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Thread: Boris Johnson Says Hes Open to Amnesty for Some Migrants in U.K. Illegally

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    Brexit minister resigns over disillusionment with Boris Johnson's government.

    Brexit minister resigns over disillusionment with BoJos govt media

    Cabinet Minister Lord Frost has reportedly walked out of Prime Minister Boris Johnsons government. Frost is believed to have grown disillusioned with Johnsons Covid measures, tax hikes, and environmental policies. Frosts departure was reported by the Mail on Sunday, citing sources within the government. The minister, who negotiated Britains departure from the European Union, reportedly handed in his resignation a week ago, but was persuaded to stay on until January.

    Frosts resignation was prompted by his growing disillusionment with Johnsons government, the Mail reported. Specifically, he disagreed with the introduction of Plan B coronavirus restrictions, income tax hikes announced in September, and the high cost of Johnsons plan to lower carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

    Of these gripes, the Plan B restrictions have been the most contentious for Johnson. Introduced earlier this month, the suite of measures includes a mask mandate for indoor venues, vaccine passes for nightclubs and large events, and daily testing for the close contacts of infected people. The restrictions, which reports suggest that Johnson will soon be asked by ministers to
    expand into a full lockdown, have caused discontent even within Johnsons own party, with 100 Conservative MPs refusing to vote on bringing in the vaccine pass system. Forty of these MPs voted against mandatory masking too.

    The introduction of these measures was followed by a devastating loss for the Conservative Party at the ballot box. While the Tories had held the constituency of North Shropshire for nearly 200 years, Liberal Democrat Helen Morgan beat the Conservarive Neil Shastri-Hurst by nearly 6,000 votes in a by-election there on Thursday. Public anger against Johnson stems not just from the introduction of new restrictions, but also from the revelation that staff at Downing Street and a number of other locations held Christmas parties last year, while ordinary Britons were forbidden from gathering. The cabinet minister assigned to investigate these events, Simon Case, resigned on Friday after it emerged that he too held a party in his office.

    Frost has not publicly commented on his apparent resignation yet. As of late, Frost had been locked into negotiations with European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic on post-Brexit arrangements between the UK and EU.

    Well done for having some principles Lord Frost, Bozo and his insane WEF policies with him will be gone within a month. Disappointment is a feeble word.

    Indeed, messed up by a series of Prime Ministers who concentrated on finding ways to avoid the instructions of the majority of voters instead of carrying out those instructions, in their arrogance they forgot two important things, we employ them, and we are not as stupid as they think we are.

    Brexit minister resigns over disillusionment with BoJos govt media 18 XII 2021.

    The excessive influence of far left 'Climate Change' Carrie Symonds, now Johnsons wife, will undoubtably bring P M Johnson down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    The excessive influence of far left 'Climate Change' Carrie Symonds, now Johnsons wife, will undoubtably bring P M Johnson down.
    I really must repeat that it's preposterous how the only way Brexit could happen, was by having a Turk at the helm. Anything else cannot really be very unexpected or unrealistic in that wake. There is no ideal situation anywhere and whenever there's some appealing great promise, it's truly a mirage. How good is the Conservative Party anyway, by first having Italian Jew Disraeli play up the Raj and now this Turk also trying to boost his image by looking to the Commonwealth? I'm more of an Asquith Liberal, but whereas Labour has facilitated the working man to dip his fingers in the pot, at least neither Liberal nor Labour has gotten a non-Aryan sitting in No. 10 Downing St.

    Just think about the Democrats having put Obama and Kamala in office. At least any other party hasn't gone to such lengths, even if Hoover could have done better than Curtis as running mate, who was the first Off-White Dilemma, so maybe the Patriots, Federalists, Democratic-Republicans, Whigs, National Unionists (Lincoln) and Confederates (Davis) retain a better legacy than those still extant.

    Fact check: Charles Curtis holds spot as first person of color as vice president

    Adrienne DunnUSA TODAY


    The claim: Kamala Harris is not the first POC to serve as Vice President

    Kamala Harris was sworn in as vice president on Jan. 20, making her the first woman of color to hold the second highest office in the nation.
    Since Joe Biden's selection of Harris as his running mate, headlines and social media posts have misinterpreted her exact place in history.
    Harris is the first woman, the first woman of color, the first South Asian American and the first Black American vice president. But she is not the first person of color to hold the office.
    One Facebook post pointed out this common misconception.
    Fact or fiction:We're fact checking the news and sending it to your inbox. Sign up to get that here.
    The post includes a photo of Charles Curtis, who was Herbert Hoover's vice president in 1929.

