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Thread: How do you paint your Easter eggs?

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    How do you paint your Easter eggs?

    I find the tradition of painting/ colouring Easter eggs simply fascinating. How are you doing it in your country, or what's the tradition in your family?

    In Romania it is very traditional to use onion skins to give the eggs a natural colouring. (Something like this.) Many people also use leaves, while colouring the eggs naturally, to make patterns on the eggs.

    This, besides a long long tradition of painting Easter eggs with lots of symbols, including swastikas. I actually have a book dedicated entirely to the tradition of Easter eggs, referring not only to the tradition in Romania, but in whole Europe.

    In Norway it looks like the traditional colour for Easter is yellow. And I found recipes in Norwegian about colouring Easter eggs naturally with either red beet (giving it a light yellowish colour), red cabbage (for a blueish colour) or turmeric (for a golden yellowish colour). I never tried these before, so I am looking forward for it!

    A video about how to dye eggs naturally with red beet here.

    And this woman shows another way to dye eggs naturally with either red beet or turmeric powder.

    So... how are you painting or colouring your Easter eggs?
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