View Poll Results: How do you categorize Meds and Semites?

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  • Both are White and Aryan.

    22 7.89%
  • Meds are White but not Aryan.

    47 16.85%
  • Meds and Semites are White but not Aryan.

    22 7.89%
  • Meds are White and Aryan; Semites are neither.

    145 51.97%
  • Both are White but not Aryan.

    16 5.73%
  • Neither are White nor Aryan.

    27 9.68%
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Thread: What separates Meds from Semites?

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    Re: What separates Meds from Semites?

    Quote Originally Posted by Leofric
    I figure that White is roughly equivalent to Europoid and that Aryan is roughly equivalent to Indo-European.
    I'm my opinion, both terms are useless, and to be honest, they mean peanuts.

    As you did, one can only "figure" what they mean. So, no point in using ambiguous terminology. Each person seems to have a definition for those terms, and very few can point some scientific facts proving what they mean, anyway.
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