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Thread: Scottish Nationalist Party / SNP

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYAnglo View Post
    "It's the people of Scotland that are sovereign" says the SNP politician wanting to return the country to the EU. One can't invent these things.
    So because you are sovereign you want to give it up towards a supra-state as opposed to remain in a united kingdom with you were already in a union for a long while? Doesn't really make since. What exactly are the advantages of the EU? I always here it is "trade", well you can trade with anyone in the world, if you really want to, No EU needed. "But we want to travel freely" - Again, with EU it's not marginally easier. You may have to show your passport, but that isn't really a hinderance. After all, aren't you glad to get all kinds of controls, curfews, testing, contact-apps, etc. And there you have a problem with getting your passport stamp when travelling cross border. I'd rather have my freedom back, with borders, and it even seems as if having borders is a prerequisite for having freedom.

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    ‘You’ve made everything worse!’ Neil Oliver rages at Sturgeon as he lists SNP disasters

    NICOLA STURGEON has been slammed for making "everything worse" by Scottish TV presenter Neil Oliver in a fiery rant over the SNP's record in government.

    Neil Oliver criticised the SNP for failing to improve the lives of ordinary Scots despite Nicola Sturgeon's party being in power north of the border for the best part of fourteen years. The TV presenter also raised concerns over a string of scandal to engulf Holyrood in recent years. Neil Oliver insisted the
    SNP has been in power for "too long" and listed the failings of the party across key areas such as health and education, adding the SNP have made Scotland "worse."

    He told Mike Graham on TalkRADIO: "If after fourteen years all the evidence shows that you have made everything worse then you can't do it and you have been in place for too long. "Everything has gone down, education, health the hospital that can't open."

    Referring to Glasgow's once-thriving shipbuilding industry the archaeologist mourned the industry's subsequent decline. He said: "100 years ago a tenth of the world's shipping was built on the Clyde, now we can't buy a couple of ferries. They are rusting hulks on the Clyde.

    He also poured scorn on the SNP for the Queensferry Bridge scandal which saw the £1.35billion crossing over the Forth forced to close in 2019 after falling ice smashed car windscreens. Falling icicles has forced the bridge between Fife and Edinburgh to close as engineers worked to make the structure safe for commuters during cold and windy conditions. "The Bridge that had to close because if it is icy blocks of ice could wreck cars," Mr Oliver told Graham.

    He went on to blast "all sorts of scandals" relating to "individual SNPs," saying: "The person who is being groomed effectively as the First Minister's successor, Mackay. "He had to step away because he had been sending hundreds of tweets to a schoolboy, calling him cute." Derek Mackay, once tipped to replace Ms Sturgeon as First Minister, quit in 2020 following allegations he had befriended a schoolboy on social media, bombarding him with hundreds of online messages over a six month period. He was later suspended from the SNP by Ms Sturgeon.

    Mr Oliver continued: "There are others, there are legion, the scandalous and tawdry allegations about one SNP MSP after another are too many to mention. "They have just been there for too long." He added: "It is a fatigue that sets in and inertia that sets in, "They have had long enough to make Scotland a better place and by most metrics, they have made Scotland a worse place."

    Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP face crunch elections in Scotland on May 6.

    Fourteen years of your lifestyle gradually going downhill you don’t notice it as much as if it happened overnight, so the Scots should look back and ask themselves, Have the SNP made improved things and my way of living. And then decide how they vote.

    ‘You’ve made everything worse!’ Neil Oliver rages at ...

    28 II 2021.

    Samuel Johnson, who compiled the English dictionary once said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Meaning that any crime and any misbehaviour was tolerated as long as it was committed by one who kept shouting that he loved his country. And, on the other hand, the individual who questioned the behaviour of the country or government was a traitor, no matter how noble he/she was. In our time and in our country, too, this is true.

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