The name Mohammed is now the second most popular name for newborn baby boys in Gothenburg, Swedens second-largest city.

Statistics Sweden, a government agency responsible for producing official statistics for the country, has reported the names Elias, Mohamed, and Hugo were the first, second, and third most common names in Gothenburg for the year 2019, Breitbart London reports.

Despite Mohamed coming in as the second-most popular name for Gothenburg citizens, nationally, the name is the 29th most popular name for newborn baby boys, slightly up from last year when it was the 33rd most popular name in Sweden. Lucas remains the most popular name for baby boys nationwide.

In the Swedish city of Malm, a city thats well-known for its diversity, the name Mohamed appeared third on the list of the most popular baby boy names in 2019.

Across Europe, the name Mohamed has become increasingly popular in recent years. In 2017, the name when all of its different spellings are taken into account became Belgiums most popular name.

In England and Wales, the name Mohamed, when its spelling variations like Mohammed and Mohammad are included, has been the most popular name since 2017.

Last year, Mohammed was also the most popular name for newborn baby boys both in multicultural Berlin and in some of Pariss no-go suburbs.