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Thread: Purple Eyes: Fact Or Fallacy?

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    Purple Eyes: Fact Or Fallacy?

    World Sight Day 2018: Did you know? People afflicted with Purple Eyes disorder were believed to live for as long as 150 years!

    Alexandria's Genesis is a genetic disorder which is also known as Purple Eyes. The disorder makes people have pale skin and purple eyes. Some cultures consider women with purple eyes as highly attractive. The condition is a result of mutation of genes, that makes eyes change their colour from blue to pink within the first 6 months after birth. The purple colour deepens further during puberty. However, a change in the colour of the eye does not have any effect on the eyesight.

    Other features of Alexandria's genesis disorder

    1. People with Purple Eyes tend to be immune from skin tanning or burning, despite the pigment being extraordinarily pale hue. Also, these people are said to have no body hair apart from the ones on the head, brows, nostrils, eyelashes. There is no hair on their legs, arms or pubic area.

    2. People afflicted with Purple Eyes are said to live for an entire year, sometimes even 150. Their aging is said to stop when they turn 50 and they stop looking older than that even as they pass 100 years of age.

    3. These people are known to be immune from most diseases and weight gain. Irrespective of how much they eat, they do not produce a lot of waste.

    4. Purple Eyes afflicted women are fully fertile, but they do not menstruate.

    Actress Elizabeth Taylor was believed to have Purple Eyes

    Many people associate Purple Eyes with the popular actress Elizabeth Taylor - who was known to be afflicted with the disorder. Her violate eyes gave support to people's claims that genetic mutations make some children age really quickly and others age really late. Since there was confirmed existence of children who have really short lives, there is a likely possibility of the existence of the entirely opposite.

    Origins of the disorder

    It is alleged that a child was born with Purple Eye and pale skin in England in 1329. She was named Alexandria and she went to give birth to 2 children, both of who lived for more than 100 years.

    But the myth of Alexandria's disorder is said to have originated in Egypt, around 1000 years ago. It is said that there was a mysterious light flashing in the sky, which caused many people with pale skin and purple eyes. They were known as spirit people, who eventually disappeared.

    Doubts about the disorder

    1. Despite endless reasoning for existence of people afflicted with Purple Eyes, there have been extreme denials of the claims. They refused to believe that the Elizabeth Taylor's eyes being violet have anything to do with Purple Eyes, and that the disorder is an urban myth.

    2. Some experts have refused to believe that no genetic mutation can cause so many characteristics in human beings. They point out the fact that women cannot be fertile without mensuration and human beings not producing enough waste despite eating can lead to death.

    3. Research says that the longest living human being was 122 years old.

    Hence the existence of people afflicted Purple Eyes remains a debatable topic, with their non-existence being supported with stronger reasoning.

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    The only person I know of that had violet eyes is Elizabeth Taylor.

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