    The photo is paired with text that reads, "Kamala Harris will not be the first person of color to serve as vice president of the United States. In 1928, Charles Curtis a Native American lawmaker and member of the Kaw Nation was elected as President Herbert Hoover's vice president. He is the highest-ranking enrolled Native American to ever serve in the federal government."
    USA TODAY has reached out to the poster for comment.
    More:Fact check: Vice President Kamala Harris used 2 Bibles when she was sworn in

    What is Charles Curtis' background?

    Like the post says, Curtis was Hoover's vice president from 1929 to 1933.
    He was born in 1860 in Topeka, Kansas, to his white father and his mother, who was one-quarter Kaw Indian.
    In its biography of Curtis, the Senate Historical Office writes about his early years, which were spent partially in the Native American community.

    His mother's early death in 1863, paired with his father's unstable nature, ultimately left Curtis in the custody of his paternal grandparents.
    However, his maternal grandparents returned to the Kaw reservation in 1865 out of concern that they may be excluded from future land agreements and Curtis went to live with them on the reservation the following year.
    As he grew older, he developed a passion for politics. In 1884, he won election as the county attorney of Shawnee, Kansas. After a loss by a single vote in 1889, Curtis won a seat in the House in 1892.

    Curtis also served in the Senate from 1915 until 1929, and was majority leader in 1923 the first Republican to hold the title of party floor leader.
    He ran a relatively quiet campaign for president against Hoover, and was unsuccessful. According to the biography, Curtis agreed to be Hoover's running mate because of his "loyalty to the party."
    The biography says that as vice president, Curtis decorated his office with Native American artifacts and posed for photographs wearing headdresses.
    News Near You


    'There's no place to go': Kentucky tornado survivors cling together at park turned refuge
    More for Subscribers

    Following a landslide defeat largely due to the worsening economy to Franklin Roosevelt and John Garner in November 1932, Curtis retired from his political career.
    Our ruling: True

    The claim in the post has been rated TRUE. While Kamala Harris is the first woman, the first woman of color, the first South Asian American and the first Black American vice president, she is not the first person of color to hold the office. Charles Curtis, vice president from 1929-1933, is the first person of color to hold the office.
    Our fact-check sources:

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    Our fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.

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    UKs Own Lets Go Brandon Moment as Sports Fans Turn on Boris Johnson

    Sports fans in the UK may have started their own lets go Brandon movement, as sentiment turns against Britains restriction-loving Prime Minister.

    British sports fans seem to have begun their own lets go Brandon movement, with sports stadiums playing host to a number of chants targeting restriction-loving PM Boris Johnson.

    Johnson has become the centre of much controversy in the UK over the last number of weeks, having reimplemented severe COVID restrictions in England despite the Prime Minister himself being allegedly caught flaunting harsher restrictions last year. Chants of stand up if you hate Boris rang out at the World Darts Championship in London yesterday evening, according to a
    report by The Mail, as documented by a video viewed nearly one million times online.

    One fan at the event was even spotted with a sign reading all round to Boriss after, seemingly in reference to an ongoing scandal facing the Prime Minister regarding alleged lockdown-breaking parties, which supposedly took place in No 10 last year. Johnson was also the target of chants at a football (U.S. soccer) match in England on Saturday, with attendees singing Boris Johnson is a cu*t. One video of the event has garnered over 800k views online. The incidents echo the beginning of the lets go Brandon phenomenon in the US, which began as a result of sporting crowds repeatedly taking aim at President Joe Biden. The phrase itself gained notoriety after one sports commentator mistakenly reported that an audible fuck Joe Biden chant was, in fact, the crowd cheering lets go Brandon. The phrase subsequently took off as a handy cypher for communicating feeling about the President without using swears.

    The chants targeting Johnson come not long after the British government reimposed harsh lockdown restrictions in England, reportedly in the hopes of curbing the spread of the omicron variant of the Chinese Coronavirus. However, others have accused Johnson of implementing restrictions as an attempt to distract the public from various government members alleged breaches of previous lockdown rules.

    Johnson has come under sustained criticism in the UK over the last few weeks after evidence emerged alleging that lockdown-busting gatherings were held in Downing Street. These gatherings, at least one of which is alleged to be a Christmas party, would have occurred while severe lockdown restrictions were in place. Although the Prime Minister has stringently denied any notion that lockdown rules were ever broken, an inquiry has been launched into three separate gatherings that are alleged to have occurred.

    An image has also surfacedshowing the Prime Minister, alongside other senior British politicians, attending an outdoor gathering in May which is alleged to have broken lockdown rules. Published by The Guardian, the image appears to show a lack of social distancing at the party, as some attendees sit with what appears to be wine in front of them. A spokesman for the Prime Minister has confirmed that Johnson did in fact attend an outdoor meeting that day with the then health secretary and his team, but only briefly, and that he left for his residence shortly after 7pm.

