “taxi service” for illegal migrants and turn back the boats. Last week, the union representing Border Force officers, PCS, said that it would begin launching legal action to prevent the government from forcing the agency from actually protecting the UK’s sea border, citing concerns over safety. The outgoing head of the Border Force was even quoted as having complained that “bloody borders” are a “pain in the bloody ass” and that “we are all human beings”.

    Reform UK leader Richard Tice said that civil servants are “deliberately” trying to undermine the intentions of the government. He argued that the government is in need of “competent ministers” brought in from the private sector who have the courage to stand up to the deep state bureaucracy. Tice said that civil servants need to be told to “either deliver on this agenda or frankly get out of the way.”

    Johnson is a good globalist minion.
    Are we all suffering from collective dementia?
    Theresa May signed us up to the global migration pact which will see the Middle East and Africa move to Europe. (It’s basically communism final solution to the democracies and naturally Islam is all for the helping hand to their global ambitions)
    Why are we surprised when people migrate by any means but then don’t get removed?
    The revolution will weed out those that have done us wrong.

    There was an online petition to get UN Migration Pact discussed in parliament first. It had reached over 100,000 signatures and was rising when those of us who signed it received an email telling us that "a decision has already been taken." This issue has such far reaching very serious consequences for our national security and social cohesion that it should have been put to the people in a referendum. We simply cannot trust these issues to be left to a transient government of the day who often have interests inconsistent with their first duty of protecting our country and people.

    Consider this. In March 2018 the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia pledged 65 billion pounds to Theresa May for a joint economic and investment partnership and said they wanted 40+ more Typhoon Fighter Jets worth billion of pounds more. Later in that same year Theresa May went off and signed the UK up to the UN Migration Pact dismissing the people's petition to have it first discussed in parliament. She new very well that Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East would be the chief beneficiaries of her signing. As far back as the 1980's when I worked in Saudi Arabia I had the locals telling me that they were buying the UK for Islam and Muslims because our government was tolerant and greedy for their oil and money. This is what is happening.

    We have become too supine for a revolution and I doubt that most would support a military take-over for awhile to turns things round. In the future most of our indigenous will settle for the country being divided into Muslim and non-Muslim zones and live within their ever declining in numbers zones for safety. Then just a remnant will remain of our people and culture.

    If people are only talking about stopping/halting/slowing immigration then they are not even addressing the problem. Reversing immigration and making sure we get rid of a number of unwanted people is the only way of beginning to get to grips with the problem we already have. Letting it fester and spread across the country is not dealing with it; active measures to go through those that have mistakenly been allowed in is what is needed and then root and branch change of personnel responsible for those mistakes needs to happen.

    Article 3 and nuances of the ECHR is used more than any other tool to get the deportation order of a foreign criminal quashed. It is a treasure trove of loopholes for human rights lawyers.Blair got us into this.

    The boat invaders are part of the replacement population in the British Government’s population replacement programme, which is why the Government are totally committed to maximising the number of invaders reaching Britain. I agree with all of that, alas methinks it is a tad too late, indeed the authorities begin to be run by 'the others', this cannot end well.

    When you don't have a country to be British in ! The British are far too polite to do what they need to do, telling them all to 'go forth and multiply,' back to the cesspits they crawled out of, and the British will soon be unique in the ascent of man, to be the only people in history to ever be destroyed by their misplaced good manners.

    As one Muslim businessman told me here in Malaysia about two years ago "your government and people are too tolerant for your own good. Your tolerance and liberalism are the two strands of the rope that is going to hang you". How true that sounds today.

    Ejecting people who we have allowed to settle here is unBritish
    Who’s “we”?
    The Globalist politicians?
    We indigenous people certainly haven’t allowed them to settle here. We have never been consulted.
    If we ever manage to get rid of the Globalist politicians, then their ‘guests’ can go as well. We indigenous people certainly don’t want them.

    It's called "Soros's population replacement plot" among the EU's inner circles, read 2030: Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain.

