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Thread: Thread split: "Anglosaxonism", should Hannover join the U.K.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodskarl Dubhgall View Post
    There's a correlation between Anglo-Saxonism and Anglo-German monarchy, something better than "British India". Try thinking about what the English wanted: a German king, not a French one. You really don't know anything about us English.
    There is no such thing as "Anglo-German".
    The monarch system was not one of people's making. It's interesting that you worship that imposed system so much and the resulting, arbitrary divisions or 'alliances', while blahing about some "tribal choice", and when we Germans did exactly that, chosing our own Kaiser, circumventing and effectively blocking this Roman/Vatican-imposed power, you go berserk against it.

    It's btw of no relevance whether the chosen monarch comes from a German, a Spanish, a Dutch, a British or whatever "nobility house", they're in "power" because the Vatican approves them. It's all fake and smokescreen. And it's not the British people who chose these kings, nor is it the Spanish, the Dutch, the German etc people's choice. The "divorce" of Britain from Vatican is a fake one too, to allow for a second (and then a third) marriage, after Cromwell put the former wives to death. Didnt Cromwell also start this unhappy tradition of chosing "German" wives (Anna von Kleve) for the British king? To "connect to the mainland Europe protestants"?

    When you decry the "loss" of Cromwell's 'British unity' ambitions, it's quite hypocritical. While you accused our "evil Kaiser" of shedding blood for German unity (which he didnt), you ignore that it was Cromwell that started the still ongoing, and eternal lasting hostility between England and Ireland that can never be reconciled unless Britain let's Ireland go. But you dont care about that near-genocide of a people that Britain wants to rule over. Maybe this is because of your own mixlings status that you think, in far away America and your British larping fantasies, that they somehow "belong together" when they dont. Ireland is Ireland and England is England. But of course, you're an empire-worshipper and you dont care about that this empire is multi-ethnic and as such is the anti-thesis to ethnic preservation.

    That you want to score a point with denouncing British India doesnt work with me. Maybe you can fool others with that. The Commonwealth has a lot more problems than British India (let's say Pakistan, with Farsi being teached in British schools maybe, with Paki grooming gangs and Islam 'import' within the Commonwealth), again ignoring that the Indian Sikhs would even support actual English Nationalism and the Indians are not the ones causing trouble in Britain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodskarl Dubhgall View Post
    Perhaps there should be a thread discussing how Germanic Ireland is, but I don't wonder if the knee jerk reaction would be overwhelmingly negative, since Ireland and Finland have no subforums despite being equally bicultural countries as Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. I don't expect to see Irish and Finnish flags any time soon on Skadi, because of Continental and typically Hochdeutsch systemic bias that simply cannot relate outside of its little cubby hole, but they don't corner the market on extensions of ethnicity into cohabitational states. Imagine signs reading: "Swiss, Luxemburgers, Belgians and/or Canadians Need Not Apply", in the same vein as faced by the Irish, although curiously not by the Finns.
    There already is such a discussion thread - 60 pages of it - not to mention an entire section to discuss Germanic influences and questions of periphery.

    Furthermore, it's not a question of official status or bilingualism but of individual and group Germanic identity. There are plenty of areas where Germanic languages have no recognized/official status but from where we welcome individuals of Germanic background. In fact, we welcome Germanics from all over the world, be it Eastern Europe or South America. We also don't consider all Canadians, Belgians, Swiss, etc. equally Germanic, but only those of actual Germanic background. Neither the Swiss Italians nor the Walloons are considered Germanic on Skadi. We simply represent some of those countries via sub-forums because a good majority of their population is Germanic. To call Switzerland a "quasi-Italic" state for instance is stretching it. There are 8.5% Italian speakers in Switzerland (mostly concentrated in the canton of Ticino, the southern part of Graubünden and the Gondo Valley) and steadily decreasing, compared to the 63% German speakers; as for the Romansh, they make up a small 0.5%. Flanders is a similar case; it is the most populated area in Belgium (68% Flemish speakers). Alas, if you actually notice, there is no Belgian sub-forum, the forum is called Netherlands & Flanders. The same goes for Switzerland, it is included in a forum called The German Countries so when we say Switzerland, we actually refer to what is known as Deutschschweiz. I think the message is pretty clear; hardly anyone in the entire history of Skadi has been confused by this arrangement.