    Despite the PMs reassurances, many are not satisfied with Johnsons conduct. Why should people listen to the Prime Ministers instructions to follow the rules when people inside Number 10 Downing Street dont do so? asked one Conservative MP earlier in the month regarding further lockdown restrictions. Others, such as Arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage have accused the Prime Minister of lacking the moral authority to rule. As far as Im concerned, Mr. Johnson, Im not listening anymore, I dont believe you have the moral authority to lead this country, Farage said. Ive no intention of abiding by anything youve asked me to do this evening, and I think that sentiment is one that is being much more widely shared around this country.

    "Stand up if you hate Boris" -- Love it! I'm standing up at my laptop as I type this post. And not to forget -- FJB.
    At the end of the day, Boris was inserted for a purpose, these sleazy political hacks dont just materialize out of thin air, theyre groomed, sculpted and finished to present one thing to the rubes in the electorate as they scheme, steal and manipulate for thirty pieces of silver and a hope for a seat among the elites whom they prioritize their boot licking for sadly
    I had no faith in him from the outset, so nothing that has happened recently comes as a surprise, although even I have to admit to being shocked by the lies and deceit when it comes to their deliberate failure to control our borders. England is sinking and sinking fast.

    Bring back Thatcher and Regan. Have to dig him up first but even then he would make more sense than the prat in the White House now.

    Do you remember when college football stadiums erupted in "F**# Donald Trump" chants? Me neither!

    UKs Own Lets Go Brandon Moment as Sports Fans Turn on Boris Johnson 23 XII 2021.

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    Ex-BBC reporter blasts BBC bias against P M Johnson.

    GB News: Ex-BBC reporter blasts Beeb bias - 'Wasn't impartial on Brexit and hates Boris!'

    A FORMER BBC reporter has blasted the Beeb and claimed the broadcaster's alleged loathing for Boris Johnson stems from his support for Brexit.

    Robin Aitken, 69, who worked at the BBC for 25 years, questioned the broadcaster's impartiality during an appearance on GB News. Speaking to ex-Sun journalist Dan Wootton, 38, Mr Aitken argued: "I have for many years now felt the BBC's claim to be impartial is just a convenient fiction, I mean it is laughable."

    Mr Aitken, who published 'Can We Trust the BBC?' in 2007, then said: "It wasn't impartial on Brexit, it wasn't impartial on Donald Trump and it's not impartial now on Boris Johnson." However, after stating he does not wish for the BBC to be "destroyed", the former journalist suggested the UK's national broadcaster needs to undergo "real reform".

    Mr Aitken described Ms Maitlis as a "serial offender" in failing to adhere to the BBC's impartiality rules.

    Previously, the Newsnight host landed herself in trouble after interviewing Rob Liddle, 61, about Brexit.

    The discussion comes after Newsnight host Emily Maitlis, 51, was forced to apologise for sharing a clip of ex-MP Rory Stewart, 49, blasting Boris Johnson's Government to her 446,000 Twitter followers. Mr Stewart, who stood against the Prime Minister in the 2019 Tory Party leadership contest, said: "The sheer tawdry Trumpian shabbiness of the whole thing it is difficult to see how much more of this the party or our political system can survive." However, Aitken and Wootton were also joined by the BBC's ex-war correspondent Martin Bell, 83.

    Mr Bell, who defeated the 72-year-old former Tory MP Neil Hamilton as an independent candidate in Tatton at the 1997 general election, challenged Mr Wootton and Mr Aitken. He said: "I don't think Emily does offer an opinion. "She was retweeting something. "But if you're allowed to offer opinion then why isn't she?"

    Bell also argued the broadcaster had not revealed many of the 'partygate' stories and instead questioned the notion there was a "BBC conspiracy" against the Prime Minister. However, Mr Wootton responded by claiming there is a "bias" in the BBC leading with 'partygate' revelations.

    Mr Aitken added: "The BBC has been a part of a pile on and it has been out to get Boris ever since he became leader. "The BBC hates Boris with a passion. "The reason they hate him is because he spear-headed Brexit and the BBC was root-and-branch against the idea of Brexit."

    However, the BBC also faced criticism from the Remain side in the 2016 referendum campaign. One former aide to David Cameron, 55, said at the time: "They [the BBC] f**ked up the referendum because of this weird obsession they had with misunderstanding what impartiality actually means."

    GB News: Ex-BBC reporter blasts Beeb bias - 'Wasn't impartial ...06 II 2022.

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    Farage Warns Boris Partygate Nothing Compared to Greater Scandal of Tory Failure to Govern Conservatively

    Soaring taxes, cuddling up to Communist China, and treating voters concerns on mass migration with utter contempt are major areas of reckoning that even if Boris Johnsons government survives the so-called Partygate scandals are far deeper problems for the Conservatives.

    Metropolitan liberal and self-confessed Sinophile Boris Johnson personally holds views that are quintessentially London in their outlook but alienate voters in the rest of the country, particularly the formerly industrial and newly Conservative voting red wall areas, Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned.

