This e-group is designed for the discussion and research into the Mandaean culture, religion, and language. The study of the Mandaeans is important to many in the fields of comparative ethnography, religion and linguistics. All aspects of the Mandaeans in relation to cultural items, religious rites and rituals, theology, the language, comparative analysis between religions and origins are welcomed.

Areas that are open for discussion, with reference to Mandaeism, are Gnostic texts and studies, Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, recent archaeological dig in Jordan, ancient Jewish sects, Egyptian, Persian, and Mesopotamian religions, origins of Christianity, ancient baptismal sects, syncretism, and any other item that may be of interest.

This e-group will be open to those who have an interest in Mandaean studies—you do not have to be a scholar or professional researcher to participate. I do require that everyone respect each other ideas and theories. Professional courtesy is to be retained at all times.