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Thread: The Ongoing Decline of the American Male

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodulf View Post
    I believe the whole "privileged" thing is simply a tool used by non-Whites to advance themselves without competition. It is pure envy-driven hatred and is born from the tremendous inferiority complex of Blacks and mongrels.

    It's to make folks to feel odd about belonging to a group that is better at something and has got a reputation for it. Like founding and maintaining a civilised society that is culturally and physically productive. That's commonly White folks, but that's because they are the target of choice for quite a while. Without them even noticing. In the past it was "Nazis and Racists" aka folks that stood up for their respective (White) communities. It was kind of bashing the immune systems of White nations and communities. first branding those defending their community with a bad image and then extrapolating this towards anyone that would remotely do something like this. Ironically that used the dismissal of immoral conduct among Whites as a weapon against Whites, without them even noticing at first. Essentially abusing a weakness of gullibility of the target by those that mean harm to it. In that they managed to turn many Whites into agents against their own community. Few noticed this when it started, since it was styled as "minority rights" - Fight against illdefined Racism. The left never was good at solving problems or producing something of value, but always good in producing slogans and devise strategies of destruction. In that utilising their target to sustain themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterland View Post
    I agree with you that marriage is a responsibility for both the man and woman to maintain. Some people will just never deal with their personal problems making it very difficult on the other spouse. Within a marriage, there is lots of communication and maintenance that take time and patience. So many couples go into a marriage with lies and undisclosed information. If people are just honest and kind to each other, it is a great start!

    I think many marriage problems result in marrying too late since a person will have more failed relationships, bitterness and rejection, and other life problems. At older age, single people begin to develop a "single lifestyle" too creating more challenges to "surrender" those older habits. Research claims that marrying younger like 20-24 have better outcomes and long-term success. I agree with the youth part due to an openness or naivety and willingness to move forward in life with some risks.

    On the materialism part, I live in a big multi-cultural metropolitan city, similar to London, so I have encountered a different lot of men. They like their materialism: pricey boats, planes, vacations, truck or sports cars, and houses. Okay laugh, when I went on dates, I had men interview me practically about my financial worth to "bump up" their lifestyle living or cover their debts(?). Most were die-hard liberals (cosmopolitan types) and had no ethnic identity with little interest in family life. It was all about money. I started to date working-class men who were educated but in a practical field of work. It worked well enough, and I got married. No one is a "perfect " fit and takes skills to work out different wants.
    Well, I'm from a rural area of Kentucky, so the "cosmopolitan" city boy mindset you mentioned is quite alien to me, lol. If anything, I figure I married on the young side, when I was just over 21 yrs old. I never really had the "single" bachelor lifestyle. The ex-wife is over 5 yrs older than me, so had lived an "independent" single lifestyle for some time before we got together. Perhaps those differences were contributing negative factors against us from the start.
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