If this is true, about Russia prohibiting the sending of DNA samples across the border, then I think it's a fair decision. However, the only sources about these which I was able to find on internet so far are:

Why isn't MyHeritage sending DNA kits to Russia anymore?

At the end of February 2020, we decided to discontinue sales of MyHeritage DNA kits in Russia.
New DNA kits orders to Russia will not be possible until further notice.


The reason for this is that we've learned that apparently, recent regulation in Russia prohibits sending DNA samples across the border (in this case, to MyHeritage's DNA lab in the USA). Until the legal status of this is clarified we felt it would be proper that we cease selling new kits in Russia. This was our decision and it was not enforced upon us. We want to make sure that we comply with Russia's regulations.

You can read more about this on RT.com who were the first to bring this to our attention:

Please note that we have not heard from any formal Russian entity about this, only from Russian media.
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Other than that, only an older article:

Russians' DNA taken by foreign agents, Kremlin says

  • 31 October 2017

The Kremlin says foreign agents are collecting DNA samples from Russians of different ethnicities and sending the data abroad for scientific analysis.

The agents were often working for foreign NGOs, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Mr Putin told a Russian human rights committee that the DNA collection was "systematic and professional".

Some scientists quoted in the Russian media speculated that the data could be used in US biological warfare research.

A Russian MP close to the Kremlin, Gennady Onishchenko, said new "biological security" legislation to control access to Russians' DNA "should be introduced in December" in parliament.

Mr Onishchenko formerly headed a state agency - Rospotrebnadzor - that conducts sanitary checks on imported food and drink. The agency imposed temporary bans on certain produce from Georgia and Moldova, at times of political tension with Russia.

He said foreign labs were analysing Russians' DNA and restrictions on such research were necessary.

'Military programme'

"The fact that our citizens' fluids, organs and tissues are being collected is evidence that the US has not stopped its aggressive military programme," he alleged.

Earlier Mr Putin avoided such speculation about the DNA analysis, and simply asked "why are they doing this?"

At the height of the Cold War both the US and Soviet Union researched lethal biological agents that could be weaponised.

Russian geneticist Valery Ilyinsky, quoted by RIA Novosti news agency, said biological warfare specialists might be able to exploit genetic differences between ethnic groups.

He said that, for example, about 1% of Europeans had natural resistance to HIV, the virus that triggers Aids.

Anyone who speaks Russian here and can find more information on this?