    Amid the rumbling-on but not yet fatal Partygate scandal where the government is alleged to have broken strict lockdown rules in the very offices where they were conceived, Farage flagged a number of policy areas where even if the government survived todays political woes, its positions and policies remain basically impossible to reconcile with the voting public.

    The areas of competence or lack thereof are particularly potent for the Conservatives because they are exactly what the Tory party has traditionally traded on being good at, and are what voters have believed they are voting for. Yet top Conservatives have taken almost impish glee in the outright contempt the party holds its own voters views on immigration in, and
    taxation has reached record highs.

    Writing in the Daily Telegraph Mr Brexit Nigel Farage saidof this gulf between the governed and the government:

    What is more hazardous for him are the betrayals of policies that traditional Conservative voters, and new Tory voters in Red Wall seats, hold dear: these include illegal immigration, Britains relationship with Communist China, and high taxation.

    When all is said and done, Britain, under Boris Johnson, has drifted back to the era of David Camerons coalition government, when social democracy ruled the day. What is remarkable is that this has happened when Johnson has an 80-seat majority. Nobody who voted Conservative in 2019 voted for a failure to curb illegal immigration, higher taxes and continuing EU red rape. But this is what they got.

    It is not just the Prime Ministers reputation that is going down the pan, it is the Conservative Partys reputation, too. MPs need to realise that if they stick with Johnson, they will lose their seats

    While Conservatives may be minded to disregard the opinions of an old foe, and one who has had a major hand in bringing down two Conservative Prime Ministers, nevertheless the Conservatives are still presently trailing the left-wing Labour party considerably. Indeed, as Breitbart London
    reported last month, the gap was as bad as 10%, potentially spelling major trouble for the Prime Minister.

    Nobody who voted {for any party} in {the last 60 years} voted for a failure to curb illegal immigration, higher taxes and continuing EU red rape. But this is what they got.

    It's been the same old same old for decades. A "new leader" to replace Boris will be no different, either.
    Blair never announced what he was going to do. In fact, he barely even mentioned immigration at all until it was exposed what he was up to. The Tories have talked the lame, half-baked, quasi-liberal talk for decades and done diddly squat, other than actually INCREASE on Blair's record.
    As for the tax hikes, that's what happens when you are plunged into Trillions of overspend on ludicrous lockdowns, all borrowed on the never-never, whilst signing contracts to build more accommodation for 50,000 illegals from France (and future arrivals), and 1000 other forms of utter absurdities.

    Did we vote for any of the following?

    1. Crippling green energy policies.
    2. Insane net zero policies that will cause a cost of living crisis.
    3. Increases in legal and illegal immigration. Further bulldozing over our green belts in England to house them.
    4. Out of control spending at a time when our national debt is the highest its ever been.
    5. More tax increases on working people without reductions in spending.
    6. Brexit not even half done as the import and export market is in chaos. As well put fishing waters still be plundered.
    7. Far left wing style censorship running rampant, with an online harms bill coming.
    8. Government support of BLM and the anti whites
    9. The most oppressive authoritarian government ever all over the coof.
    10. Sacking care home workers and NHS workers because they didnt have a vaccine against their will.

    Everything you state is correct but its been going on for years. Bliar started it will mass immigration to 'rub the noses of the right in diversity' and build himself a voter base and client state. He and Mc Ruin destroyed the private pension system in the UK and threw money at the NHS that promptly doubled the number of managers. His energy minister Ed Miliband outsource the Cimate change bill to the unelected 'Friends of The Earth' and we got the start of the
    those Green Lunacy measures that nobody voted for. Then came Camerloon,he introduced 'Gay Marriage which was never in the manifesto and started to really 'go nuts ' on the Climate Change Lunacy. Now you have 'the Markle's Of Downing St.' introducing what were not in the manifesto and have very little support outside of Carrie Antionette's social circle.

    Bozo is no Conservative, he's a Globalist Marxist. Jeremy Corbyn has more Conservatism in him that Bozo does!
    We really thought we were going to get Brexit after all his promises but he's lied and cheated us at every turn. I wanted to believe him when he said he was going to stop illegal immigration, but I never expected the figures to increase to the levels that they have. He also handed over NI to the EUSSR, sold out our fishermen (again) and was implementing the Green Goblin's 'green' agenda.
    Anyone who keeps voting for these gangsters deserve all they get, it will be
    The Reform Party for me from here on.

    Farage is correct. Johnson must go but not for drinking a glass of wine in his back garden but for destroying what was left of our country and flooding it with illegals. The problem is, what he's done can not be fixed in a year or so. It will take decades to re-establish a secure a and reliable power supply, get rid of all the illegals, stop charging green taxes on everything that moves and start dismantling the woke nonsense that has penetrated every institution and organisation in the country. The list is almost endless. I am convinced one of the major problems is his missus. She's a green loon and holds sway over Johnson and that's why he suddenly turned 'green' about 18 months ago.

