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Thread: Animal Sacrifice to Kick Off Appeal for an International Noahide Court in Jerusalem

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    Animal Sacrifice to Kick Off Appeal for an International Noahide Court in Jerusalem

    Quote Originally Posted by Chlodovech
    For those who do not know yet what Noahide laws are: they're a set of Jewish religous laws to be implemented on a global scale after the Jewish messiah arrives on the scene - but I guess the Jews are getting tired of waiting for no-one and want to do it now. The laws are incredibly hypocritical, backward and harsh and would cement Jewish supremacy around the world. Gentiles are cattle under Neohide laws, serving Jewish interests as mere slaves - and no injustice done to gentiles would be viewed as such by the Sanhedrin.
    Source: Stopnoahidelaw

    The highest authority on Jewish law both inside and outside of Israel is the Sanhedrin. While there is no official Sanhedrin at this time, there is a body which is seeking to gain recognition from the world under the same name, and their stated agenda is to destroy all other faiths other than Noahidism (here). Just to remind my readers, I have explained that it is not even necessary to have a Sanhedrin to enact Noahide Law (here), so the idea that an unofficial Sanhedrin cannot pass out Noahide judgements is false. This Sanhedrin has invited the world to its 70 Nations conference (here) which focuses on the world's supposed obligation to uphold the Noahide Laws; laws which limit freedom of religion, speech, and sexuality... these are to be upheld by Noahide courts which would pass out the death penalty to offenders such as pagans, Christians, atheists, and homosexuals. This same Sanhedrin is planning an animal sacrifice on Sept 26th to kick off their plan to establish an international Noahide court in Jerusalem, overseen by the nascent Sanhedrin which has already received property under the Temple Mount. Official delegates are attending from many South American countries and the event will also be attended by the World Noahide Center, a Noahide conversion program that has the official blessing of the Israeli government and Netanyahu (here). Again the event will focus on the Noahide Laws which both Judaism and the nascent Sanhedrin say are "incumbent" upon all mankind. The event will culminate in an animal sacrifice on the Mount of Olives.

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    I love how Pagan folk are accused of animal sacrifice by xtians, but it is their precious jews that are doing this.
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