NOUN archaic, historical

A coward, a villain; a person who breaks the law or a code of honour; an outlaw, a wretch.
In historical Germanic society, nī■ (Old Norse: nÝ­ Old English: nī■, nī­; Old Dutch: nīth); was a term for a social stigma implying the loss of honour and the status of a villain. A person affected with the stigma is a nī­ing (Old Norse: nÝ­ingr/ᚾᛁᚦᛁᚴᛦ, Old English: nī­ing, nī­gŠst, or Old High German: nidding),
A nithing pole sometimes normalized as nithstang or nidstang, was a pole used for cursing an enemy in Germanic pagan tradition.
I've known some truly faithless, betraying, oath-breaking nithings, one above all the rest.
May they experience the rightful curse and scorn upon them as such.