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Thread: Understanding The Feminine Cycles

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    Understanding The Feminine Cycles

    The following post (I am quoting just a part of it, plus emphasizing in bold some sentences)...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nordic Angel View Post
    Becoming a mother was such a strong urge and desire in me when I was 19, 20 years old, that waiting until 30 was just completely unimaginable for me. I don't know why this is so. Maybe it's because I never took the pill in my life, so I stayed normal and kept that natural instinct. The pill totally changes a woman's psyche and character. And it supresses the normal menstrual cycle and the ovulation. During ovulation you can’t think clearly as a woman, you are just plain full of love and want a baby NOW! Women who take the pill never experience that (until they stop taking it) because they never have an ovulation.
    I always had the impression that those women who were never on the pill were also the most sane, normal and rational women with whom you could always have a good, calm and rational conversation about everything, while those on the pill were also the most crazy, feminist and irrational ones, who are a pain to be around.
    ... made me reflect upon it!

    Maybe I missed something in my own process of trying to understand how some things function, and especially how WE, WOMEN, function...

    I mean, I was never on the pill (excepting one horrible month because I followed a doctor's advice, which was very very long ago), so I guess I'm pretty normal regarding all those "natural instincts".

    While my intention is not to discuss about the effects of the contraceptive pills in this thread, I would like to hear women's opinions about those feminine cycles, how do you deal with them, what do you notice, and what do you do to improve your self-control in more delicate moments. Of course, you can also mention about taking such pills or not, if you think it's relevant. But the main focus should be on the changes in mood and all those natural cycles with their emotional effects they trigger with them.

    According to esoteric knowledge, as long as we women have our menstrual cycles, we are naturally moody, depending on the periods of the month (our own feminine cycles). And yes, men who don't understand these mechanisms just think we women are crazy or, even worse, I've heard one friend once saying that "all women have bipolar disorder", he said he was joking, of course, but even if he was joking, there is something behind it that lead to such joke.

    Personally, while reading this part
    Quote Originally Posted by Nordic Angel View Post
    During ovulation you can’t think clearly as a woman, you are just plain full of love and want a baby NOW!
    I had some sort of revelation... I was asking myself why I acted so crazy in some certain situations, while being so attracted and head over heels in love with a man... Usually I have good self-control, but I really lacked it sometimes when dealing with such situations... I acted crazy, really crazy about a man, my feelings for him even turned my world upside down and made me do crazy things... I even started to wish to have babies with him, thing about which I never thought in years... but that man... really made me reconsider everything... I did some of the craziest things ever, I didn't believe I was able to act like that, very irrational and lacking self-control. Just as described in the above paragraph, I couldn't think clearly, I was feeling like making love with him in any place possible and having children with him too...

    This, at such a scale, happened just once, in one case, in my whole life... and I was really wondering what the Hell happened with me that I was acting like that?

    So... do you say that's normal, that's part of our nature? Did someone else experience anything similar? While not being on the pill, of course, if that has any relevance...

    Of course, after a while I gained more self-control over myself and started to think more clearly... and stopped behaving like that. Especially since he didn't share my feelings and it was really embarrassing. But it took me a while...

    It happened to me in some other cases too, but at a lower degree, I mean I felt very attracted that I lost my mind (figuratively speaking), but didn't desire to have children and wasn't so crazy as wishing to make love with them like that. But still, that attraction made me do crazy things.

    So, what do you women have to say about these?
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