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Thread: UK: Gang Rape & Sexual Assault Thread

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    UK: Gang Rape & Sexual Assault Thread

    Rapper probed over Italy gang-rape of Brit teens is a ‘good guy’ because he babysits young girls, says pal.

    The friend of a rapper probed in connection with the gang rape of two British 15-year-olds in Italy says “he’s a really good guy”. He also said the rapper - known on youtube as Red Michael, would never rape anyone and even sometimes babysat his little sister.

    The victims, two 15-year-old British schoolgirls, went to a party at a villa in Marconia di Pisticci, in the province of Matera, where they were allegedly raped by eight men the night between September 7 and September 8. The girls said shortly after they arrived at the party, they were taken to a field nearby, where they were raped for about 15 minutes by a group of men.

    Michele Leone and Egidio Andriulli, known on youtube as Red Michael and Meu Deus, rapped 'Bitch, unbuckle my belt' in a music video released weeks before the attack. Witnesses who were at the party confirmed the rappers were at the villa at the time of the alleged rape. The two pals were added to the list of suspects after the arrests of Michele Masiello, 23, Alberto Lopatriello, 22, Alessandro Zuccaro, 21, and Giuseppe Gargano, 19, according to Italian newspaper la Repubblica.

    Speaking to the SUN online, the pal who calls himself Broke boi on instagram insisted Leone had “Nothing to do with it”. He said: “He left the party before the rape, the media is misleading.” He also said Red Michael, a rap artist whose latest single, conto cash, features a Mercedes with the number plate “2 Bitches” currently has a girlfriend. Broke boi said the pair had been friends since school, and although they have lost touch still stayed in contact, adding: “He never did anything like this before.” He said: “He is a good guy now, [for] real. Since i’m not living in my city I sometimes ask him to look after my younger sister. “He’s someone I trust and not the type of person that would rape someone, alone or with a group.” He also confirmed the suspect’s mother is a police officer, adding: “I’m sure he’s not involved”.

    The organiser of the party said an invitation was published on facebook, which is why many people joined in. He said: "we were wrong in publishing the invite on facebook and send it to some whatsapp groups, but we could not have imagined [what happened]. "The party was going well until at some point I saw the boys from Pisticci arrive. "Everyone knows them here, they are a bit degenerate, even though some of them come from good families." He added: "When I saw them arrive, I wondered what they were doing here. But then they disappeared.

    "When we were serving the cake, the uncle of one of the British girls arrived and started talking. "It was only then that we understood what had happened." One of the victims said she had the impression one of the men was trying to film the attack on his phone. She said: "I told them to stop. I was shouting in English let me go. "They took off their trousers and I tried to defend myself by biting the penis of one. "I saw that one of them was trying to film it on his phone.''

    Following the alleged rape, the victims told the sister of one of them what happened, when they returned home and then called the emergency services. The girls were taken to Madonna della grazie Hospital in Matera for a health assessment, according to reports. The two victims, who were in a state of shock, reported the incident to police, saying they had been punched before being raped,
    tgcom24 reports.

    Officers described the rape as a ''brutal and extreme assault''. The investigation revealed that the uncle of one of the girls was told by guests ''don't call the Police or you will ruin the party'', when he went to the villa after the attack. One of the girls described in her statement how she ordered a drink from a barman and was then offered a second by a man she met at the party. She said: ''I didn't knowingly take any drugs but I think someone put something in my second drink because after I drank it I felt awful.''

    A banner was hung from the town hall with the slogan ''We are not all the same. Our community asks your forgiveness.'' Both girls are still in Italy where a fast track trial is due to take place this week. All four of those arrested on suspicion of sexual violence and wounding deny the charges and claim the girls consented.

    Suspects probed over gang-rape of brit girls are rappers ...

    15 IX 2020.

    Not the sort of experience you would want for your sister or daughter.

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    Rapist who suggested imaginary twin carried out attack faces lengthy prison term

    A violent rapist who made up a twin brother to blame for a ‘monstrous’ attack on a lone stranger has been convicted. Khaled Argoub, 20, followed the woman off a Night Tube, stalked her through dimly lit streets in Colliers Wood, south west London, and dragged her into a pitch-black park where he choked and sexually assaulted her. The terrified woman ‘thought she was going to die’ and only managed to escape after wriggling out of the jumpsuit Argoub had yanked down to her ankles, Kingston Crown Court heard. Jurors found him guilty of the appalling attempted rape as well as a number of related offences after being told he insisted his twin – whose name he couldn’t remember – was the real culprit.

    The court heard the woman was supposed to be meeting friends in Brixton but missed her stop and ended up walking through Colliers Wood. After stopping to take a photo of a fox in the road she noticed Argoub lurking a short distance behind smiling at her. Prosecutor Charlotte Newell told jurors he ‘ran at the woman, put her neck in an arm hold from behind and dragged her into a very dark and wooded area’ of Wandle Park. She added: ‘He was choking her. She struggled to breathe and thought she was going to die.’

