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Thread: Glass Shotgun Slugs Rip Through Armor And Cause Irreparable Tissue Damage

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    Glass Shotgun Slugs Rip Through Armor And Cause Irreparable Tissue Damage

    These weird looking crystals are actually a brutal slug made for a 12 gauge shotgun.

    While they are a bit long, each one weighs about one ounce. They are strictly “for-fun” prototypes, but they’re surprisingly accurate and brutal.

    Each piece of glass has a differnent steel core made from items like nails, wire, and metal scraps. While some of the glass does shatter from the initial shotgun blast, a surprisingly large chunk stays intact and absolutely wrecks the target.

    Level IIIA body armor is no match for these weird little rounds. The wound cavity is filled with metal shrapnel and powdered glass. These rounds would be truly terrifying on a soft target.

    Watch TAOFLEDERMAUS put these slugs to the test in the video above.

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