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Thread: The Death of Romanticism: The Venting Of A Hopeless Romantic

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    The Death of Romanticism: The Venting Of A Hopeless Romantic

    As a kid growing up I remember English class being one of my favorites. Listening to the romantic words of poets. Fantasizing that one day I will have this fairy tale and my happily ever after. I loved reading plays about passion and unconditional love.

    You can imagine my disappointment when I grew up and came to the realization that my views on hopeless romanticism were not shared by more than half of the world population. It was a little devastating but that did not kill the hope that somewhere out there was a man who did share my views despite the overwhelming lack of support for marriage and happily ever after that we were surrounded by.

    I have noticed a trend of going through the motions but never really feeling a moment. A new generation of chasing the convenient and the easy to acquire. Creating a world where intelligence is overrated and unconscious is a perpetual state of being. The sick and distorted sense of self-entitlement as well as the lack of empathy that seems to plague society.

    Growing up I watched my parents cheat on each other, and the first time I saw my mother crying in front of her bedroom mirror was a defining moment in my life. I learned just how painful a broken heart can be. My father was out at strip clubs looking at these women while my mother was at home shut away in her room hating herself inside and out. I watched him steal her smile for years.

    He still does.

    We now live in a world where women with tummy tucks and breast implants are idolized for being naked and having sex in front of a camera, while women who bear children and create a home for you have to claw their way up onto a pedestal.

    Women are seen more as objects now than ever before. I see on social media all of the passive aggressive jokes made about men being “fuck boys” and women being “side chicks.” How is it possible that so many people out there are perfectly content with the way that things are?

    I love watching the silver screen and seeing all of these beautiful women with confidence and poise. I love envisioning how simple of a time it was when men and women could get to know each other through conversation and dates rather than swiping right for nudes.

    All I ever wanted as a little girl was to be loved by a man, and to be respected as a woman by a man. Good men and women out there are being damaged beyond repair which only escalates the downhill spiral that we are going on.

    We seem to be in a never-ending cycle of men hurting women and women hurting men. Women taking their clothes off for social media or a man they just met while men indulge in the complete breakdown of women having respect for themselves. Women breeding insecurity and hate for one another instead of coming together to support.

    I hear women say often that they are done with love after being hurt and now live their love lives just as those who had hurt them live theirs. Casually and coldly. Then on the other side of the spectrum, you have women sleeping with men on the first date while they complain that men have no respect for them.

    Educated and classy women are dumbing themselves down and being provocative because that is what they think their man wants and expects.

    I’m not a prude by any means and I genuinely do not want this article to come off as a man-hating article. There are many men out there that appreciate the classy sophisticated women. There are plenty of men out there who would love nothing more than to shower the right woman with love and romance. Unfortunately, women have somehow become sexually attracted to being treated like shit. This leaves these men either being rejected or getting hurt themselves, which only adds to the cycle that I spoke about earlier.

    We have all heard the saying that you should love like you have never been hurt... but heartbreak can be one of the hardest things to overcome. You question your choices, you question your body, and most importantly you question why you were not good enough.

    It is easy to blame men for the way that some women have seemed to evolve… but the truth is, how can we ask our men to respect us when we are naked for the public to see or we have no problem jumping into bed with any man that makes us feel better for the night?

    I'd also like to talk about how sex sells. That would be why you cannot watch a movie or a television show without some aspect of casual sex and a copious amount of cleavage and bare chest. I am not a woman who is attracted to other women so the only thing this accomplishes for me is turning me off and away from whatever is being promoted. Does it really matter though? Because even though there is a high population of women in this country, entertainment still seems to be a bit one-sided. Women thinking that they have to sit uncomfortably and watch naked woman after naked woman just to appear confident and unprudish. NEWSFLASH LADIES: do you think a man would allow himself to feel uncomfortable watching naked men with penis's all over the place day after day? Absolutely not!

    Honestly, I’m not sure what my intention in writing this article was. I would love nothing more than to have it resonate with people but unfortunately I don’t think this is an issue that simple words will be able to solve. If there is a female out there that took anything from this… please know that you are beautiful and chivalry is not yet dead. It may be harder to find… but there are most definitely men out there who keep it alive.

    Keep reading sonnets and poetry. Keep watching those old Disney princess movies… and most importantly do not lower your standards or expectations just to fit into society.

    I am currently in a relationship that my significant other and I had to work incredibly hard for. We had both been hurt and there were many obstacles to overcome. There were ex's waiting to jump at the chance to ruin what we had, distrust caused by infidelity, miscommunication, and I think we were both just completely terrified to believe that one another really did take this relationship seriously. Fortunately for me, I am happy to say that after a complete society detox I have found my relationship of poetry and romance.

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