    We are not going to create a sub-forum for every single country, territory or region where Germanics live, but only for those countries which we consider to be predominantly or fully Germanic. In addition, we generally create new forums when the amount of activity calls for it. We don't have separate sub-forums for Åland or the Orkney Islands, for instance, because there aren't enough threads about these topics to warrant it. But that doesn't mean that we discriminate against Germanics from such territories or consider them second-class citizens. It was precisely for such cases that the Germanic Diaspora, Enclaves, & Influences section was created. And while Skadi welcomes Finland Swedes and considers them as Germanic as any other group, let me tell you why you won't be seeing a Finnish flag on Skadi. Years ago, somewhere back in 2006 if memory serves well, we decided to experiment with this very idea. Skadi opened a Finland section where Germanic cultural influences, as well as Germanic minorities in Finland and Åland could be discussed. Most people however misunderstood the section's purpose and turned it into a Finnish section where people discussed non-Germanic topics. Soon, some people started discussion threads in Finnish language, Fenno-Russian disputes or topics that had very little to do with Germanic preservation. We ended up having to close down that section. Same story with the former French forum, which was also disbanded. Same reason why we don't need an Italian section for the South Tyroleans. Actually, South Tyroleans don't even consider themselves Italian and according to polls a good percentage of the German population would support secession.

    I can picture Continentals at Skadi raising a shitstorm, instead of equal treatment of disinterest in those from four quasi-Italic states as they take for granted somehow only befitting those from a single quasi-Celtic state (even though Ireland is no more Celtic or less Germanic than Wales and Scotland, unless you agree that Romanism is a foreign religion); getting all squinty-eyed about those from quasi-Uralic Finland.
    Ireland and Wales not being considered Germanic countries has very little to do with Catholicism. Nowhere outside of Northern Ireland is Catholic used as an ethnic denominator and we actually accept the Northern Irish Ulster and Scottish Lowlanders as members. The Scottish Highlands, Ireland proper and Wales are where we draw the line. Germanic heritage is more than just language and culture, it is a combination of ethno-genetics, linguistics/culture and finally, identification. Possessing only one of those factors does not necessarily make one Germanic. Studies have shown that the genetics of territories considered Celtic differ quite a bit from one another. For example, the genetics of the Scottish Germanics differ from those of Gaelic Scots and other Celts, including the Welsh. The Scottish were found to carry the highest Viking/Scandinavian genetic footprints, as high as 30% in Shetland and 25% in Orkney. Some consider Scots to be a separate Germanic language rather than a dialect of English. The Cornish, who some consider to be Celtic are much more similar genetically to other English groups than they are to the Welsh or the Celtic Scots. You might find the following topics of interest: The Forgotten Legacy of Germanic Scotland & Irish, Scots, Welsh Not "Celts"; More in Common with Portuguese, Spaniards. In addition, most of the Celts don't identify as Germanic and resent any idea of assimilation into the Anglosphere or Germanicdom. If you were a member of Irish Nationalism back in the day, you would be well aware of this. I can tell you with certainty what would happen if we were to open an Irish sub-forum: half of the time, we would be dealing with Celtic/Gaelic cultural topics and the other half, the staff would have to clean the forum up from flame wars and dramas between unionists and supporters of the IRA. Now that's something we can do without. Let the Celts be Celts, and the Germanics Germanic. Whether people like it or not, the line has to be drawn somewhere and someone is going to be outside of that line. Historically speaking, one will hardly find any part of Europe that has not been inhabited at one time or another by a Germanic tribe or submitted to Germanic settlements and particularly from a cultural POV, most of the West has been "germanicized" to a certain degree. But if we included all such countries it would be a tedious, complicated process to establish which of their natives would qualify as Germanic and to what degree. If we gave one of them the benefit of the doubt, we'd have to be fair and give it to all and this would sooner or later lead to Skadi transforming into a de facto pan-European rather than Germanic community.

    The Skadi of 2020 is not the Skadi of 2004. Skadi changed its orientation from European to Germanic in December 2004 (de jure). By September 2008, when Skadi was resurrected after about a year hiatus and merged with its intermediary, the Althing, the transition had been complete. And we are not going back, but only moving forward. In fact, if you read Thorburn's post from back then, you will learn that Skadi itself was originally supposed to be a Germanic project. Skadi did not start as Aryan Dawn or Pantheon Europa, but as Thorburn's personal website - the domain, which was supposed to develop into an information portal about the indigenous Germanic ways of life - and later toplist and banner exchange. The reason Skadi Forum was originally Eurocentric is nature is because it inherited AD/PE's orientation and decided to keep it. However, even at that time, a significant number of its membership was in fact Germanic and many of the members who joined were pro-Germanic rather than pan-European in nature.