    The prosecutor continued: ‘[The young woman] had the presence of mind to consider how it was she could end the ordeal and escape with her life. ‘She stopped resisting and realised that she would need to remove her jumpsuit which was by her ankles if she was if she was to be able to run away. ‘As she did this, he was distracted. [She] took the chance to run naked to a nearby block of flats where she rang on strangers’ doorbells.’ Argoub was tracked down after leaving a distinctive cap at the scene – which he’d been wearing in a selfie taken moments before the attack – and his DNA was recovered from underneath the woman’s fingernails from where she had desperately tried to claw at him. He was convicted of two counts of attempted rape, attempting to strangle with intent to commit rape, three counts of sexual assault and assault by penetration.

    Nijole O’Brien, from the CPS, said: ‘During interview Argoub made various efforts to frustrate matters. On arrest he pretended not to speak English. ‘He also initially said he couldn’t remember his name and claimed he had a twin but could not remember his twin’s name.’ She added: ‘This victim has been left traumatised. That night Argoub carried out a monstrous assault which remains in her memory.’

    Detective Inspector Rachael Samuel praised the woman, who she said had ‘been through an horrific ordeal, but has shown a strength of character and a commitment to assist police with this investigation’. Anyone who has been a victim of a sexual offence is urged to contact police. Alternatively, they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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    Four men sentenced to have 'four fingers amputated for theft' in Iran

    The men - identified by Iran media as Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian, Mehdi Shahivand and Kasra Karami - were reportedly ordered to have four fingers on their right hands amputated.

    Amputation is a form of punishment in Iran

    Four men accused of stealing in Iran will have their fingers amputated, it has been reported. The men - identified by Iranian media as Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian, Mehdi Shahivand and Kasra Karami - were reportedly ordered to have four fingers on their right hands severed. Under Sharia law, amputation, whipping, and even death by stoning are all legal forms of punishment. The men were originally tried on November 2 last year on four counts of robbery at a juvenile court in the city of Urmia, in northern Iran close to the border with Turkey, according to Iran International. They have remained behind bars ever since and are still being held there. Initial reports said three teenage boys were facing the tough sentence, but
    BBC Persian reports the four prisoners are "over 20 years old".

    A man convicted of adultery previously had his fingers amputated.

    Despite attempts to appeal the decision, Supreme Court judges this week upheld the verdict. A report released by the Iran Human Rights Monitor said the men had claimed that they were forced to confess under torture. According to the report, one of the prisoners, Rostami, was in a dire health condition in prison and had cut his wrists in protest of the upholding of his sentence earlier this year. Iran's Islamic penal code says theft "on the first occasion" is punishable by the amputation of four fingers of the right hand, The Sun reports.

    But Nargess Tavalossian, legal analyst and journalist at Iran International TV, said amputation as a form of punishment is rare in Iran. He said: "To have this type of punishment, there are 13 rules that all need to apply for the judge to order an amputation. "However, judges usually avoid issuing such punishment by saying that 12 out of the 13 rules are met and amputation is therefore not required.” The rules include that the property has to be valued over a certain amount, that it has to be taken from a secure space, and that it cannot be government property or taken during a famine - otherwise the punishment does not apply.

    The local news website Kurdpa says the accused faced four robbery charges in Urmia, northeast Iran. Human rights activists have expressed concerns about the possible execution of the sentence. Iranian authorities have generally defended the form of punishment, saying it is the most effective means of deterring theft.

    In October last year, Tehran was widely condemned for having dismembered another man's finger after convicting him of theft, according to Fox News. Amnesty International called the amputation, which took place in the northern province of Mazandaran, "an abhorrent form of torture."

    It is not immediately clear when the sentence would be carried out. This month, Iran executed wrestler Navid Afkari, after accusing him of murdering a riot cop. This led to protests as people demonstrated against his execution.

    In 2018, a man in Iran had his hand amputated after being convicted of theft, Amnesty Internationalreported. The amputation, which was conducted by guillotine, took place in the central prison in Mashhad city in north-eastern Razavi Khorasan province, according to the state-sponsored newspaper Khorasan News. The man was sentenced to hand amputation for stealing livestock and other valuables from several villages in the province. He was transferred to a medical centre immediately after the punishment was carried out.

    Three teenagers sentenced to have 'four fingers amputated ...23 IX 2020.

    In the West we genuinely wonder why do so many of these muslims, that we have been so good and kind to, commit crimes like the one in the previous post?

    They are not civilized like us and certainly not deterred in the least by Western punishments. It's pure MADNESS to let them into our countries.

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