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By the 1970's, the term "rock & roll" had become nearly obsolete. Pop music had splintered into a multitude of styles: soft-rock, hard-rock, country-rock, folk-rock, punk-rock -- and let's not forget that often berated dance craze that many of us loved to hate -- disco!

But whatever sub-genre(s) you preferred, rock music had suddenly become big business. Those of us who scraped together enough change to buy "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in the mid-Sixties now had more than meager allowances to spend; we were entering college, getting grown-up jobs and plowing much of our expendable income into Marantzes, Pioneers, JBL's, and LPs (remember those?) by everyone from George Harrison to the Bee Gees to Peter Frampton to Donna Summer.

So get ready to get some intruiging insights on all those great albums and singles you loved in the 1970's and continue to dig to this day. Why not light some incense, turn on the black light (and/or the Lava Lamp!), cue up Led Zeppelin IV or some other Seventies classic, give a knowing wink, and mutter to yourself, "Ah, those were the days..."