Do you think about the World Wars in eschatological terms?

You know, a lot of people moved on from each one to the Cold War, that thankfully didn't erupt hot as WWIII, because of how much life would have been lost. Maybe some time since then, there's been some space to reflect on the other "what ifs". Are you stuck on any of those three very tense outbreaks of hostility as especially inimical to your sense of existence apart from some glorious alternative reality?

I'm glad that I didn't go to bed and not wake up because of a nuke. I mostly put those fears behind me by the onset of adulthood, but the War On Terror sparked a wave of anxiety about Moscow, Peking and Pyongyang having something to do with indoctrinating, financing and arming a Neo-Caliphate to do their dirty work for them. For a time, I was content to watch Israeli Zionists have it out with their Semitic fratricide, so we could in fact exploit petrol resources and deny them to the Kremlin, but find that I care less and less about Washington trying to show off in the wake of the British and French since decolonisation and nation-building of the mandates and trust territories. Myopic as my sentiments show their age on contemporary issues, I wouldn't claim that it's merely my time in which there has seemed like the world was going to end. In fact, I wonder about past eras wherein it may have seemed certain to Germanic folks that it was GAME OVER. Do you find yourself fixated necessarily on 20th century conflicts, or could you think of older events in history that may have seemed similarly catastrophic or pivotal near misses or outright failures that threw a plausibly bright future off course?