    Richard Tice: Boris Johnson Doesn’t Have the ‘Political Guts’ to Stop Illegal Immigration

    19 XI 2021.
    When by 3 rd world replacement the MAD Global Elite eliminate the Caucasian people of Europe and the U.S.A., then with no opposition the cull will really begin.

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    Wheels Falling Off Boris Johnson’s Bandwagon? Tory MPs Reportedly Sign Letters of ‘No Confidence’ Against PM

    Wheels Falling Off Boris Johnson’s Bandwagon? Tory MPs Reportedly Sign Letters of ‘No Confidence’ Against PM.

    A dozen Conservative MPs have reportedly sent letters of no confidence against Boris Johnson as questions swirl around the ability of the prime minister to lead the country.

    Amid increasingly poor poll numbers and a series of political missteps and gaffes from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a number of Tory MPs have reportedly signalled that they would move against Johnson should his leadership come up for a vote.

    Speaking to The Sun newspaper an unnamed senior Tory MP said: “There is real anger. He has until Spring to get back on track or he will be in real trouble.” “Letters [of no confidence] have gone in. I am on the cusp myself,” the MP added as at least a dozen letters having already been submitted according to the paper. The top Tory said of the prime minister: “Yes he won an election, but a bowl of soup could have beaten Jeremy Corbyn.”

    Under the current system, a leadership challenge can be initiated if fifteen per cent of Tory MPs submit letters of no confidence to the 1922 Committee — which consists of all Conservative MPs not in government — and chairman Sir Graham Brady calls for the challenge to be put forward.

    Some within the ruling party have attempted to downplay the threat to Johnson’s leadership, with one unnamed MP
    tellingThe Telegraph that the letters of no confidence came from the “usual suspects”. “Is this the start of more of that? If the next month is like the last month, and horror stories continue, more letters will be submitted,” the MP warned.

    A Tory whip told the paper: “There is an assumption someone has put in a letter. The rumour is persistently around. It will not get anywhere near the 50 letters you would need, but it does cause angst.”

    The latest questioning of Mr Johnson’s political fate come after a disastrous speech before the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on Monday, in which the Conservative leader quoted Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin to promote his radical green agenda. The mainstream media and punditry decided to focus on some of the stranger aspects of the speech, however, including Johnson’s seemingly inexplicable use of a rambling Peppa Pig anecdote.

    The PM is facing challenges in several key areas, including his Build Back Better green vision, his high tax agenda, and the outright crisis in the English Channel. The deaths of 27 migrants after an illegal smuggling boat overturned in French waters Wednesday night will intensify scrutiny of the government’s do-nothing attitude that has dominated so far.

    Appearing on Sky News Australia on Tuesday, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said that the “wheels are falling off the Boris bandwagon,” adding “you can feel the support of his colleagues the support of much of the media is really beginning to melt away and quite quickly too.” Mr Farage — who has hinted at a possible political comeback if the government continues failing on the boat migrant crisis — said that the only reason Mr Johnson was elected was because of Brexit. “He went for Brexit and those voters those Brexit voters voted to take back control of our borders and right now we see them being abused and we see the country being humiliated,” he said. “If this man cannot stop tens of thousands of undocumented young males coming into this country and posing a genuine security threat then he is toast,” Farage warned.

    Johnson himself should be an asylum seeker.

    Boris is a huge failure, he is pretty much a leftist.

    I don't pity him. He's always been a clown and, like Biden, a puppet dancing to the tune of his globalist masters. In a sane world, neither of them would be in office.

    Boris is the epitome of the duplicitous politician. He ran on BREXIT, borders, and other conservative issues and then after winning promptly turned around and fell on his knees to his Leftist globalist masters.


    Brexit because of 'mass migration' accounted for P. M. Cameroon and P. M. May and now P. M. Johnson is next.
    There are 35 'Red Wall' tory MPs and their on loan parliamentary seats were because of mass migration.
    Mass migration was the reason for Brexit and why it was carried through.
    Farage and UKIP withdrew to not split the vote. Bojo was the man to then take Brexit over the line.
    If mass migration is not dealt with, expect the return of Farage and UKIP followed by the end of Johnson.