    Think we have only scratched the surface of the incompetence of Boris's administration:


    In order to achieve Brexit, Farage and his UKIP party stepped aside resulting in the 80 seat majority. Unless immigration is dealt with the Conserative Party will lose office at the next election.

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    DUP MP Says EU Is Russia, Northern Ireland Is Ukraine In Brexit Battle

    DUP MP Says EU is Russia, Northern Ireland is Ukraine in Brexit Battle

    Northern Irish lawmaker Sammy Wilson MP told Breitbart New that, in the ongoing clash between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the EU is Russia and his region is Ukraine.

    Mr Wilson, of the pro-Britain, socially conservative Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), was speaking after reports emerged that British prime minister Boris Johnson is planning to use the war in Ukraine as an excuse to avoid standing up to the EU in Northern Ireland, which is believed to be
    abusing the powersit still has over it under Johnsons Brexit deals.

    Given that the Government has not taken the EU on to date, there is every likelihood that the current crisis could be used as an excuse, Wilson said, suggesting that a determined government would use the current situation and the need for European cooperation at this vital time as a means to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol of the Brexit deal, which has left Brussels broadly in control of Northern Irelands customs and regulatory framework and imposed an excessively enforced internal border between the province and Great Britain.

    [T]he comparison between Northern Ireland and the Ukraine and the behaviour of the EU and Russia are very similar, the DUP MP went on. Whilst Russia is attempting to take over a sovereign, independent Ukraine, the EU through the NI Protocol has sought to annex NI into its sphere of influence, he explained. Whilst Russia has sought to subvert the democratic wishes of Ukrainians, the EU has ignored the total opposition of [British] unionists to the annexation of our country under the Protocol and will impose EU law on the people of NI without them having any say on those laws.

    Mr Wilson suggested that while Russias invasion of Ukraine ins Putins revenge on those who broke free from the USSR, the European Unions annexation of Northern Ireland is similarly driven by their leaders wish to punish the UK for daring to break away from the EU. Boris Johnston should make it clear that just as he has led the mission to protect the Ukraine, he has a duty as Prime Minister to protect the whole of the UK including NI, he concluded.

    On Sunday, Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney made similar comments to Breitbart News, suggesting that the Tory leader needs to be reminded that Northern Ireland is his job, Ukraine isnt.

    British government sources have signalled to the mainstream media that they are unlikely to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol which would suspend it in order to hammer out a less disadvantageous deal, suggesting that they believe the EU has to be allowed to have its way at Britains expense so that conflict in Europe is not exacerbated while the Ukraine crisis is ongoing.

    Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who was put in charge of the Brexit settlement in Northern Ireland at start of the year, was an ardent Remainer during the EU referendum in 2016.

    Boris Johnston should make it clear that just as he has led the mission to protect the Ukraine, he has a duty as Prime Minister to protect the whole of the UK including NI. That would be Boris's duty if he worked for us and wanted to protect the United Kingdom and see us thrive. But he does not work for us and his instructions are to hold back our country and cripple us economically as well as undermining the bedrock of our society. The first through unneeded Covid lockdowns and pointless "Net Zero" targets that will devastate our ability to function, the second by replacing our cultural values with a new population that does not have them.
    This will change our country with our proud history into a very dark and desolate place. This is happening to many countries in the West as we speak. It should be clearer by now to the remaining sceptics that such a co-ordinated damaging assault on so many of our countries at once is not happening by accident.

    Boris Johnson is planning to use the war in Ukraine as an excuse to avoid standing up to the EU in Northern Ireland...
    Also an excuse to avoid being booted out of office over Partygate.
    An excuse for ignoring the many illegals washing up on our beaches.
    He's the original excuse for a British Prime Minister. NWO Globalist, Couldenhoff Kalergi Cartel loving Westminster scum!

    Assuming............. johnson,
    a. wants out of the eu.
    b. has a spine.
    c. has any vision for an independent UK free of the shackles of Berlin.
    d, has any integrity and ambition to maintain the integrity of the United Kingdom.

    On all of the above requirements, (billy) bunter fails miserably.

    Russia treats the citizens of the Ukraine with much greater respect than the EU does the citizens of Northern Ireland. In fact the EU treats all citizens of the EU with complete contempt not just those of N.I. The Ukraine is the smokescreen, the West was intending to attack Russia and trying to effect regime change for the last few years. Russia has all the things they don't have and want, oil, gas, wheat and other commodities.

    EXCLUSIVE: DUP MP Says EU Is Russia, Northern Ireland Is Ukraine In Brexit Battle 08 III 2022.

