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Thread: Norway, first W.European country to broadcast Muslim holiday

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    Norway, first W.European country to broadcast Muslim holiday

    Norwegian Public Broadcasting [NRK] is the first in Western Europe to broadcast a celebration of Id on TV

    Sunday night, NRK will mark the Muslim holiday Id with live broadcast. It will be the first time a Western European broadcaster makes such a broadcast.

    EVERYONE IS WELCOME: Rima Iraki will lead Sunday's Id broadcast.
    She invites people to get an insight into how the day is being marked around the country.

    - I think it's very cool and exciting. I am proud of NRK. It shows for the Muslim environment in Norway that we live in an inclusive society that we can be proud of, says Ugbad Musti, one of Norway's most popular rappers of all time.

    As usual, they celebrate together with family and friends, but this year they will also perform on NRK's broadcast. A broadcast she thinks was due.

    - I think it should have happened earlier. Most people have a Muslim in their social circle, so maybe this can help Norwegians learn more about Islam, she says.

    She hopes it will be an annual tradition.

    Building bridges and a sense of community
    Id al-fitr, often called mere Id or Eid, is an important Muslim holiday. It marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, gathering over 200,000 Muslims in Norway. Due to the corona, many of the joint events have been canceled, and many have to look forward to another celebration this year.

    - Many do not have the opportunity to do what one usually does, such as visiting friends and family. Our goal is to contribute to the Id atmosphere for everyone around the country, says program host for the evening, Rima Iraki.

    She has noticed a great commitment already, and is looking forward to entertaining people with music, delicious food, dancing and guests. The aim is to create a sense of community between Norwegian Muslims and the rest of the population.

    - There are many questions related to Ramadan and Id. We hope the program can help make things a little bit clearer and understand each other better, says Rima Iraki.

    Bridge-building and community feeling was also what Vivi Stenberg's goal was when she hatched the idea of creating an Id broadcast.

    - The traditions of Id and the Christian Christmas celebrations are quite similar. It is a day when the families meet, the children get presents, and eat together. I wanted to convey a story that is familiar, but also different.

    Greater tolerance
    Islam has over 1.7 billion followers across the globe, and is the second largest religion in Europe after Christianity.

    Nevertheless, Norway is the first in Western Europe to broadcast ID. Tone Sommerfelt, senior researcher at the Institute for Peace Research (Prio), says this may be due to the fact that secularism has been practiced in a different way in Norway than in some other Western European countries.

    - In Norway, the governing powers have been preoccupied with having a balance between multi-religious and secularism. In France, on the other hand, secularism means to actively exclude religion from the public sphere.

    He also adds that there is a greater focus on diversity now than it used to be, and that NRK reflects this development.

    - In recent years, it has been a priority to include different types of views of life, lifestyles and value in the public space.

    She believes that such a broadcast is a positive contribution in raising awareness that Islam is part of Norwegian everyday life. A contribution which Norwegian Muslims will appreciate.

    - It is a recognition that I think means a lot to the Muslim community. It becomes a way to find a home, and it is valuable, she says.
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    Norwegian state TV to broadcast celebration of Islamic holiday

    Norwegian tax-funded radio and television broadcaster NRK has proudly announced that it will be the first TV station in Western Europe to do a live broadcast of Eid – the Muslim holiday that ends Ramadan. The broadcast is set to take place on the evening of Sunday May 24th.

    “I’m really looking forward to this. We invite you to a party with good food, beautiful music, and nice and fun meetings with exciting guests. For those celebrating this day, probably things will be a little different this year because of the corona situation. We hope this program can contribute to a sense of community – that we celebrate together. And of course everyone is welcome,” said program director Rima Iraki.

    The show will feature several Muslim TV personalities from Norway, such as actor Iman Meskini, comedian Yousef Hadaoui, and food blogger Jamilla El Haddaoui, NRK reports.

    Female rapper Ugbad Musti will also perform on stage. Musti said that she hopes the broadcast will become an annual tradition in Norway.

    “This maybe will make Norwegians want to learn more about Islam,” Musti told the broadcaster.

    Unsurprisingly, many ordinary Norwegians are not pleased with the planned broadcast as Musti is.

    “This is a milestone of Islamization of Norway,” said journalist Hege Storhaug on her site Rights Norway

    “When an ideology that has ravaged the world for 1,400 years is normalized, there is reason to fear that the end of the NRK project, which is guaranteed to be supported by the Government and a majority in the parliament, could be fatal to the cores our democracy: equality , equality, freedom of speech and religious freedom,” Storhaug wrote.

    The post Norwegian state TV to broadcast celebration of Islamic holiday appeared first on Voice of Europe.

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