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Thread: Thoughts On Race Denial, "Skin Color," And The Future

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    Thoughts On Race Denial, "Skin Color," And The Future

    I am tired of constantly hearing about "skin color" or the "color of skin" in reference to race. It is so utterly stupid to me that anyone can repeat such idiotic nonsense. Either they are in denial and trying to uphold political correctness, or their simple brain thinks of 'color' when they hear terms such as "white" or "black," etc. The very minimum definition of white means fully and truly of European descent only, while black means sub-sarahan african or negroid. It has nothing to do with skin color directly, although that is one attribute of race.

    As I have stated here before, our race is all of us in our entirety. Inside and out. All the way down to our very base building block, our cells. There are the base genes which are all of our genes, and each race has their own modified variant or version of all of them. None of them are the same between races, yet science and academia routinely refer to them all as "the same genes." They neglect to admit that each race has their own variant of them. How often you see fools and liars repeat statements such as "all races are 99.9% genetically identical," which is false. This is part of subversive race denial and it is dishonest.

    Further, I rarely ever use the term "white" since it has lost all meaning, especially in North America for example. It includes so many groups who are not white, or mixed people. At least half of Ameritard whites seem to be unable to identify when someone is obviously mixed. I observe this constantly. At this rate North America will slowly become diluted more and more over time regardless of however things go politically. It will turn into a mongrel Brazil in the future. So it seems.

    Not to even mention all of the "conservative" Ameritard civic/culture nationalists who claim it is just about culture and values, being a patriot etc. "Race doesn't matter," they say. "Derp something about the color of skin." Many of them are race mixers or will claim to have no issue with it at least. This is the future.

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    This annoys me too, I've complained about this around the forum more than once.

    When the left talks about "black" and "white" or racial/ethnic identity in relationship to "skin color", they're always seeking to reduce kinship and even race itself to skin pigment - they're setting the debate up that way. The basic assumption/point of departure is that there's nothing more to race than one's literal skin tone and to say otherwise is a secular mortal sin. Hence the debate becomes a monologue, with everyone who disagrees with the basic assumption being obviously stupid and evil, while guarding one's ethnic interests is deemed to be irrational and the cause of mindless oppression. Not even the matter of ethnic heritage/descendance enters the picture, which is a total taboo subject in the media. There's no such thing as "our ancestors" in the media.

    But in spite of all of this, we Germanics and Westerners are still supposed to feel guilty over things that happened hundreds of years ago and atone/pay up and we are somehow collectively guilty for today's failures of migrants/minorities as well. This doesn't lead to cognitive dissonance in the progressive brain.
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    Of course race goes much deeper than skin color, or albinos blacks, Asians, etc. would be considered whiter than Mediterranean Europeans with olive skin or tanned Scandinavians. This is especially true in this day and age where both tanning lotion and bleaching creams have become popular, so skin color alone is not a decisive factor when judging someone's racial background. Morphology as well as ancestry and culture are also relevant.

    For example, the woman in the first picture has a darker shade of skin than the woman in the second picture, and yet she is not only white, but even racially Nordic.

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