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    P M Johnson Admits Biological Males Dont Belong in Womens Sports

    BoJo FINALLY Admits Biological Males Dont Belong in Womens Sports

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally publicly admitted that biological men do not belong in womens sports. Boris Johnson, Britains current Prime Minister, appears to have finally shifted off the fence in regards to the transgender athlete debate, telling an interviewer that biological men do not belong in womens sports. The Conservative Party leaders statement comes after a period of controversy within British politics in regards to what the word woman actually means, with one senior official from Johnsons party failingto give a definition of the term when asked to do so on air.

    While having previously
    skirted around the topic of what makes a woman a woman, Boris Johnson gave a far more concrete answer on Wednesday regarding the question of whether biological males have a place in womens sports. I dont think that biological males should be competing in female sporting events, the Prime Minister is reported by Sky News as saying. Maybe thats a controversial thing to say, he continued. But it just seems to me to be sensible.

    Johnson also said that he wished for women to be able to have their own spaces in publicly accessible environments, such as toilets and changing rooms. I also happen to think that women should have spaces whether it is in hospitals or prisons or changing rooms or wherever which are dedicated to women, the broadcaster also reports the Conservative Party head as saying.

    Boris Johnsons comments come after a period of Conservative Party politicians making apparent efforts to seemingly appease trans lobbyists and activists, with the governments Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, even previously failing to define exactly what a woman was live on air, much to the amusement of the journalist interviewing him.

    However, despite the Prime Minister making more concrete statements regarding the place or lack thereof biological males have in womens sports, Johnson also paid significant reverence to trans activists and ideology during the interview.

    [My position] doesnt mean that I am not immensely sympathetic to people that want to change gender, to transition and it is vital that we give people the maximum possible love and support in making those decisions, Boris Johnson is also reported as saying, while also noting that he was very proud of the work he and his Conservative Party had done to champion these issues.

    The Prime Minister also paid homage to the organisations outraged over the fact that the governments new conversion therapy ban will not extend to the issue of transgenderism, calling the groups involved good organisations whom he has had great relations with.

    Johnsons comments came only days after the leader heaped praise on fellow Conservative Party MP Jamie Wallis for coming out as trans. The MP has since come out and said that he is bitterly disappointed by the fact Johnson has left out transgenderism from the ban on conversion therapy, with the Daily Mail reporting Wallis as saying that it was wrong to exclude protections for a whole group of people from a practice described as abhorrent'.

    Why did it take so long? Hes a cowardly bastard, isnt he?

    They just caught him this one time. How long can he stay sober?

    Did Sitting on the Fence Hurt? BoJo FINALLY Admits Biological Males Dont Belong in Womens Sports

    06 IV 2022.

    Lying on the big hoaxes - Covid and the Russo-Ukrainian war 2022. He's a one term party leader. The electorate will not overlook paying for both.

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    Farage Predicts Rwanda Migrant Scheme Will Sink Johnson if the Boats Keep Coming.

    Nigel Farage Predicts Rwanda Migrant Scheme Will Sink Boris Johnson if the Boats Keep Coming.

    The apparent failure of the British governments plan to send illegal boat migrants to Rwanda to act as a deterrent has the potential to destroy the electoral advantage Boris Johnson secured following Brexit, Nigel Farage has warned.

    Despite some claims from the conservative commentariat, the announcement from the government of its intention to send boat migrants to the East African nation of Rwanda has so far not made illegals think better of attempting to cross the English Channel from France.

    Indeed, while an 11-day pause in illegal crossings was witnessed following the announcement, it is now believed to have been a result of poor weather conditions, as the people-smuggling gangs resumed operations over the weekend, ferrying hundreds more into British waters, and taking the total to over 7,000 since the start of the year.

    Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who was sceptical of the deterrence capability of the plan from the start, said that the flights better start soon or the government will be overwhelmed by this crisis. Writing in The Telegraph on Wednesday, Mr Farage
    said: Sadly, it does seem the Rwanda policy is about to rebound on the Government. Having raised expectations on an issue that provokes strong emotions, it is now clear that nothing will happen for months. The Brexiteer predicted that if the government fails to enact the policy soon and leave the European Court on Human Rights, then upwards of 100,000 illegals will cross the English Channel this year, over fifty times the numbers seen in 2019.

    To put that figure in perspective, towns like Becontree, Rochdale and Worcester each have about 100,000 inhabitants. It amazes me that any serious person could ever imagine that number of illegal immigrants arriving in such a short space of time is sustainable, Farage said. There are one million households on the social housing list in the UK today many of them in Red Wall seats. They cannot understand why Johnson isnt doing more to help them, he added.

