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Thread: How Historical Figures Would Look If They Were Alive Today

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    How Historical Figures Would Look If They Were Alive Today

    This video is about a very talented graphic designer and history lover. This graphic designer uses her skills to bring historical figures to life. Becca Saladin is a full-time graphic designer who loves history. One day she started to reimagine what would historical figures look like, if they were alive today. Using her Photoshop skills and some historical research, she managed to recreate fascinating images by transforming famous figures throughout history, into modern characters you'd see walking the streets today. Anne Boleyn is Saladin's favourite historical person, and here is what she said how this whole project started: "I decided to see what she looked like with modern hair and make up. It gave so much more life to her, and I was able to relate to her better as a human, instead of just as a historical figure. After that, I decided to start the Instagram to share that work", she said.

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