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    Prime Minister Farage: Blair’s Former Minister Fears Relaxing Migration Rules Could Result in Farage as PM

    Tony Blair’s former home secretary says he fears if a theoretical Labour government reacted to the border crisis by making mass migration easier, voters may revolt and “Nigel Farage might end up being prime minister”.

    David Blunkett, now a peer in the House of Lords, served as the home secretary in charge of borders and immigration under former ‘New Labour’ Prime Minister Tony Blair between 2001 and 2004.

    Asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Thursday his thoughts on suggestions from the left-wing that migrants have a legal right to come to Britain to seek asylum and that they should be brought over in ferries, Lord Blunkett offered what appeared to be a warning to his party the consequences of embracing such a policy, because it could see the rise, again, of their greatest political adversary, Nigel Farage. “Well, the numbers [of migrants who would come] might not be [huge], but Nigel Farage might end up being prime minister and that could even be worse than what we have got at the moment,” the Labour lord told the BBC.

    The suggestion that the best solution to illegal migration — which can often be extremely dangerous for the migrants themselves — is simply to make illegal migration legal is a pervasive theme in European left-wing circles. Now the idea is gaining traction in the UK, but it comes at a time where the official opposition party seems as far away from power as ever. The left-wing Labour Party already suffered its
    worst election defeat since 1935 in the December 2019 General Election, after promising to “establish safe and legal routes for asylum seekers”. Further, Farage had hurt Labour’s chances at reclaiming 10 Downing Street when, even by Labour shadow minister John McDonnell’s admission, the Brexit Party stole working-class votes from Labour in the North over Brexit, after Labour promised to hold a second EU referendum to overturn the democratically expressed will of the people. Labour should not be the only party concerned that taking the side against the voters on the English Channel migrant crisis could result in a heavy loss at the polling stations, with sources in the Conservative Party’s government likewise raising the alarm.

    Migrant crossings have exceeded 25,000, some three times more than the whole of last year, and after the deaths of 27 migrants off the coast of France this week, London appears to be in another fruitless tussle with Paris over France taking responsibility for the migrants amassing on its border. Last week, Conservative MPs told The Times that unless Boris Johnson fulfils his election and EU referendum campaign pledges of ‘Taking Back Control’ of the country’s borders, then voters will think the prime minister had failed, with one telling the newspaper of record: “The message at the last election was Get Brexit Done. People will not believe that when thousands of migrants are turning up on beaches in Kent every day.

    After the migrant deaths, MPs divulged to the newspaper that Johnson was warned the out-of-control migrant crisis “is something that is going to be a vote loser”. Farage had put pressure on the Tories before, with the rising popularityof the Eurosceptic party at the time, UKIP, in the first decade of the new millennium forcing the notionally conservative and Europhile Prime Minister David Cameron to promise a referendum on EU membership in 2013, in a bid to keep UKIP out of the Commons. Cameron lost in his attempt to keep the UK in the EU on June 23rd, 2016, promptly resigning the next day.

    The Brexiteer then put the Conservatives in their place in the 2019 European Parliament election — specifically, in fifth place, far behind Farage’s winning Brexit Party — when after three years since the Brexit vote, the Theresa May administration had failed to fulfil the will of the people. Days before the elections, Theresa May resigned, in part likely due to dire polling ahead of the European vote but also her inability to pass her soft Brexit deal through the House of Commons.

    Johnson could yet be a Farage trophy, when this week, the Brexit leader said he had not ruled out a return to frontline politics if the prime minister can’t get to grips with the Channel migrant crisis.

    Farage continued: “Johnson is ultimately responsible for guarding his people… This is the sacred duty of any prime minister. It should override all others. Yet the present occupant of 10 Downing Street seems to have abandoned his post.

    Prime Minister Farage: Blair’s Former Minister Fears Relaxing Migration Rules Could Result in Farage as PM 26 XI 2021.

    If asked in a referendum, there is no European country, where a majority would favour open border migration. That's why there's never a referendum on the subject. All our politicians are bought.

    First purge the mainstream media, then purge the criminals in government, those that aided and abetted them and start deportation .

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