    Surely, there are many memorable moments from the pre-Germanic Skadi, yet at the same time we are glad to have put the dramas and flame wars typical of that time behind us: Nords vs. Meds, East vs. West, Slavs vs. Germanics, Finns vs. Russians, Croats vs. Serbs... They might be entertaining for a while but after you've seen a few, it becomes old and repetitive. As someone who was on staff during that period too, I've heard it all a thousand times and tbh, our people don't learn anything and aren't brought in touch with their roots and culture through soap operas; on the contrary, they are multi-culturized and confused. They enforce the worst stereotypes and encourage negativity in others, and that is neither conducive to European, nor Germanic preservation.

    Am I not a reliable reference for those times?
    I'm afraid not. Your presence on Skadi was on-and-off in 2004 too.

    Parsifal was a nobody back then.
    So? Everybody was a nobody at some point, including those movers and shakers you speak of. Hardly anyone became famous overnight, with the exception of trolls of course. But while trolls get noticed quickly, they also get flushed just as quick. And that's not something to aspire to. Chlodovech happens to be the longest-serving, most loyal and most active staff member on Skadi (aside from Thorburn and myself). Consequently, he earns a rightful place in the Skadi hall of fame.

    All the key movers and shakers did go so you think that some transhumanistic idea of Skadi should be an acceptable and desirable "Great Replacement"? If we cannot vouch for the SNPA, tNP, BuB, NF and even early TA, as well as AD, PE, or SF and VNN, I think we will have The Phora, Stumble Inn and The Beer Barrel. Let's go ask Fade if he wants to take his rightful place before Hellstar.
    Skadi is not frozen in time, its history stretches for nearly 20 years. Since 2004, many other names have joined the list of movers and shakers. Sigurd and Thusnelda, for instance, who joined in 2005, our second admin, Huginn ok Muninn, who joined in 2007. Despite the fact that they joined later, these people have been involved in Skadi significantly more than many of the folks who were active during the pre-Germanic era.

    Loki didn't agree with the heavy Continental emphasis that soon came to dominate Skadi when the German language subforum was around, even though he and I both are proud of our German roots.
    There was no particular Continental emphasis and the German language forum operated pretty much on its own. It had its own admins, its own moderators and its own staff forum which were separate from ours. Also, neither the German forum nor a perceived heavy Continental emphasis had anything to do with the reasons Loki did his own thing. Skadi never treated New World Germanics like second class citizens and welcomed them among staff just as they did Europeans. In fact, some people complained that Skadi was too "americanized". What is however true is that sometimes the membership and discussion trends fluctuated according to political and world trends. We've had times when European topics were more popular (e.g. European refugee crisis, Brexit) while at other times it was American topics (such as the alt-right or the Trump presidency) that were discussed more.

    You and velvet rely on second hand experience to cast your criticism of my good memories of vibrant message boards and so what if I have always faced abrasive cults of personality?
    I rely on first-hand experience and the source of all sources, Thorburn himself. And there are no cults of personality on Skadi. The reason you've faced issues before was because of your own attitude towards staff. Skadi is not the right place to attack, slander or insult its orientation, its staff or their decisions. Furthermore public threads are not the right place to discuss or complain about all the aforementioned issues. The staff can only respect you if you respect them. And the same goes for other Germanic ethnicities and groups. We wish to maintain a friendly and respectful climate where Germanics feel comfortable and at home, like in an extended family. Particularly regular and veteran members are expected to self-moderate and set an example through their behavior and speech because newer members observe how they behave and follow suit. Veteran member status doesn't only come with privileges, it also comes with responsibilities and the two are interconnected.

    Finally, while Skadi equally accepts nationalist/ethnocentric and pan-Germanic ideas, we frown upon ideologies and ideas which promote a weakening of or disregard for our Germanic identity, heritage and culture and whose direct or indirect result is the dissolution or the division of Germanic ethno-genetic substance. Similarly, there's a difference between highbrow discussions of the degree of Germanicity in various nations and downplaying the heritage of traditionally regarded Germanic nations and labeling them "Romanized", "Italo-Celtic", "quasi-Uralic" or the like, calling members of said nations "half-Germanic" and generally adopting a "more Germanic than thou" mindset. Let's not get sidetracked by such squabbles. The scope of our board is to foster Germanic unity and a positive vision for Germanics.

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