A list of the most popular newborn baby boy names in the United Kingdom was recently published by a site called Babycenter. The 2019 rankings show that the name Muhammad – including its different spellings – has topped the list for the most popular baby boy names in the UK for the third consecutive year.

The name Noah took second place in the 2019 ranking, while Oliver slipped from its third spot for the first time in nine years, Global Village Space reports.

The year 2019 also saw other Arabic names increase in popularity. Apart from the name Mohammed, other Muslim boy names like Ali, Ahmad, and Ibrahim made the top 100 most popular baby names.

For girls, the top three most popular names in Britain in 2019 were Olivia, Sophia, and Eva, while the Arabic names Zara, Nur, Fatima, and Maryam were the 29th, 45th, 57th, and 59th most popular names, respectively .

Meanwhile, there is a campaign to make people in Britain have fewer children. Last November, Voice of Europe reported on a billboard ad in London that caused widespread outrage when it encouraged white Britons to sterilize themselves to make the city less crowded.

The ad – unlike other modern ads in the UK which have diversity requirements – only showed pictures of white people, which is why it caused anger because white Britons are already having the fewest children out of any ethnic group in the country.

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