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Thread: The George Floyd Armageddon: Iconoclast Mob Destroys Our Heritage And Civilisation As America Burns From Coast To Coast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterland View Post
    We have a mental health crisis in this country since the 70's connected mostly to drug abuse and family decline. The State defunded mental health institutions and counseling programs as the government increases traumatized refugees and immigrants into this country. Americans cannot get the help past pharmaceuticals, so males namely get shot during a "mental breakdown" or drug induced episode. The police officers are afraid and react quickly with little training in the mental health field. US needs to change their methods of dealing with mentally ill and arresting procedures. They should shoot to maim if tasers don't work, so it doesn't make sense. More white people are shot per year, 2x's as often than Blacks, BUT the media makes everything political and racial for votes. Are drugs this bad in Europe yet with open borders?
    The drug thing was something that increased over the past decades. Here it was mostly dagga (Marihuana) that was used. Usually that is a teenage episode. But for most it used to be a done that, been there, not interested in T-shirt thing. With time one does however get a sub-culture of drug users. Those can be smoking cannabis, throwing pills in clubs towards using the heavy stuff.... Those aren't only outsiders anymore, but you will also find that among professionals meaning people with access to funds, power and in some cases towards "controlled substances" themselves.

    As for mentally ill, those have always existed, but it wasn't as pervasive in the past. It seems as if the more resources are channelled towards, the more it becomes a problem. The "the cops are racist and victimise Blacks" narrative is of course a ruse without base in reality. One gets however anecdotes that can be made fit the profile. One should actually be surprised that Whites aren't more aggressive towards other groups, given that those are indeed making their lives hell and destroy the functioning of societies Whites live in.

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    Washington Football Team bans fans from wearing Native American headdresses, face paint

    A year after removing its old nickname, the Washington Football team is finally taking a stand on fans dressing as Native Americans.

    The team announced Wednesday that attendees of games will be barred from wearing Native American attire.

    “We are excited to welcome everyone back wearing their Burgundy & Gold,” the team said. “However, Native American inspired ceremonial headdresses or face paint may no longer be worn into the stadium.”

    The team changed its name in 2020 following years of outcry from the Native American community.

    The final straw came when over a dozen Native American leaders and organizations sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to get rid of the name last July. The following week the team announced its decision to get rid of the old name.

    “We have 89 years of history in this league and failing to acknowledge our past use of Native imagery in the consideration of the new name wouldn’t be mindful of the individuals and communities that were hurt by the previous name,” team president Jason Wright wrote for the team’s website last month.

    “We’ve made significant changes in our organization and our culture, and our new name must reflect these changes. To that end, we will choose an identity that unequivocally departs from any use of or approximate linkage to Native American imagery.”

    The team has also made some other policy changes for fans in regard to COVID-19. While tailgating will return, the team recommends unvaccinated fans to wear masks and while making it optional for those vaccinated.

    As for the on-field product, head coach Ron Rivera expressed his frustrations with his squad last week for its low vaccination rate.

    At the time of his remarks, the team was reportedly 60 percent vaccinated against COVID, one of the lowest rates across the league. They’ve recently seen an increase, and which Rivera is encouraged about.

    “It is [stressful]. We all feel that way,” Rivera said. “But I know there are good numbers out there, and we’re moving in that direction, so we’re feeling good about that.”


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