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Thread: Coronavirus/COVID-19: Global Terror

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    Poll reveals how many Germans trust official Covid data

    Germany’s health minister admits the government’s figures may not necessarily tally

    More than half of Germans no longer trust official Covid-19 statistics issued by the country’s disease control and prevention authority, the Robert Koch Institute, a new poll has found. A whopping 57% of those surveyed said they didn’t trust the data, while 32% still deem government figures on the spread of Covid credible, according to a poll commissioned by the newspaper Bild.

    The widespread skepticism is perhaps not all that surprising, given that Germany’s health minister, Karl Lauterbach, himself admitted last week that the dynamics of the Omicron spread were “not being depicted accurately in the official figures because of false negatives by testing as well as delays in reporting new cases.” The official dropped a bombshell when he said that the reported seven-day incidence rate was likely “two or three times” lower than the actual number of new infections.

    Vaccination rates in Germany may also be higher than the official figures indicate because not all inoculations are being reported. Additionally, according to Bild, a number of people who are being officially counted as Covid patients were initially hospitalized for other, unrelated conditions. When asked for comment by Bild, the Robert Koch Institute pointed the finger at local health authorities who fail to file data on time, emphasizing that “all that falls outside the RKI’s remit.

    The same poll, which revealed sagging trust of official figures, also indicated that 51% of Germans are not satisfied with the German government’s overall handling of the pandemic, while 41% are happy with Berlin’s management. When asked whether they were in favor of a sweeping vaccine mandate for all Germans, 58% supported the measure, and 34% answered in the negative.

    Most Germans don't trust the data but what is more important for their evil government is that 95% of Germans behave as 100% braindead obedient sheep so any policies based on arbitrary lies and fabricated data will always get through.

    Poll reveals how many Germans trust official Covid data 03 I 2022.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterland View Post
    I've known around 10% of Covid 19 infected persons to get Covid 19 months after the 2 vaccine. I don't think they work the same in everyone's body because it depends on the individual's immune system, age and diet. The medical community claims that it can prevent death, but that might be for elderly folks mainly as younger people have better efficient-working immune systems. I'm sure many people have "fought off" Covid 19 when exposed with no symptoms or ever "become infected" in which you can't measure in medical studies. I knew that finding a vaccine this early on would not have a higher effective rate as they push in media. No one knows how many Covid 19 shots prevented the spread of the disease or prevented deaths.
    What's COVID? Anything from nothing to pneumonia. So there IS NOTHING new to talk about. Just giving an open list of old symptoms a new name.
    There is also zero proof for a "new virus"... The whole story is a scam from the beginning. But it seems a large percentage of medical staff (who have to rely on the story telling of others, e.g. a handful of "virologists") have bought into this in a cult like fashion.

    The only positive effect the shots may have is some placebo effect... At the price of people getting sick or dying from poison in the shots.

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    Djokovic to be released from detention after winning Australian court battle

    WORLD TENNIS NUMBER one Novak Djokovic won a shock victory in his bid to remain in Australia today, overturning the cancellation of the tennis star’s visa on Covid-19 health grounds and ending his detention.

    It was an extraordinary setback for the Australian government, which has imposed strict pandemic requirements on arriving foreign travellers for the past two years. But the Australian government’s lawyer told the court that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke may still decide to use his “personal power of cancellation” despite the player’s victory.

    34-year-old Djokovic arrived in Melbourne last week ahead of the Australian Open, which starts in just one week, hoping to win a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title. But instead of a champion’s welcome, officers at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport decided the unvaccinated star had failed to present a solid medical reason for not being jabbed.

    Djokovic’s visa was revoked and he was moved to a notorious immigration detention facility pending deportation. In an emergency online court hearing today, the judge said the government side had agreed to drop its visa decision and he ordered Djokovic’s immediate release. “Such release must occur no later than 30 minutes after the making of this order,” he said.

    Djokovic has been in detention at the former Park Hotel, a five-storey facility that holds about 32 migrants trapped in Australia’s hardline immigration system – some for years on end. An early plea by Djokovic to be moved to a facility where he can train for the Australian Open had fallen on deaf ears, his lawyers said.

    ‘Not human conditions’

    The court’s finding, read out in an online hearing, recalled that Djokovic was interviewed overnight at Melbourne airport after his arrival late on Wednesday night. In the early hours of the next morning, the player was told he had until 8.30am to reply to the proposed cancellation of his visa. But instead, the border agent cancelled it at 7.42am. If Djokovic had been given until 8.30am as first promised, “he could have consulted others and made submissions to the delegate about why his visa should not be cancelled,” the judge said.

    Though the hearing was held online, a small group of Djokovic fans gathered outside the federal court building, waving a Serbian flag, holding up a photo of their hero and dancing to the tune of an accordion.

    Earlier, at a rally in Belgrade, Djokovic’s mother Dijana claimed her son was staying “in not human conditions” during his four-night stay at the detention centre. “They detained him and even don’t give him breakfast, he has only lunch and dinner,” she said, quoted by local media. “He does not have a normal window, he stares at a wall.”

    Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said this weekend that after “constructive talks” with her Australian counterpart “we managed that he gets gluten-free food, exercise equipment, a laptop.”

    Though it had no bearing on his court case, Djokovic’s claim of a positive test on December 16 stirred controversy after it emerged he had attended a gathering that day for the Serbian national postal service launching a stamp series in his honour. Pictures shared by the Belgrade tennis federation also showed him at a young players’ event in the city on December 17. It reported that he had handed over cups and prizes to players. No one was wearing a mask.

    Another tennis player – Czech doubles specialist Renata Voracova – has also had her visa cancelled after obtaining a medical exemption. She flew out of Australia on Saturday after being held in the same Melbourne centre as Djokovic.

    Australia showing it’s true colours. The federal government dictatorship.

    It’s a victory for human rights. Well done Novak.

    Djokovic to be released from detention after winning Australian court battle 10 I 2022.

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    My sister currently has covid (mild case but currently has no sense of smell) and she had both Moderna shots last spring but not the booster.

    I know more people who became sick immediately after getting vaccinated then who have actually been ill from covid and had symptoms.
    'Let's Go Brandon!'

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