    GB News' Nigel Farage reports from the English Channel

    Mr Farage, who reported live from a boat in the English Channel on Monday, released footage purporting to show illegal migrants tossing their phones into the water before being picked up by the British Border Force. Why would a genuine refugee do this? And why would they deliberately arrive with no documentation or any other means of identification? Farage questioned. But we should all be worried about this trick Boris Johnson in particular. His first duty is to protect British citizens. If just one of the thousands of young men arriving without documentation ever managed to threaten our national security, Johnson would have to resign, he declared.

    The Johnson administration has been plagued by scandal in recent months, with the Prime Minister personally being fined by police for breaching his own lockdown restrictions in a series of Downing Street parties, and the increasing cost of living crisis while the allegedly Conservative government hasraised taxes to their highest threshold in decades despite campaigning on lowering them. So far Johnson has been able to fend off calls for him to resign, however, the forthcoming results of Thursdays local elections could see his power and ability to cling onto it knocked considerably.

    Nigel Farages successor as leader of the Reform UK party, Richard Tice has also warned that Johnsons leftist Build Back Greener agenda could be the nail in the coffin for the government, should the cost of living and energy crises continue to grow. Tice said last month that the issue will become as big as Brexit or bigger, in the coming months and years, saying: It will be a seismic crisis for them because of what will happen to peoples bills.

    Whilst a good part of the electorate (including me) might celebrate the demise of Johnson as Prime minister just look at the replacements, the alternative Prime ministers in the 'Conservative' party are bloody awful but those in the Labour and Libdem parties are even worse. One things guaranteed, it will be another globalist politician.

    I kinda want Labour back in..they will finish off British Politics for good...hopefully then something Good will rise from the Ashes of British Politics if there is a country left and we dont get turned into a 3rd world ghetto swamp....

    The political class's have absolutely NO intention of stopping the invasion. Just the opposite.

    The phones these invaders are throwing away (as instructed). Would no doubt tie them to an NGO. - that the government should shut down - but will not.

    Nigel Farage Predicts Rwanda Migrant Scheme Will Sink Boris Johnson if the Boats Keep Coming

    05 V 2022.

    Flat out lying on the big hoaxes Mass-migration, Covid and the Russo-Ukrainian War 2022. Johnson the globalist fails miserably on all accounts, hes finished.

  11. #19

    Boris Johnson is a dead man walking

    Boris Johnson is a dead man walking

    But those hoping the populist revolt will die with his premiership are sorely mistaken.

    So here we are. Two and a half years after UK prime minister Boris Johnson won the Brexit election, realigning British politics, battering Labour in its heartlands and delivering an 80-seat majority, his premiership hangs in the balance. Tonights vote of confidence in the prime minister was anything but. What Johnson has hailed as a convincing victory was in fact another crushing blow to his authority. In the end, 211 Tory MPs backed him while 148 voted against. This is worse than Theresa May fared in her confidence vote in 2018. She was gone six months later. He also did worse than John Major in 1995, who went on to lose the next election by a landslide.

    We do live in extraordinary political times. Johnson has defied the supposed iron laws of politics before. But it is hard to see how he can climb out of the hole he has dug for himself. As of tonight, 41% of his parliamentary party do not believe he should be prime minister, which will make the job of governing all but impossible. His standing with the public is also woeful. His approval rating is at 26%. Pollsters are
    projecting a potential Tory wipeout in the Red Wall. Johnson is technically safe from another leadership challenge for a year. But with two crucial by-elections coming up, both of which the Tories are currently expected to lose, MPs may later rewrite the rules so as to have another go at ousting him.

    Partygate, the spark for this latest bout of Tory civil war, has been a farce for a while now. That a PM may soon fall because he had some cake on his birthday and raised a glass to departing colleagues in No10 is absurd. But then thats the nation Johnsons lockdowns turned us into. And while voters arent as hopping mad about Partygate as our Covid-marshal media, the scandal has done serious and perhaps irreversible electoral damage. Meanwhile, Johnson has no populist energy left that might remind voters why they took a chance on him in the first place. If anything, this one-time populist has become increasingly deferential to metropolitan orthodoxy. He has thrown his lot in with green dogma, even as the cost-of-living crisis burns around us. He has tried to look both ways on the culture war lamely posturing against woke ideology one minute only to genuflect to it the next.

    The opportunity Boris Johnson once had to reshape British politics feels like it has been squandered. His so-called peoples government which pledged to get Brexit done, usher in democratic reform and give left-behind areas a seat at the table now feels visionless and preoccupied only with its own survival. We at spiked never had any illusions about Boris Johnson or the Conservative Party. This metropolitan liberal and this old party of the establishment were always unlikely vessels for working-class revolt. Now, what inclination they might briefly have had to push politics in a more populist direction seems to have disappeared, amid talk of whether a Thatcherite or a Cameroon should take over once Johnson goes.

