Vicki Momberg is a white woman South African woman who was sentenced to three years in prison for using the word “kaffir,” the South African equivalent of the American “N-word.” Black thieves had just broken into her car — while she was in it — and she used the K-word repeatedly when she reported the attack to a black policeman. Unluckily for her, she was caught on cell-phone video.

Miss Momberg was mysteriously released early from jail on December 27, 2019, apparently as part of a presidential pardon of 14,647 prisoners, many of whom were hardened criminals. The South African media call her a “convicted racist,” a modish new term. The ANC regime has proposed a Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill that would make it a crime to use racial slurs for Blacks or Coloureds. Many Coloured or mixed-race commentators are pushing for the Afrikaans word “hotnot” (short for Hottentot and also referred to as the “H-word”) to be criminalized too.

However, the courts and the media have not waited for this law to be passed. As I reported at this site, Springbok rugby player Eben Etzebeth was accused of using the “H-word” and hauled before the South African Human Rights Commission. The latest news on January 24, 2020 was that his case would proceed to the so-called “Equality Court.” If found guilty, Mr. Etzebeth could also face a three-year jail sentence, which is the prescribed punishment for a first offense under the not-yet-passed Hate Speech Bill. The courts are already applying its provisions by reference to the South African common-law transgression of crimen injuria, or “impairing the dignity of another.”

The South African Human Rights Commission therefore has little to do with “human rights” in the ordinary sense; instead, it functions as a kind of anti-white thought police. Whenever a white is accused of racism or hate speech, its legal teams immediately investigate and punish to the full extent of the law — or even in the absence of the law if we consider the still inoperative Hate Speech Bill. Large fines and prison terms are SAHRC’s favorite penalties.

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