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Thread: Share your traditional recipes of Easter desserts

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    Share your traditional recipes of Easter desserts

    There is plenty of Easter recipes on internet, but I am looking forward to read about recipes which are rather Germanic, and which are tradition in your families or in your area.

    Since I am vegetarian, only Easter desserts for me, please!

    In my family and country of origin, very traditional is something like a cheese cake, and I absolutely love it! It can be made of cheese, or of sour cream, or both, and some people improved the traditional cheese or sour cream recipe, by adding cocoa to it, and making it taste like chocolate. One of my cousins made or found a recipe, which really makes is resemble a chocolate and cheese cake! It's fantastic!

    The one made by my grandma usually looks more like this:

    However, in Norway I cannot find the right type of cheese to bake that (or I don't know where to find it)... so I am looking for other ideas...

    Which are your favourite Easter desserts?
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