French police “neutralised” and arrested a man Thursday morning after a knife attack inside a church in the city of Nice which left at least three dead and several injured.

Of the three dead in Thursday’s Nice attack, two victims were women and one was a man. One of those women, we now know was killed next to the font of the Notre Dame church, French media reporting she was nearly completely beheaded — a development from earlier reports that stated a throat had been “cut”. The man who died was also killed inside the church was a server or sacristan.

Another woman who was stabbed several times managed to escape the church but succumbed to her injuries outside. French media is now widely reporting that the attacker did shout “Allah akbar” as he struck, in line with the earlier comments of the mayor of Nice.

Update 1145 GMT — Police shoot ‘Allah Akbar’ Gunman dead in a separate incident

A second, separate incident has taken place in the French city of Avignon. Police shot dead an “Allah Akbar” shouting gunman during an exchange of fire, but there have been no other reported injuries. Police have not yet declared the incident a terror attack.

In a third incident today, a knifeman was arrested outside the French consulate in Saudi Arabia after he attempted to attack a guard there. The guard was stabbed with a “sharp tool” and was taken to hospital. France has condemned the attack and has called on Saudi Arabia to “shed light” on the circumstances surrounding the stabbing.

The mayor of Nice did not mince his words when he spoke to the television cameras Thursday morning, reports local newspaper Nice Matin, revealing that the attacker “would not stop repeating ‘Allahu akbar’ while he was injured”. Declaring that “enough is enough”, mayor Christian Estrosi said Nice was “paying too heavy a price by once again being victims of Islamo-fascism”. By once again, the city mayor was almost certainly referring to the 2016 Nice attack, in which an Islamist terrorist drove a high-powered delivery truck through crowds of revellers celebrating France’s national day,
killing 86 people along the beachfront.

Today’s attack also comes in the context of intensified Islamist activity in France in recent weeks. Less than two weeks ago, a French history teacher was beheaded in front of his own schoolafter he showed cartoons of Mohammed to his class to illustrate a talk on freedom of expression. The French government reacted to the killing with unusual determination, closing a local mosque that had agitated against the victim before he was killed, and arresting dozens who celebrated the attack.

These actions have not gone down well with some in the Muslim world, however, with France’s response to Islamist murders and terror attacks starting a war of words between the nation and Muslim majority countriesTurkeyand Pakistan, as well as Palestinian leaders.

A mass stabbing in the southern French city of Nice was declared a terror attack on Thursday, after an unidentified assailant killed three — two women and a man — and wounded several others inside the city’s Notre Dame church around 0900 hours, Western European Time (0400 EST). The exact number of injured is unknown, but among them is the attacker themself, who was taken to hospital while under arrest, presumably having been injured during the arrest.

The mayor of Nice and the regional president, Eric Ciotti, have both called the killings a “terrorist attack” and France’s specialist terrorism investigation office has taken over the investigation from local officers, reports Le Figaro. In the parlance of French law, the investigation is in relation to suspected “assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise, attempted assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise and criminal association of terrorist criminals.” Within an hour of the attack taking place, French national police urged locals to not be alarmed by the sound of explosions, as a bomb disposal unit was working to clear the area. This does not necessarily imply the attacker had left a bomb, however, as it is standard police practice to clear the area of an attack of all suspicious items as a precaution.

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I completely agree that Islam does not belong in the West.
And quite frankly I'm getting pretty sick and tired of all this ""enriching"" Diversity too.
But I'd just like to make one observation about this attack. According to the media, at least two people were beheaded and several others stabbed. The DM also reported that one woman who was stabbed 'multiple times' fled to a bar across the street, where she died.
So with all that going on you'd expect social media to light up. Any observers in the area would have been tearing up social media. Any victims who had escaped would have been going hysterical alerting their friends to stay away from the area. It would have blown up right away on social media.
But the first we hear of it is when the 'media' 'reports' it. In addition the first response by the mayor of Nice was that "It's time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace".
These attacks serve as the pretext to roll out the police state further and suppress dissent at home to the NWO agenda. Which means suppressing dissent to mass immigration among other things.
“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of
terror. The public will clamor for such laws if their personal security
is threatened.” -Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Terror Strikes Inside French CHurch

Mayor: ’We Are Victims of Islamo-Fascism, Enough is Enough’

•Three Dead, Several Injured in Nice

•Perpetrator arrested, Hospitalised

29 X 2020.





It's war on European Christian society and it's getting more intense.The ruling elite's 'Great Replacement' is taking place before our eyes and they keep pretending it's not happening.