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Thread: Promoting the Environmental Fear Factor

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    Promoting the Environmental Fear Factor

    Along with their multiCULTural insanity, the leftwing lunatics are using scare tactics to promote their radical ideas about protecting the environment.

    These hateful, political zealots carefully provide just enough information to keep the average, touchy-feely citizen in a state of barely controlled frenzy about the potentially harmful side-effects of using such ordinary products as washing machines, and even teabags:

    "But take a look at what's hiding in your bathroom hand towel, for instance.

    "E-coli grows quite well on towels," said Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona who is known as "Dr. Germ" because of his extensive research on microbes. "Within about three or four days, you'll get the fecal bacteria in the towel pretty easily cause it's wet, it's moist."

    According to studies, the advised temperature for effectively killing possibly pathogenic bacteria is 140°F (60°C) or higher, which is considered hot water. Between 90°F and 110°F is warm, while water between 60°F and 80°F is considered cold.

    Even adding bleach to cold water washes may not do the trick. Studies have shown that bleach activity strongly decreases and becomes insufficient at lower washing temperatures."

    I've done a lot of laundry with ordinary washers and dryers, and no-one I know has ever suffered any ill-effects from it.

    "They're in our oceans, soil, air, snow -- and even in your cup of tea.
    Plastic tea bags are shedding billions of shards of microplastics into their water, according to a new study.

    Researchers at McGill University in Canada analyzed the effects of placing four different commercial tea bags into boiling water.
    They found that a single bag releases around 11.6 billion microplastic particles, and 3.1 billion even smaller nanoplastic particles, into the cup -- thousands of times higher than the amount of plastic previously found in other food and drink.

    The health effects of drinking these particles are unknown, according to the researchers, who called for further study into the area."

    (Exactly... So shut the hell up about it until you discover an actual threat to public health. But that was never their intention. They want you all skeeered of calmly enjoying your daily lives as self-reliant individuals. These sinister 'experts' want their form of big government to control your every thought and action.)

    Although I've never used polymer teabags that I'm aware of, I've consumed an enormous amount of green tea in the past few years, and my internal plumbing hasn't been plugged-up with particulates other than having suffered with calcified, and extremely painful, kidney stones in the past, yet.

    This is all about diverting the attention of the masses away from genuine concerns about the direction society is headed in with fabricated tales of environmental horrors that are supposedly going to kill us all.

    Hail Greta, and her ilk...
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chlodovech
    Peak clown world... all thanks to the media's fearmongering.
    Europeans fear climate change more than terrorism, unemployment or migration

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Almost half of all Europeans fear climate change more than losing a job or of a terrorist attack, a study by the European Investment Bank (EIB) showed on Thursday as EU lawmakers declared a “climate emergency”.

    The symbolic vote by lawmakers was designed to pressure for action against global warming at an upcoming United Nations summit..

    The EIB survey of 30,000 respondents from 30 countries, including China and the United States, showed 47% of Europeans saw climate change as the number one threat in their lives, above unemployment, large scale migration and concerns about terrorism.

    “European citizens are highly concerned about climate change and its impact on their everyday life and future,” said Emma Navarro, EIB Vice-President responsible for climate action and the environment.

    “Interestingly, many of them are optimistic about the possibility to reverse it. Unfortunately, science says otherwise. We have one shot at limiting global warming and mitigating its effects,” she said.

    The EIB, owned by European Union governments, is the world’s largest international public lending institution and has the task of financing climate-change related investment that is a priority for the new European Commission.

    The survey, the first of four planned by the EIB, showed the level of concern about climate change was even higher in China than the EU, with 73% of respondents seeing it as the biggest threat to society, compared to 39% in the United States, where most people worried more about access to health services.

    The study also showed that 41% of young Europeans between the age of 15 and 29, especially from southern countries like Spain, Greece and France thought they would have to move to another country because of the changing climate.

    “Overall, 82% of Europeans report that climate change has an impact on their everyday lives, a perception that goes up to 98% in China and 76% in the United States,” the study said.

    The incoming European Commission, which will start on Dec 1, wants to make the whole of the European Union an area that is neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 after slashing emissions by 50% by 2030. It still requires the consent of all EU governments before such a target becomes binding, but some countries which still heavily depend on coal like Poland, oppose such ambition.

    Source: Reuters
    "If we were going to stand in darkness, best we stand in a darkness we had made ourselves.” ― Douglas Coupland, Shampoo Planet

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    Are Dutch worried that surface of the sea will rise too much?

    Or brown eyed people that summers will become too dry & hot?

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