    They still dont get it. But nor do those Remainers inside and outside the Tory party who are rubbing their hands with glee at Johnsons demise. As ever, it has fallen to Labour lord Andrew Adonis to say the quiet part out loud, tweeting earlier today that If Boris goes, Brexit goes. He and his ilk are desperate to undo the populist revolt and put voters firmly back in their box. Keir Starmer after a few years of pretending to have made his peace with Brexit is piping up again about a renegotiation. When Johnson goes the elites will inevitably take it as a vindication of their own dreadful, technocratic politics and an opportunity to edge us back towards Brussels orbit.

    Brexiteers and democrats should be on their guard. But while Boris Johnson may be a dead man walking, those convinced the populist revolt will die with his premiership are sorely mistaken. Brexit was always bigger than Boris and populism is about the people not the political leaders who briefly flirt with it. The desire for more democracy and the fury with the establishment among ordinary people will not just disappear because one politician has hit the skids. We need only look to America, where the populist revolt and the culture war have only intensified with new fronts opened in education, tech, business and the arts since the so-called adults returned to the White House.

    Boris Johnson may well be on the way out if not tonight then sometime soon. But the populist era is far from over.

    Boris Johnson is a Dead Man Walking
    07 VI 2022.

    Immigration drove Brexit. Johnson has ignored that and done nothing about illegal migration across the Channel as well as the explosion in the 'cost of living'.

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    Boris Johnson, Carrie Symonds and the curious case of the vanishing newspaper story

    One of Johnsons scurrilous ancestors impregnated a German Princess and had to be ennobled in order to marry her (since German law prohibited her marriage to a commoner) he was given the title Baron de Pfeffel. BJs great grandmother was Marie- Louise von Pfeffel. 1882 / 1944. Aged 62. yrs.Her early death might have being caused by the Allied carpet Bombing campaign against Germany. He is descended from a dazzlingly cosmopolitan rag-bag of nationalities (most famously a great-grandfather was a muslim Turkish ambassador to the UK), including a German aristocrat called Baron Charles de Pfeffel, one-time Chancellor to the King of Bavaria.

    Boris Johnson, Carrie Symonds and the curious case of the vanishing newspaper story.

    The UK PM seemingly wanted to hire his now wife as his chief of staff in 2018. Why have reports of the claims disappeared?

    Carrie and Boris Johnson: a spokesperson for the UK prime ministers wife said the claims were totally untrue.

    At first glance the story appeared to be the British political scoop of the weekend. On Saturday the London Times reported claims that Boris Johnson had tried to hire his now wife as his chief of staff when he was foreign secretary. But almost as soon as the article hit the printers it was withdrawn, without explanation or clarification.

    The piece, written by the veteran lobby journalist Simon Walters, formerly of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, appeared on page five of some early print copies of Saturdays Times newspaper but was dropped for later editions. It does not appear that the article was ever published on the Times website.

    The story expanded on claims in a biography of Carrie Johnson by the Tory donor and peer Lord Ashcroft that Johnson had tried to appoint her to a 100,000-a-year government job when he was the UK foreign secretary in 2018. It said the idea had fallen apart when his closest advisers learned of the idea to hire the Tory press chief, then known as Carrie Symonds, whom he later
    married. Johnson was then still married to Marina Wheeler, a barrister.

    A source with knowledge of the situation told the Guardian newspaper this account was correct, but a spokesperson for Carrie Johnson was categoric. These claims are totally untrue, she said. Downing Street declined to give an on-the-record response to the story but a No 10 source also said the story was untrueand suggested it was sexist. This is a grubby, discredited story turned down by most reputable media outlets because it isnt true. The facts speak for themselves.

    Walters told the Guardian: I stand by the story. I went to all the relevant people over two days. Nobody offered me an on-the-record denial, and Downing Street didnt deny it off the record either.

    Journalists at the Times were baffled by the decision to withdraw Saturdays story, with multiple sources suggesting there had been a high-level intervention to remove it. The papers editor, John Witherow, is reported to be off work. His deputy Tony Gallagher edited the newspaper on Friday, with multiple sources saying he made the call to drop the story from later editions.

    A spokesperson for News UK, owner of the London Times and Sunday Times, declined to comment on why an article that appeared prominently in potentially hundreds of thousands of print newspapers had been removed from later editions, without any explanation.

    Walters recently left his senior position at the Daily Mail, where he first revealed the scandal over Carrie Johnsons renovations of the Downing Street flat. MailOnline rewrote the Times story about the proposed government job for Carrie Johnson in the early hours of Saturday morning but has since also deleted its article without explanation or an editors note. News aggregation sites have also deleted their copies of the MailOnline article.

    Removing the article may be an example of the Streisand effect, where attempts to delete information from the internet make the public much more interested in it.

    Boris Johnson, Carrie Symonds and the curious case of 20 VI 2022.

    Johnson is still there, no matter what graft and corruption about him is exposed.

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