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Thread: Police are absolutely right to target drill rappers… their toxic words are responsible for far too many deaths in Britain

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    Police are absolutely right to target drill rappers… their toxic words are responsible for far too many deaths in Britain

    Kevin Hurley is the former Head of Counter Terrorism at the City of London Police and a reservist army officer. He has spent two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan addressing insurgency as both a police specialist and a soldier.

    A new police unit has been specifically formed to monitor the activities of drill rappers whose lyrics celebrate misogyny, weapons and death. This is a much needed move that will prevent bloodshed in Britain’s major cities.

    Until relatively recently, I had no idea what a drill rapper is. If you are over 25, you probably have little idea either. And that is why this recent headline about drill rappers being targeted by police is, to most of us, unintelligible. But this story, which involves the formation of a unit that will monitor the activities of drill rappers, is quite a significant one, in that it helps explain why so many of our young, mainly black, men and teenagers are dying or being maimed by knives or guns.

    Most of us are aware that there seems to be a crime problem on the streets of London and some of our big cities. There are constant headlines about young men murdering each other. Most of us know that many of those shot or stabbed are black, and most of those who do the killing are also black. But most of us do not dare say it. We are now reaching a point in society where we would rather ignore this unpalatable fact, than risk facing criticism for stating the truth.

    Anyway, let us leave this to the police; it’s not our problem, is it? Some of us even refuse to face reality and allow ourselves to be drawn into the current woke rhetoric that the police are all racists; it’s their fault. They stop and search black youths way more than anyone else.

    We do not want to think why this might be. It is easier to conform to the established commentary of the woke media and those who earn a living off the back of spreading anti-police tales of racism. Rather than accepting that maybe the police are not stupid, and know what they are doing.

    If we are like that, then we are blind to the fact that the main cause of premature unexpected death of young black males is murder by other young black males. The statistics are stunning. In a demographic of perhaps around one percent of the population, teenage black males or those in their early twenties make up a disproportionately high percentage of murder victims in the UK.

    So what is drill rap? It is a musical import from the Southside of Chicago, an area with an enormous murder rate among young black people. This is a part of the US where the police and authorities have almost given up on bringing order to the families who live amongst such mayhem.

    This ‘music’ is dark, nihilistic and full of misogyny. It refers to ‘lighting up’ or shooting, ‘juking’ or stabbing and even raping ‘bitches’, young women and girls. The lyrics are underpinned by deep beating music designed to stir up the most visceral urges of those who listen to it. The rappers talk about ‘beef’ or seeking vengeance; they glorify violence, money and drug dealers. They talk of their time in prison and their hatred of the ‘feds’, or the police.

    What is disturbing is that some of the UK’s drill rappers are folk heroes who have online followings of tens, or even hundreds of thousands. Their influence on our inner-city youth is profound. They boast about their time in prison and how they will seek revenge on those who have ‘dissed them’ (shown them disrespect).

    The drill rapper will talk or sing about how they have gone to their ‘yard or ends’, the home area of where their perceived enemy lives, and ‘wet him up’ (stabbed or shot them). It is a key driver of gangs’ postcode rivalry; hence in London we have the E8 gang from Hackney, the Mozart boys from the Mozart Estate in North Westminster, the Peckham Young Guns, the Murder Dem Posse of East Acton and many more.

    Their ‘teachings’ are affecting the behaviour and minds of thousands of our teenagers. It affects the way they speak to each other, teachers, police and their mothers. Young girls from within their number suffer humiliation and abuse, as they themselves are subjected to or even willingly embrace an almost cult like doctrine of misbehaviour.

    We, the adults who should know better, encourage the spread of this poison by funding or setting up youth diversion/opportunity projects, where some ill intended youths make use of the radio stations or music studios we provided in our well meaning but poorly considered attempts to stop the violence.

    We make it worse by providing the platforms for the new wannabes to spread their intolerance and arrogant dismissal of the rights of others in search of what they want: power, money, women, guns and ‘respek’.

    For those of us who have policed London, we need no crime analysis, criminologist or community activist to tell us about the areas where there is a problem. We can judge this by the amount of blood we have seen on the street; the sobbing mothers and where we have used trauma bandages. It is not by chance that our inner-city accident and emergency hospitals now have bandages and agents to clot blood fast.

    Now the senior leadership of the Metropolitan Police are waking up and listening to their constables and sergeants who deal with the mayhem, the weeping mothers and those who apply the bandages. Our young coppers are making use of their skills with social media and combining this with the latest Anti-Social Behaviour legislation to pursue orders to control some of the outpourings of these evil and greedy drill rappers, who seek to make money from spreading their toxic culture.

    We all need to get behind this new initiative, and not allow ourselves to pander to those who are already bleating about the state trying to shut down the ‘rights of young people to express themselves and their sense of anger’ or similar weak nonsense.

    Ideally, we should suppress all drill rappers immediately. After all, their words are responsible for many dead British youths. But that is not going to happen; we do not yet have a full understanding of the threat this presents to our way of life and the future of our young. Nor do we have the stomach to really do something about it. The woke are now too powerful.

    Meanwhile, I take little comfort from the fact that perhaps the only positive impact of Covid-19 is that the lockdown is having an impact on the number of young people who bleed to death on our streets.

    And at least you now know what a drill rapper is.


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    This primitive jungle noise is an obvious variety of "toxic masculinity" that the femi-nazis usually remain silent about. Not many white men involved in it, after all.
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