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Thread: New Loden Hunting Jacket from Germany

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    New Loden Hunting Jacket from Germany

    This is a hunting coat of Loden wool I imported a couple of months ago after looking for a new winter coat for this season. My older coat I wear regularly, also from Germany, is going on nine years, and although in good shape still (after a zipper replacement four years ago) is getting a little old.

    This was imported from a sporting goods store in Germany and they were happy to ship. English was no problem for them because my Deutsch ain't the greatest although passible. It was just easier for the gal to write in English while conducting the transaction.

    This is Loden wool, a traditional wool worn in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that is boiled and pressed several times under high pressure to get the texture as it is. It is very waterproof and windproof in its finished state and make a wonderful garment.

    The temp was about 45°F this morning when Lisl and I went for a brisk walk this morning. After about 30 minutes I started to really warm up in this coat. I could feel me starting to sweat by the time we returned home before noon today. Sitting outside in a stiff wind this afternoon was entirely comfortable though and the wool does a very good job at keeping the wind out. The high collar also keeps it off of my neck.

    The fit is good with a bit of room for swinging a shotgun, but not baggy at all and the drawstring waist cord helps tuck it in a bit around the waist. Lots of pocket space and the lower handwarmer pockets behind the flapped pouch pockets hold a PPK just perfectly. Fit is true to size for me. This is a 50R Euro, or a 40R US.

    This is fairly light for the warmth it provides. It is lined with a tartan cotton/polyester on the bottom third and a rayon quilted lining on the top two thirds for easy on and off. The insulation is Thinsulate with a Gortex lining above that next to the Loden shell for breathability and added waterproofing.

    It's very comfortable to wear with no binding, pinching, or tight spots when bending or stooping. The collar is lined with a cashmere wool to keep the scratchy Loden from chaffing your neck. It's mighty comfy.

    Pipe is Savenelli Bing's Favorite, hat is wool Loden from Germany.

    Lisl photobombing in the background at my right elbow...

    American by birth, made of parts from Emmingen, Baden-Württemberg.

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